In what advantage and harm of white beans for health

In what advantage and harm of white beans for health

Haricot dishes enjoy wide popularity worldwide. But the few admirers of this product know about its useful properties and value. The white beans belong to family Bean, at the same time the first inhabitants of Latin America began to use it. The saturated taste and a possibility of use in different recipes does this look popular among consumers.

Structure of white beans

The white beans for 20% consist of vegetable protein which on the value practically does not concede to beef. The only difference — lack of animal fat which slows down and complicates process of digestion of protein in an organism. Protein — very useful element for an organism, it contributes to the development of cells of muscles and contains the most part of useful amino acids.

These beans contain a large amount of vitamins of group B and other useful minerals: zinc, potassium, magnesium. They well influence work of heart and vessels and also perfectly combines in itself protein and complex carbohydrates therefore experts recommend to use haricot in a diet during the facilitated days in food or as a garnish to meat dishes.

Whether you know? Beans are very useful as 100 g of this product comprise almost standard daily rate of iron. By scientists it is proved that regular use bean in a diet is very effective at prevention of cancer tumors.

Caloric content and nutrition value

Caloric content of white beans is low that does it even more demanded as in 100 g of a product — only 102 calories. In addition it comprises:

  • proteins — 7 g;
  • fats — 0.5 g;
  • carbohydrates — 16.9 g.

Learn about properties of others bean — peas, lentil, beans mash, soy, a clover, chick-pea, a tamarind.

About advantage of a product

The white beans have a set of useful properties, for as gained the popularity. Of course, these beans bring the main advantage to digestion, but in addition there are also additional moments:

  1. It is listed dietary products.
  2. These bean recommend for use to people, inclined to a hypertension, and also at diseases of heart and vascular system.
  3. Also it surely should be used to people who have diseases connected with nervous experiences, and that who had a severe stress. In this case haricot dishes promote more active restoration of an organism.
  4. Bean help removal of excess liquid from an organism, than promote weight loss.
  5. As bean very nourishing, after meal of people remains full throughout long time.
  6. This fine means for clarification of kidneys and a liver.
  7. Promotes strengthening of bones and teeth.
  8. There were cases of treatment of diabetes when using special infusion from shutters.
  9. Well helps in the presence of sand or stones with kidneys and promotes their easier removal.

The white beans have the big spectrum of action on the various systems of an organism. It is a universal product which should be added to the diet.

As for tinned haricot, it is necessary to pay attention that, despite usability, this product contains acetic acid and a large amount of salt. Therefore for receiving a better dish before use the beans should be washed out.

Important! It is important to remember that frequent use of canned food can lead to the strengthened gas generation.

About application

The white beans in many spheres therefore it is widely appreciated among consumers are applied.

Besides cookery it is often used in dietology and even in cosmetology. A large number of useful minerals in structure allows to apply these beans in any direction.

For weight loss use also pumpkin, a ganoderma, ginger, sauerkraut, a cranberry, a soy protein, porridge, a tilapia, a pshenichka, cucumbers, caraway seeds, a lemon, plums, a celery, a cauliflower, chia seeds.


Different parts of this product are used as prophylactic or for treatment of a large number of diseases. Very often recommend infusions and broths to people at whom problems with work of a cardiovascular system meet. It is very simple to prepare infusion:

  • To wet 1/5 crushed bean shutters in hot water, on such quantity 5 glasses are required;
  • to potomit on small fire of minutes 15;
  • after to leave to infuse for half an hour and to filter.

Such infusion is recommended to accept 3 times a day.

For strengthening of a cardiovascular system recommend to accept a chuka, a quince, dried apricots, cashew, black fox, a filbert, a dogrose, a goutweed, a subpestilence, an amaranth, a hawthorn, raspberry leaves, seeds of tangerines.

Very often bean are used at gastrointestinal diseases and also kidneys and a bladder. Here too shutters perfectly will approach. They should be crushed to powder consistence, to fill in with hot water and to insist in a thermos for 4 hours. In day the recommended quantity — 0.5 l.

