In what advantage and harm of walnuts for a human body"

In what advantage and harm of walnuts for a human body"

Still from time immemorial people knew that walnut positively influences a human body. It was given as gifts at guest-nights in Greece, very much appreciated and even named "a life tree". The product resembles a brain superficially. It is one of the reasons why believed that he strengthens work of this body and also prevents its fast aging.

Caloric content and nutrition value

In all nuts there are a lot of useful substances, they are madly nutritious. The walnut nutlet is especially valuable and saturated vitamins. It contains a huge number macro - and minerals, substances which are capable to sate an organism and to give forces.

Walnut caloric content quite big also makes 654 kcal on 100 grams. Such quantity of a product contains 60 g of fats, 16 g of proteins, 11 g of carbohydrates, 4 g of water, 6 g of food fibers.

Whether you know? In Ancient Persia only tsars could eat walnuts. Therefore they were nicknamed royal.

Chemical composition

Nut is incredibly saturated with various useful substances which are necessary for an organism for maintaining health and a tone.

Are a part: vitamins A, C, E, K, N and also almost all vitamins of group B. Besides these substances, the nutlet contains just a lot of elements, important for the person.

It is possible to distinguish the most valuable from them, such as calcium, potassium, magnesium, zinc, selenium, copper, iron and phosphorus. Each of them positively influences a human body, sating it, strengthening bones and stimulating nervous system. Fat Omega-3 amino acids which are necessary for an organism because it does not synthesize them are important.

Than walnuts are useful

Walnut is an irreplaceable product for people who do not eat some meat. This results from the fact that the product contains very quality and brought most closer to animals proteins and fats. Kernels of a nutlet are famous for the antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. Also they are capable to heal perfectly wounds and to generally strengthen the systems of an organism.

Important! Only if completely and carefully to chew nut, all useful substances and vitamins will get to an organism.

For men

In an integral look walnut is long acquired therefore it is recommended to crush and add to food. This product is especially valuable to a male. It has ability to restore male power. The fruit of "a tree of life" improves blood circulation and actively stimulates muscles in all body. Thanks to such useful opportunities the man can return and normalize potency without drugs and chemical additives.

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For women

The fruit of "a tree of life" is also extremely valuable and important for the woman's organism. It helps to prevent various diseases of a mammary gland and even cancer. At a kernel of a product there are phytohormones which prevent development of mastopathy.

Magnesium helps to calm nervous system, to reduce stress. And the complex of vitamins of group B, A, C and E will help to keep youth and to smooth wrinkles and also to improve quality of hair and nails.

At pregnancy, walnut influences not only an organism of future mothers, but also kids. Because of a well of useful substances and elements it promotes strengthening of a female body, helps to struggle with anemia. For future child the usefulness of this product is that it provides the correct formation of his nervous system, bones and internals. Breast milk is a basis of health of the kid. Each mother after the delivery to transfer to the child useful substances, has to enter the big list of useful products into the diet. Among necessary batteries walnut is registered. It helps to strengthen the child's organism, promotes opposition to various viruses.

Important! Walnuts are not recommended to be used to the feeding mothers in large numbers. Allergens can collect in an organism of the child and subsequently lead to a full-fledged disease.

For children

It is the most important to children to receive enough vegetable fats, irreplaceable amino acids and also celluloses. Nuts are considered as the main natural source of such products. And the richest with them — walnut.

It is recommended to add to a diet to children of a kernel of three years. The portion of the size of his palm will be norm in day for the child. The nutlet helps the child to concentrate and study better.


Scope of walnuts is very extensive. In each degree of a maturity they are used for absolutely various purposes. Thanks to their rich vitamin structure, products apply to preparation of various culinary dishes, weight loss and normalization of exchange processes in an organism. The special and most interesting industry of application of "royal nutlets" is the cosmetology and medicine. Exactly here special useful qualities of walnuts open.

Whether you know? One nut tree a year can bring 300 kilograms of fruits.

