In what advantage and whether there is a harm from pumpkin oil

In what advantage and whether there is a harm from pumpkin oil

Today to watch over the health, food, to lead a healthy lifestyle becomes practically a trend. In this regard in the market there are products not too known earlier, simple at first sight, but possessing an impressive arsenal of useful properties. One of such products is pumpkin oil with which we will get acquainted in more detail.

Oil of seeds of pumpkin is a traditional product for countries of Western Europe and the USA, however it began to be popular with us rather recently. It is accepted to call it black gold owing to the fact that the product most often possesses in dark amber, almost black color.

To be fair, It should be noted that color of a product varies depending on degree of a maturity of seeds and a grade of initial raw materials therefore can have also saturated red-golden or black-green shade.

Seeds of pumpkin have high oiliness, about 30%. Content of fats in ready pumpkin oil is 99.5%, the product possesses a bluff nut smell and bright taste, oil is not subject to heat treatment as loses the most part of useful properties.

Whether you know? In 2010 the resident of the State of Wisconsin K. Stephenson was included in the Guinness Book of Records, having grown up huge pumpkin which weight was 821.2 kg on the site.

Pumpkin oil is extracted from pumpkin sunflower seeds by a cold extraction, keeping all usefulness of initial raw materials.

On average on production of 1 liter of oil seeds from 35-40 fruits will be necessary (these are about 2.5-2.7 kg of dry sunflower seeds).

Seeds select previously, calibrate by the size, then crush before receiving homogeneous mass. The received mix is fried and only then parted with a small amount of water, then sent under a press to squeeze out oil.

What caused popularity of this product and so reverent attitude to it around the world? It appears, the pressing from seeds has the richest structure and is a source of mass of useful substances.

  1. The product includes impressive amount of vitamin A, so-called vitamin of youth.
  2. Also vitamin E, the known oil-soluble vitamin which is powerful antioxidant is a part of a product.
  3. At the highest concentration (about 80%) in a product there is vitamin F.
  4. In enough group B vitamins and also quite rare vitamins T, K and P are presented.

Oil of sunflower seeds of pumpkin is rich with magnesium, zinc, phosphorus, iron, calcium. Also it contains such important element as selenium which possesses powerful antioxidant action.

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Oil value always depends on amount of useful fatty acids which are its part. So-called black gold contains the linoleic and linolenic acids relating to Omega-3 and Omega-6 acids and also, olein, palmitic, stearin acids.

This product has a wide range of application, and the unique vitamin and mineral structure does it irreplaceable for improvement of an organism.

In general, the use of this unique oil makes positive impact on the system of digestion, improves metabolism, normalizes work of intestines, has hepatoprotective property:

  • at gastritis, an ulcer, heartburn, prick a product accept inside on 1 teaspoon 2-3 times a day in 50-60 minutes prior to meal within a month;

Important! Means has the expressed bile-expelling effect therefore at cholelithiasis the movement of stones can begin that can provoke appearance of pains. If after reception of means pains in a gall bladder developed, it is necessary to reduce a dose up to ¼ teaspoons, having prolonged a course, and in the absence of improvement, to cancel treatment.

  • at colitis the means is used in microenemas (about 5 ml) which are entered for the night after an ordinary water enema within 10 days. Holding such procedure also helps to heal rectum cracks.

The regular use of this wonderful product has preventive effect concerning diseases of a cardiovascular system. It is successfully applied in treatment of atherosclerosis of vessels, arrhythmia, ischemia, a hypertension as prevention of heart attacks and strokes. The substances which are contained in it strengthen vessels, increase elasticity of their walls, and fatty acids remove bad cholesterol, cleaning vessels. Besides, regular application of means increases blood clotting that is necessary at anemia of various genesis.

The general preventive dosage of oil in this case makes 1 teaspoon three times a day for an hour to food, without washing down with water.

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Thanks to the powerful anti-inflammatory effect the means can be applied to treatment of catarrhal diseases, successfully struggles with bronchitis, accelerates recovery at pneumonia, strengthens immunity:

  • for treatment of diseases of a throat it is necessary to mix identical amount of juice of leaves of an aloe and oil and to apply the received means on throat walls several times within a day before reduction of intensity of symptoms;
  • mix from 1 teaspoon of a product and 1 drop of garlic juice is dug in in a nose at prolonged cold.

