In what advantage of a yogurt and whether there is a harm from it?

In what advantage of a yogurt and whether there is a harm from it?

Fermented milk products are the products received by fermentation of milk, a butterdish, cream, serum by special ferments (lactobacilli, bifidobacteria). The different people make fermented milk products according to the flavoring addictions and century traditions.

In article we will tell about traditional Armenian milk drink — a yogurt.

Matsun (yogurt)

Matsun (yogurt) — the dairy drink received from boiled milk of cattle, sheep or their mix. Milk skvashivatsya by addition of ferment in it (the Bulgarian stick or thermophilic dairy streptococci). As a result drink with easy notes of slightly bitter taste turns out.

At this product Caucasian roots. It is a traditional component of the Armenian and Georgian national cuisines.

In general matsun it is considered a typical product of the ancient people that inhabited not only to Anatoly (Asia Minor) and Mesopotamia (Middle East), but also lived along all Great silk way from the Himalayas to Europe.

Whether you know? The Bulgarian stick, the main microflora of a yogurt, Ilya Mechnikov considered main weapon in fight against aging.

It is a little history and etymology

Assume that the yogurt turned out absolutely accidentally. Warm pair milk was poured out in a vessel on which walls there was a curdled milk. Sour dairy product connected to fresh, and as a result it turned out new, with unusual taste. Georgians call this dairy drink of a yogurt, Armenians — matsun, Slavs — home-made kefir. Any name, all this sour milk: and it is translated мацун from Armenian.

It is considered that the word matsun turned out from mixing of two verbs: felt up (to turn sour, sour) and matsuts'anet (to ferment).

Most likely, in the name there are Indo-European roots, and in related languages cognate words meet. For example, on Persian māst means yogurt, and in Sanskrit of mastu is sour cream.

We study structure

Basis of a matsun — milk. Therefore all useful elements which are contained in this drink are its part.

Vitamins and mineral substances

Vitamins which are contained in drink: PP, A, B2, D, K, beta carotene.

Mineral substances:

  • potassium;
  • calcium;
  • sodium;
  • hardware;
  • phosphorus;
  • magnesium.

I WATCH also yogurt caloric content from cow's milk

Yogurt caloric content is 54 kcal on 100 grams of cow's milk. Contains in it:

  • proteins — 2.8 g;
  • fats — 3.2 g;
  • carbohydrates — 3.6 g.

Caloric content of a low-fat product — 40 kcal on 100 grams. Contains in it:

  • proteins — 2.9 g;
  • fats — 1.5 g;
  • carbohydrates — 3.6 g.

In what advantage of a product?

Together with a lactic product, useful bacteria which put digestive system in order get into intestines of the person, eliminate dysbacteriosis and also increase protective function of an organism.

Wheat porridge, kissel, soaked apple, water with honey, chicory, bran rye will help to struggle with dysbacteriosis.

Also the yogurt and its components have the following properties:

  • calcium is the main element for formation of bones, teeth, nails, hair;
  • vitamin D helps an organism to acquire calcium;
  • potassium improves work of a cardiovascular system, interferes with development of atherosclerosis and heart attack;
  • protein takes active part in formation of cages and muscle tissue;
  • low caloric content allows a yogurt to be a component of the dietary menu;
  • vitamins and digestible protein tone up an organism;
  • it is capable to bring out of an organism bad cholesterol;

Also wheat germ oil, corn porridge, black tea, a filbert, blackberry, cucumbers remove bad cholesterol.

  • well influences a condition of a liver, cleaning it;
  • has diuretic effect.

Whether it is possible

Data on advantage or harm of a yogurt for the pregnant women feeding and children are absent. As it is dairy drink, we will proceed from recommendations about use of this group of products.

Pregnant and feeding

Fermented milk products were always considered as the best alternative to usual milk. They are easier acquired by an organism, well influence a condition of intestinal microflora and for its work.

To pregnant women fish the loach and a silver salmon, a liver chicken and beef also recommend to use, pumpkin sunflower seeds, white beans, beef tongue.

Therefore their use during pregnancy will allow to avoid dysbacteriosis and to solve problems with departure of natural needs. The vitamins and minerals which are a part normalize vitamin and mineral blans in the woman's organism. Also fermented milk products are capable to improve a lactation and structure of milk.

To children

Children can begin to give lactic products when their digestive system and kidneys are ready to processing of all components of a product. It occurs approximately at the age of 8-9 months.

Important! At the beginning of intake of fermented milk products their volume should not exceed 200 milliliters.

Harm from a yogurt

Contraindications to the use of a matsun:

  • ulcer;

At an ulcer sour cream, kerob, fermented baked milk, a pomelo, tangerine, carrots are contraindicated.

  • the increased acidity;
  • gastritis, pancreatitis;
  • urolithic disease.

In the presence of these diseases the consumption of drink can do harm. When drinking more than two glasses a day are possible indigestion (diarrhea).

Rules of the choice and storage of a ready-made product

Choosing a yogurt in shop, pay attention on:

  • date of production and expiration date;
  • packing. If there are symptoms of its swelling, but goods fresh, it is better not to buy it;
  • consistence — real matsun on this sign it is more similar not to kefir, and to dense milk kissel.

The open goods can be stored in the fridge till 72 o'clock. In three days the useful bacteria turn into a mold.

How to prepare a yogurt in house conditions

The recipe is very simple. You need liter of milk and a tablespoon of dense sour cream. We pour milk in a pan and we heat somewhere up to 50-60 °C. Further we pour warm milk in any convenient vessel (container) and we add to it sour cream. We stir a little. We cover capacity with dense fabric and we put to the warm place for 8 hours. After time we get capacity.

It is important! If the dense layer was formed, then a yogurt it is ready.

The spoon removed a dense layer (it will be new ferment) and can drink.

As it is correct to drink a yogurt

The lactic product can be drunk in any quantity what is pleasant to you, and at any time.

If you want to drink a yogurt as medicine, for example, for treatment of a stomach, then it is necessary to accept it on 250 milliliters for the night. In 10 days, positive changes will be noticeable.

Matsun it is possible not only to drink as drink, but also to cook different dishes, such as okroshka, salad, cold soup on its basis. Some hostesses add it to dough.

Other dairy products

Let's consider other useful dairy products.


Useful properties:

  • helps at problems with a GIT;
  • reduces risk of development of cancer;
  • the main power source, especially in cold season;
  • actively participates in renewal of cells of a brain.

Harmfully oil can be in case of its use in large numbers and also if it bad quality.


Useful properties:

  • normalizes digestion;

Crude beet, radish black, a marjoram, pearl barley, lentil, red rice, wheat porridge can normalize digestion processes.

  • helps to solve a problem of locks;
  • removes bile;
  • strengthens a cardiovascular system;
  • normalizes pressure;
  • lowers cholesterol level;
  • normalizes water-salt balance;
  • improves work of kidneys;
  • increases protective functions of an organism.

Harm from drink is possible in case of individual intolerance of its components and at the wrong preparation.

Whether you know? In Transcaucasia the thane prepare from a yogurt.


Useful properties:

  • strengthens the immune system;
  • normalizes digestion;
  • normalizes water-salt balance;
  • eliminates hypostases;
  • it is useful to cores and hypertensive persons;
  • struggles with a depression;
  • lowers appetite, so, normalizes weight;
  • well recovers hair.

It is contraindicated to people with individual intolerance of components of serum and those whose organism does not acquire lactose. Having studied useful properties of a matsun, it becomes clear why the mountain people cannot do without this drink, it not only a well of useful substances, but also a power source. And during a hot time cooled with a yogurt perfectly satisfies thirst.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team