In cookery

In cookery nuts are used for preparation both sweets, and salty and even hot dishes. The crushed kernels impact to a culinary masterpiece special relish, supplement and vitaminize it. Most often walnut can be met in oriental sweets. There this additive is most popular and loved. In West cookery the fruit of "a tree of life" is used more as decoration of various cakes, cakes, cakes.

Excellent addition of a kernel of nut will be for salad. They give it very pleasant and a little juicy taste. Worldwide it is possible to meet the gas stations, sauces and marinades containing "a royal nutlet". Thanks to addition of this product, meat or fish become softer, have pleasant nut smack.

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In dietology

Nutritionists of the whole world appreciate walnuts and consider them just irreplaceable product. It is very often recommended to add to a diet to people who have diabetes. This results from the fact that zinc and magnesium which contain in a kernel have ability to reduce amount of sugar in blood.

By drawing up a dietary diet the dietitian often includes in it walnuts in small amounts. Existence in a diet of such source of useful elements is necessary and very important. Besides in fruits of "a life tree" there are almost no carbohydrates and therefore they do not allow the person to gain additional weight.

Even the extreme nut diet is put into practice. It is in using only walnuts couple of days. Thanks to useful minerals the organism is not exhausted. And at the expense of the small volume of food which gets to an organism the person actively loses extra kilos.

In traditional medicine

In traditional medicine there is just the hugest quantity of methods of application of walnuts. They are used for treatment of diseases of almost all systems and bodies. Nut use all for preparation of various tinctures, broths, oils and additives. Even bark of the tree is used for treatment of ulcers and rickets.

Broths from partitions and leaves of walnut are considered as the most popular in traditional medicine. They positively influence vessels, prevent formation of cancer, anesthetize at stomatitis and a tonsillitis, wounds and diseases of skin treat, normalize a menstrual cycle at women, work as diuretic, raise hemoglobin, stimulate ability of an organism to resist to viruses and pathogenic bacteria.

Oil from a kernel is applied to clarification of an organism, removal of cholesterol, opposition to oncological diseases. Its special property is the ability to nourish skin and to smooth wrinkles.

Juice of walnuts recover from worms and also stimulate bile inflow. From a shell cook spirit tinctures and broths which strengthen vessels, remove radiation.

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In cosmetology

In cosmetology apply generally walnut kernel oil. It is added to various masks, baths, creams.

And nutritious creams reckon with nut oil as especially useful. They incredibly positively influence skin of hands and a body, smoothing wrinkles and almost instantly removing dryness and peeling.

The mask for hair with this component is also popular. Thanks to a lot of vitamins it perfectly nourishes hair and head skin, in short terms giving them silkiness, brightness and vital force.

Oil in cosmetology is applied also without additives to intensive growing old or dry skin care.

Walnut oil — a product, unique by the nature, on the basis of which are made various medicinal and cosmetics, it is suitable also for the use inside.

Norm of walnuts in day

Walnut helps the person to restore an organism after a stress, to tone up and saturate it with useful substances. Such product improves blood circulation and also promotes production of hormone of serotonin. This element influences the person, causing emotions of happiness and euphoria. But norm of nuts in day quite small. There will be enough only 30 g of kernels to support an organism healthy, full of strength and energy.

Contraindications and harm

As well as any product, at walnut also has contraindications. Is strictly forbidden to take in food nuts to those people who have chronic colitis and enterokolita and also the started diseases of an intestinal path and a stomach. Do not recommend this product to people with the increased blood clotting as the fruit of "a tree of life" can strengthen it even more.

Walnut is capable to cause an allergy. To eat or add it to food to the people subject to allergic diseases, it is very dangerous. If to eat too much this product, it is possible to cause a burn of a mouth and a food path or poisoning.

Certainly, each person wants to be healthy, full of strength and energy. And very often the nature itself presents us just a well of useful substances and vitamins. Walnut is one of such unique products also. Thanks to all a handful of kernels in day of people can present to the organism missing minerals and vitamins.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team