In what advantage of broth of oats for human health

In what advantage of broth of oats for human health

It is well-known that oats are considered very useful cereal because it can maintain health and clean an organism. In cookery this cereal is used only for preparation of so popular oat flakes and bran. But not all know that oats decoction has the mass of useful properties.

Structure of a dish

After preparation of oat broth in it there are all nutrients (vitamins and minerals). This drink is not only the fine tool for cleaning of an organism, but also improves working functions of a liver and intestines, promotes removal from an organism of hazardous substances. Broth of oats is recommended to the people having gastritis and also that who wants to lose excess weight.

To prepare oats decoction, 100 g of the purified grains mix with the boiling liquid (500 ml) and bring mix to boiling. Then diminish fire and cook on weak fire within 3-5 minutes, constantly mixing. Having removed from a plate, cover a saucepan with broth a towel and let's stand within an hour. After cooling, broth is filtered. Drink is ready to the use. Drink broth within a month for half an hour till a breakfast, a lunch and a dinner.

Whether you know? Finns offered the world a new vegetarian product — fragmentary meat. This product consists of oats, peas and beans. It is very rich with cellulose and has soft taste. The Vegansky product very much interested the consumer, in 2016 in France he was called The best proteinaceous product of year.

Nutrition value and caloric content

Oats — an excellent source of magnesium. In addition to all advantages it promotes removal of fats and cholesterol, thereby helping work and regeneration of a liver. Most of supporters of healthy food clean an organism by means of this cereal. This good folk remedy for cleaning of a liver. It is recommended to include more often oats and products from it in the diet.

Oats contain a set of nutrients, among them:

  • amino acids and protein;
  • vitamins of group B, C, E, pro-vitamin A and D;
  • minerals (calcium and iodine, pine forest and phosphorus, copper and potassium, sulfur and iron, sodium and zinc, manganese and fluorine, magnesium).

Effect of oats on an organism is similar to effect of insulin therefore its grains are recommended to be applied in a diet of patients with diabetes.

At oat grains there are 50-60% of starch. And also it contains proteins and vitamin B which are easily acquired. In this culture the content of sugar is 5%, and fats of 9%.

In 100 g of oats contain: 389 kcal, 6.9 g of fats, 66 g of carbohydrates, 16 g of protein and even 1 mg of cholesterol.

Than oats broth is useful

Oats — a useful and curative plant, but also broth from it have the mass of properties, useful to the person. Whole cereals contain different minerals, fats, oils which concentrate in broth. The drink cooked from a cereal contains oat cellulose which removes cholesterol from digestive tract, than prevents penetration of cholesterol into a blood-groove.

Cholesterol wheat germ oil, blackberry, corn porridge, black tea, urbech are also capable to remove, soaked apples.

That useful broth contains:

  • helps an organism with fight against viruses and strengthens the immune system;
  • has the cleaning properties therefore it is recommended to be accepted at liver diseases;
  • reduces the content of sugar (risk of development of diabetes of the II type) and cholesterol level in blood;
  • the vitamins which are contained in a mash influence functioning of nervous system;
  • improves work of blood circulation and a digestive tract;
  • by means of broth it is possible to lose weight and remove insomnia;
  • during pregnancy, broth well affects the general health;
  • serves as prevention of developing of tuberculosis;
  • incorporates antioxidants that reduces load of heart and blood vessels.

For obtaining more noticeable results it is necessary to take curative drink for a long time.

Whether you know? Brewing traces the roots back by the early Neolithic. As soon as people began to grow up grain crops, at once tried to make of them intoxicated drinks. It is interesting that beer was cooked not only from barley, but also from oats, a rye, a millet, spelled.

For adults

It is very useful for adult to eat this cereal both in the form of porridges by a breakfast, and in the form of curative drink. It will help to improve health, and the ladies anxious with the weight, having included it in the menu, will be able to return former symmetry.

The universal cereal is useful to all: to the athletes, students sick with a hypertension and diseases of internals, people adhering to a healthy lifestyle or only persons interested to get rid of addictions. To healthy adults oats and drink from it always bear only advantage.

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For children

Oat drink remarkably affects children's health:

  • normalizes work of intestines and stomach;
  • increases immunity;
  • has excellent nutritious properties;
  • it is recommended at bronchitis, anemia.

Broth suits children age of two months, but it is necessary to consult to the children's doctor observing the baby previously.

Oat broth for children is prepared from 1 l of milk, 1 glass of porridge and 3 tablespoons of honey. Oats are washed out in several waters, then filled in with water (2 centimeters above than the level of grain in a saucepan) and boiled. After boiling diminish temperature and further prepare on weak fire for 5-10 minutes. Then in boiled mix add milk and uvarivat. The dish is ready when the consistence resembles dense jelly. Add honey to the cooled mix.

Whether you know? The English author of the explanatory dictionary (edition of 1766) by the name of Samuel Johnson often with hostility and a sneer spoke of Scotland and Scots. Describing such cereal as oats in the dictionary, he spoke approximately so: This grain which in England is eaten by horses, and in Scotland — people. After Johnson's death his biography was written by the Scottish writer D. Bosuell who commented on this caustic statement so: Therefore British also grow up excellent horses, and in Scotland on oats wonderful people grow up.