Whether you know? Haricot dishes will be very useful at locks. Cellulose which contains in bean will help to stabilize digestion.

In the presence of diabetes bean have to become an integral part of a diet. Thanks to special structure they act as a good alternative to insulin. And also haricot perfectly helps people to be restored after a stress.


At the expense of the low caloric content, haricot is very often recommended to growing thin. As besides protein it contains complex carbohydrates, it is digested longer, thereby the person long will not hunger.

Useful minerals as a part of these beans promote faster restoration after the trainings.


It is so universal product that from it it is possible to prepare many various dishes. Bean soups enjoy wide popularity, also it can become one of ingredients of salads. But in most cases the white beans are used as an independent garnish. It is well combined not only with vegetables, but also with spices that does its application by even more universal.

Whether you know? In some east countries do flour of white beans, and then add to pastries. And in Japan, bean desserts enjoy wide popularity.

Also this version bean is often used in cosmetology in the form of masks. They become very simply: it is enough to grind haricot in puree and to add lemon juice. Such mask will soften and will feed skin.

Whether it is possible haricot

At this product also the wide range of spheres of use is a lot of advantages. But whether always and everything it is possible to use haricot in the diet?

To children

Thanks to the content of useful vitamins and minerals bean are recommended to children. But it is necessary to enter into a diet them gradually together with other vegetables, for example, in the form of ragout.

Important! To begin to accustom the child to such food follows not earlier than 8–9 months. Till this period the stomach at kids is rather weak, and haricot can be too heavy that can cause difficulties in work of a GIT.

To pregnant women

Pregnant women can add haricot to the diet not only, but also it is necessary as it contains a large number of useful minerals which are very necessary to the woman at pregnancy.

This magnificent means against toxicosis. Many women noted that constant use bean in a diet during pregnancy significantly reduced nausea attacks in the morning.

Copper which is very useful to future mothers also is a part of this product. Copper is one of components of hemoglobin which needs to be supported at the necessary level during pregnancy. If young mother did not eat these beans earlier, then it is necessary to enter them into a diet by means of soups in which in the presence of other components the taste of haricot will be not such pronounced.

Whether you know? If to fry beans of white beans in a frying pan without oil, and then to crush in powder, then excellent children's powder which will remove a skin intertrigo will turn out.


During breastfeeding the diet of mother has to be the most various and vitamizirovanny. But many consider that you should not use haricot in a diet during feeding as it can promote GAZ cars at the kid. But researches disproved this opinion. Of course, if the child has GAZ cars, for a while it is necessary to refuse this product. But if with a stomach of the kid everything is good — means it is very necessary to use bean. And the wide complex of vitamins and minerals will strengthen not only mother's organism, but also an organism of the baby.

For whom it is impossible: harm and contraindications

Despite a large number of positive sides, bean have also contraindications. Haricot is not recommended to be used at:

  • presence of an allergy to this product;
  • at ulcers and gastritises, at sharp colitis;
  • also experts do not recommend to lean on beans of this look to people of advanced age.

The most widespread side effects of this vegetable — a meteorizm and weight in a stomach. Not to allow it, beans need to be presoaked in water for 6–12 hours then to fill in with clear water and to start preparation. Also dishes from bean should be eaten without bread and other flour products. It will allow a stomach to digest quicker a product and to prevent gas generation.

Important! It is important to remember that it is in the raw contraindicated to eat haricot. It contains toxic agent fazin which can be destroyed, only having struck a product to thermal treatment for the first 10 minutes.

Use of crude beans can lead to poisoning. Therefore it is necessary to be attentive.

But despite this, haricot possesses positive more, than negative qualities. Therefore having added such product to a diet, the organism will receive a big vitamin charge. And various recipes of dishes will allow not only to surprise relatives, but also to add something brand new on a holiday table.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team