How with benefit to cook salads

How with benefit to cook salads

As British speak: ""The woman from nothing can create three things: hat, salad and scandal"". You and all know about hats and scandals. And here on salads it would be desirable to stop.

The fall - a time of vegetables came. How to make salad it is correct that vegetables didn't lose the health giving qualities and vitamins?

So, what you wouldn't find recipes of salads from a fresh vegetables, it is necessary to train them how a tax on a table, differently vegetables will start up juice, and salad will flow down. It not only will modestly look, but also vegetables will lose the most part of vitamins. For the same reason and it is necessary to dress with mayonnaise or sour cream before giving on a table.

If you decided to make the cooked vegetables salad (for example, vinaigrette), you store vegetables crude. You will clean and cut them only at preparation. The vegetables cooked in a peel (potatoes, carrot, beet) are better cleaned warm, respectively, and it will be less waste. And it is worth cutting vegetables when they finally cooled down. If you cut warm boiled vegetables in salad, it will very quickly be spoiled and will have an inadequate appearance. Also salad will quickly turn sour if in preparation time you mix cold ingredients with warm.

If you are afraid that boiled beet will paint other vegetables, after cutting fill it with sunflower oil - it will constrain release of the beet painting juice.

If at your place guests gathered and you want to make an impression on them, surely decorate salad. The imagination isn't enough - find salads with a photo in the Internet. If pieces of fish and meat, vegetables or fruit and also greens are a part, then directly they can serve also as decoration of the salad. Very beautifully on salads the network looks mayonnaise and also if you are able, you can cut out beautiful flowers and figures from vegetables or fruit, the main thing, not to go too far, after all it has to be visible from what salad is made.

Also effectively on a holiday table salads - cocktails look. If never heard about it, surely look on the Internet at recipes with a photo, it will be pleasant to you. In principle, it is the same salads, only all ingredients are laid out by layers in glasses. Both prepare quickly, and look beautifully. If salad - cocktail with fish or seafood, then on a glass it is possible to hang up a limonchik. Lettuce leaves or branches of fresh greens will serve as fine ornament.

Floating around the Internet also salads of different bizzare shapes meet. If you plan a party in any style, then under it it is possible to make also a peculiar beautiful salad. Besides, even usual and to all of us known ""Russian salad"" can be laid out and decorated depending on scope of an action. Here already on everything your imagination!

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team