How to wet apples

How to wet apples

There are many various recipes of conservation of vegetables and fruit. Mocheniye of apples - one of traditional and in recent times widely used method of preservation of fruits tasty and useful during the whole winter.

It is required to you

  • barrel or tub;
    • rye straw;
    • rye flour
    • crackers or dry kvass (for choice);
    • salt;
    • mustard;
    • or
    • malt;
    • sugar;


1. The winter and autumn grades of apples having sweet-sour taste are suitable for a mocheniye. Fruits have to be well ripened therefore they are previously maintained in the warm room, autumn grades within several days, winter – about 2-3 weeks.

2. Prepare capacity for a mocheniye of apples. Best of all barrels or tubs are suitable for this purpose, but it is possible to use also glass jars with a capacity of 10-20 liters. Previously wet a tub or a barrel. Carefully wash out it and scald.

3. To protect apples from damages, lay a bottom and sides of a barrel straw. Straw shouldn't have a mold and a smell. Well wash out it, scald boiled water and process dry steam. It is possible to lay a barrel bottom the washed-out currant and cherry leaves.

4. Select for soaking sound, not bruise fruits, without dents and wormholes. Carefully wash up them.

5. Lay apples dense layers, laying to straw. Over the last layer also lay straw and cover with a boiled cloth.

6. Insert a bottom into a barrel. Prepare a mash and fill in with it apples through a shuntovy opening.

7. For wort preparation it is possible to use rye flour, crackers or dry kvass. Stir flour in a small amount of cold water, and then add 2 liters of boiled water. Well mix and let stand. Filter and add boiled water. Total volume – 10 liters. Add to the turned-out solution salt and mustard (on 2 tablespoons on each liter of water).

8. Filling can be prepared with use of malt and sugar. Stir 200 g of rye flour (or 150 g of malt) in a small amount of cold water. Fill in with boiled water, bring to the boil. When the turned-out mix settles, filter. Add 2 glasses of sugar and 3 tablespoons of salt.

9. Apples take away very many water, as required add a mash. The first 2 weeks keep the container with apples in the warm room, and then transfer to the basement or a cellar. Storage temperature – 4–6 degrees. Approximately in a month apples will be ready-to-serve.

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