High content in this product of phytohormones and vitamins A and E does it effective at treatment of various diseases of the sexual sphere both at men, and at women.

So, at prostate diseases the means is simply irreplaceable as improves a condition of vessels, regulates an erection and function of production of sperm. In addition:

  • for treatment of prostatitis oil is appointed inside on 1 teaspoon before each significant meal within a month and supplement treatment with a course of microenemas. The volume of one microenema of 25-30 ml, is made before night sleep after a cleaning enema. The total amount of oil on such course will be 500-600 ml;
  • for a female reproductive system the means also works smoothly. For normalization of a cycle it is recommended to accept 1 teaspoon of a product daily on a hungry stomach within a month. Oil stimulates an ovulation therefore it can be used as an additional tool in fight against female infertility;
  • also substance is accepted 2-3 times a day for reduction of discomfort at cystitis. For fixing of the received result it is necessary to observe course duration not less than 30 days.

Strong antioxidants, selenium and vitamin E are a part of miracle black gold. Exactly thanks to them substance becomes excellent prophylactic from a number of various diseases and promotes strengthening of the immune system:

  • in the common preventive goals it is accepted systematically within 30-40 days, on 1 teaspoon by 3 times a day, without warming up;

It is important! If the sharp taste or a smell of a product is unpleasant to you, it is impossible to wash down oil with water, it is allowed to wash down with juice of a citrus, grapefruit or orange or to jam small crouton.

  • for stimulation of the general immunity in the period of a season of colds and flu such cocktail well will help: a glass of warm boiled water, 0.5 glasses of pumpkin oil, svezhevydavlenny garlic on a teaspoon tip. It is necessary to accept structure on an empty stomach to provide the maximum absorbability of vitamins. The course makes 10-12 days.

Certainly, as well as any product, oil of seeds of pumpkin suits not everyone therefore before using it in any purposes, it is recommended to learn about contraindications:

  1. as the product has pronounced bile-expelling effect it is not necessary to use it to the people suffering from cholelithiasis or to apply it with care after consultation with the doctor;
  2. unambiguous contraindication is diabetes;
  3. sensitivity to the contained components and individual allergic reactions are a barrier to reception of a product;
  4. at tendency to frustration of a chair it is better not to apply oil as the laxative effect of its use can provoke development of diarrhea;
  5. pregnant women before application have to consult with the gynecologist as the vitamin A surplus in the first trimester can negatively affect development of a fruit.

Means is used not only inside, but as external cure for various illnesses.

All know that vitamin A has the high regenerating ability therefore oil of pumpkin is fine means for treatment of burns of both thermal, and chemical origin. For this purpose means or is applied on a burn, or on a bandage, the bandage should be changed at least, than every 12 hours.

At various defeats of integuments — stings of insects, psoriasis, eczema, dermatitis, fungal defeats, herpetic rashes, eels — oil apply locally on the damaged sites of 4-5 times a day. The best effect is reached at simultaneous internal application of a standard preventive dosage of a product.

Means for treatment of periodontosis, the gingvit, stomatitis, any inflammations of gums and an oral cavity has really magic effect. For this purpose it is enough to rinse a mouth solution of oil and water in the ratio 1:2 several times a day after meal.

The pressing from pumpkin seeds can prove most effectively and considerably in cosmetics. The product makes system impact on skin layers, reduces dark circles under eyes, struggles with hypostases, moisturizes the skin.

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Oil can be put on a face as in pure form, and as a part of various masks:

  1. The most popular the mask from wrinkles on the basis of oil of pumpkin sunflower seeds is considered: 5 ml of oil mix up with 15 grams of corn starch and one pounded tablet of an askorutin (it is possible to use tablets of usual vitamin C). The received mix is applied to previously steamed out face skin for 30 minutes, then washed away cool water.
  2. The universal softening mask: 50 grams of kefir and 10 drops of pumpkin oil, mix are put on a face for 20 minutes then it is washed away by usual water of comfortable temperature.
  3. The bleaching mask: 2 tablespoons of oil and several drops of lemon juice to mix, apply to skin for 10-15 minutes, then to wash away.