About application of wonderful drink

Oat broth is applied in many spheres: to them various diseases treat and also accept as prevention of development of diseases. He helps to recover from addiction to tobacco smoking and it is easy to lose weight.

At diseases

It is necessary to remember that for each disease there is the recipe of oat drink.

  • From pimples. Spots and pimples disappear after the compress with oats broth is put to skin. For a compress crude grain is boiled on couple, kneaded in uniform puree and imposed on problem sites of skin in the form of a compress. Full cleaning will require more than ten sessions of treatment.
  • To reduce pressure, drink the oats broth prepared according to this recipe: to fill in the crushed oats with the boiling water as tea, and to insist 10-15 minutes. Drink is taken after each meal.

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  • Diabetes, nicotine addiction partially are removed such drink: grains are presoaked for four hours in the aerated not salty water. Then merge mineral water and further cook oats on slow fire in usual clear water within one hour. To accept up to four times a day (to food).
  • For simplification of pains in joints it is necessary to make drink according to such recipe: to mix two glasses of oats with six liters of water and to uvarivat long time. Drink is ready when in capacity there are no more than two liters of liquid. To drink on one glass two times a day after a meal.
  • At treatment of cold, medicine is cooked from oats in an oven. Two cups of oat grains fill up in ceramic ware and mix with two liters of water. The ceramic saucepan is located in an oven where two hours are preparing at a temperature of 160 °C. After the end of preparation the container with drink has to infuse not less than three hours in heat. Then decant all liquid, add to it honey, mix and drink up to 5 times a day (after a meal).
  • Oat broth helps to treat influenzal states. Carefully wash up kernels and fill in with water. Leave for the night for swelling of grains. In the morning we put mix on fire and uvarivay until the volume of contents of a saucepan is not cut by half. Liquid is merged and used warm several times in day.

For weight loss

As it was mentioned above, oats decoction promotes fight against excess weight. If it is combined with exercises, it is not necessary to wait for result long.

Why drink promotes weight loss:

  • Oat drink affects intestines walls, covering it with a viscous cover which protects an organism from penetration of toxins into it. The organism quickly accumulates fat, but broth of oats deletes its surplus, accelerating process of loss of weight.
  • In broth there is a lot of starch which reduces appetite, leading to reduction of the eaten portion of food.
  • In it there are a lot of vitamins which strengthen the immune system.

Important! Porridge strengthens function of a thyroid gland and removes the problems with a hormonal system leading to excess weight.

That the result of weight loss became visually quickly noticeable, you need to know how to prepare oats decoction: 200 g of oat grains mix with 3 glasses of liquid and cook to a full razvarivaniye of grain. Drink before each meal on a half-glass, still it is possible to mix drink with honey.

For disposal of addictions

Oats help to get rid of smoking. Take 50 g of oats and barley, a millet and a rye. To mix cereals then to add to them 400 ml of liquid. To Uvarivat 10 minutes. Having received broth, it is covered and left to uparivatsya for the night. Ready drink is filtered and accepted as medicine on a half-glass three times a day. Treatment stops when the cigarette causes disgust.

Whether it is possible for pregnant women and feeding

To the women expecting a baby, oats broth is very useful too. Useful substances (the vitamins and minerals) which are contained in it are necessary for pre-natal development of a fruit. If it happens that the pregnant woman got sick with catarrhal diseases, for her it is possible to make oat drink. To mix one glass of oats with 1 l of milk and to uvarivat on slow fire about 30 minutes. To add to a ready-made product to taste butter and honey. It is drunk on a half of a cup for reception before a meal.

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Nursing mothers can drink broth, it increases inflow of breast milk. The cup (volume of 200 ml) of oats is for this purpose measured and poured into 1 liter of boiled water. Further mix is boiled before acquisition of density of kissel. The ready and filtered product can be diluted with milk. To drink 3-5 times for day.

Important! Pregnant women should consult with the doctor to begin to take drink from oats. The advantage and harm can go hand in hand therefore any changes in a diet have to be coordinated with the doctor.

Whether there is a harm from broth?

All data demonstrate that health only becomes stronger when the person drinks oat broth.

Whether you know? The recipe of darling many oatmeal cookies came from Scotland. In the 17th century in severe Scottish climate oats were more available and more popular than other cereals. As the recipe of new pastries extended on the world, it won everything new and new admirers taste of crispy cookies.

Medicinal properties are well-known, but some restrictions in its reception nevertheless exist:

  • people cannot accept it with low blood pressure;
  • the overdose of broth can cause frequent headaches;
  • if you have malfunctions with a gall bladder (this body is removed) or at it there is a sand, then any oats dishes should be accepted, previously having consulted to the doctor;
  • people who have a renal and heart failure cannot accept;
  • there is a category of people with an allergy to oats therefore if you are very sensitive, you need to stop taking medicine;

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  • if you have serious diseases of a liver or high level of cholesterol, do not use drink from this cereal;
  • long use of oat oil can cause an acne and rash, do not allow hit of oil in eyes, steam inhalation of oat oil can lead to irritation of mucous membranes and dizziness.

During intake of medicinal broth it is not necessary to have tea or drinks containing caffeine, it is better to drink juice and compote. If the body is weakened after a disease, then clarification of a liver oat broth should be postponed because load of internals is too big. In spite of the fact that broth most of all suits definition a box with vitamins, it can bring to your health not only benefit, but also harm.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team