1-2 times a week are recommended to apply any masks not more often.

High content of fatty acids in a product, gives it ability to stimulate growth of hair, influencing directly bulbs:

  1. The simplest option — use of substance in pure form. For this purpose it is slightly warmed up on a water bath to body temperature and applied on all length of hair for half an hour. It is necessary to wash away oil shampoo, carefully, in several stages, well washing out hair.
  2. Kefiric mask: to mix kefir and oil in the ratio 1:2 respectively, to apply on the moistened hair for 40-50 minutes, then to wash away.
  3. It is possible to add several drops of a product to already ready mask, habitual for you, for hair of industrial production.

Strangely enough, black gold from pumpkin is applied in the culinary environment not absolutely as the majority of other vegetable oils. Unlike many fellows, this product categorically does not transfer heating as loses at the same time the main part of the useful properties.

Whether you know? It appears, pumpkin flowers are edible! In Italy the dishes from these flowers are an everyday occurrence, fry them, use in salads and even stuff.

For this reason the product is applied as in pure form, and to preparation of gas stations and sauces for ready dishes: salads, garnishes, fruit and mixed vegetables. Oil of pumpkin impacts very unusual relish to home-made mayonnaise.

Pumpkin oil is perfectly combined practically with all products which do not possess a pungent smell, suggest to get acquainted with one of salad options where it perfectly shows the tastes.

  • leaves of a green salad — one bunch;
  • tinned green peas — a half banks;
  • fresh cucumber — 1 big or 2 averages;
  • fresh tomato — 2 pieces;
  • grated cheese parmesan — 50 g;
  • pumpkin oil — 1 tablespoon;
  • olive oil — 2-4 tablespoons (on the discretion);
  • boiled quail eggs for decoration of a ready dish.

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The amount of ingredients is selected in equal proportions and can change at desire and flavoring preferences.

  1. We tear hands lettuce leaves to small pieces, we put them in a deep bowl.
  2. We add green peas to a bowl.
  3. We cut cucumbers lengthways and we cut pieces of the average size.
  4. We cut tomatoes averages into cubes.
  5. We put vegetables in a bowl, slightly we powder with salt to taste.
  6. We add a small amount of pumpkin oil for giving to an aroma dish.
  7. We pour olive oil in order that ingredients were well flavored.
  8. Carefully we mix salad, we display a la carte in plates, we decorate with the boiled quail eggs cut in half, we strew with grated parmesan.

Pumpkin oil will give to a dish pleasant nut aroma and juicy taste.

The pressing of seeds of pumpkin is an expensive product and it is necessary to approach its choice with special care. Let's understand what it is necessary to pay attention upon purchase to:

  • first of all, pay attention to a bottle. Oil has to be on sale in a glass container with a tight cover. On a bottle date of production, the producer and an expiration date of a product have to be specified;
  • when turning a bottle the product has to spread slowly, leaving a viscous mark on ware walls;
  • if there is an opportunity, try a product, it has to be fragrant and smell of sunflower seeds, but not vegetable, in taste there should not be a bitterness;
  • quality oil quite dense and viscous, at hit on a plain surface, the drop should not spread;
  • get only a product of a cold extraction as it contains a maximum of vitamins and useful substances.

Pumpkin is an available product and can be used in various options of preparation.

It appears, they even in the raw have the mass of useful properties, saturate an organism with vitamins, supply with useful fats, have antiparasitic effect.

Read in more detail about useful properties of pumpkin sunflower seeds for men and women and also about a recipe for fried pumpkin sunflower seeds.

However it is worth remembering that they are enough kaloriyna therefore you should not abuse them.

Very useful, but very rare species of honey as flowers of pumpkin contain not enough nectar. For this reason there is a mass of ways of receiving a so-called honey product from pumpkin: in vegetable do a cut in which sugar is filled up, after 10 days the received mix of pulp, juice and sugar merge. Such product has not enough relation to honey, but contains not smaller amount of useful substances and is well stored (thanks to existence of sugar in it).

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