In what advantage of pomegranate for women

In what advantage of pomegranate for women

This beautiful and bright fruit with fine juicy grains is known long ago and is appreciated in many cultures. Pomegranate is rich with different minerals and vitamins, its useful effect on an organism of women is just invaluable. About pomegranate, its advantage for women as it is and whether it is possible to use at pregnancy — we will consider such subjects in today's article.

Royal fruit

Pomegranate grows in the southern countries and represents a high bush (or a tree), reaching in height of 4-6 m. In food its fruits representing berries with a set of small bright red fleshy kernels are intended. There is a lot of seeds in one berry — 1000-1200, they are placed in fruit cameras. Color of a peel of a fruit crimson, occasionally yellow. Fruits are very large, 18 cm have a diameter.

Whether you know? There is a version that apple of discord is pomegranate. In many languages it and is called garnet apple.

Taste of seeds of pomegranate sweet-sour, in many respects it will depend on conditions of growth of a bush.

Composition of garnet

Structure of fruits very rich, the set of minerals and vitamins including three antioxidants — tannins, anthocyanins and ellagovy acid enter into it. Pomegranate is the only plant in which all three are combined.

Learn more about useful properties of garnet and garnet juice.

List of vitamins

Grenade contains such vitamins: With, P, B6, V12, B5, E.

Mineral substances

Besides vitamins enter there:

  • potassium (K);
  • calcium (Ca);
  • phosphorus (P);
  • magnesium (Mg);
  • sodium (Na);
  • iron (Fe).

About the caloric content and nutrition value of a product

Has low caloric content — 100 grams of grains contain only 53 kcal. At the same time juice from it is a little more nutritious — in 100 grams already of 63 kcal. The lack of fats and prevalence of carbohydrates (11.2g/100g) allows to recommend it as a dietary product.

Whether you know? The name of fragmental ammunition a grenade came from this fruit: because of similarity of a form and a set of the grains similar to the scattering splinters.

Than pomegranate is useful to women

So, let's understand what advantage can bear this paradise fruit to a fine half of mankind. This fruit is interesting also that all is useful in it — both pulp, and a peel.

Pulp and juice

The first what appreciate this plant — its pulp, well and juice which of it is received. Exactly here the storeroom of all useful that is in a plant. And here than pulp and juice are useful:

  1. High content of amino acids — irreplaceable bricks of our organism. In pulp and their juice 15, it is the highest rate among plants.
  2. Clarification of an organism. It is carried out by means of antioxidants which in pulp a large number.
  3. Beneficial influence on a GIT.
  4. The structure of fruit makes him one of the chief assistants at normalization of structure of blood and cleaning of vessels.
  5. Has useful effect and helps with treatment at diseases of kidneys and a liver, at problems with digestion, at colds and cough.
  6. Normalizes blood pressure.
  7. Vitamins and minerals stimulate production of hormones, in particular, of estrogen which are important for women, especially in the period of a menopause.
  8. Reduces risk of appearance of breast cancer.


Some people consider that stones are useless, but it is not right. Stones consist of complex carbohydrates and cellulose. They are useful at diets, to clarification of intestines from slags and waste. Useful oils, vitamin E, polyunsaturated acids contain stones (linoleic, olein). In addition in stones also the useful properties inherent in pulp and juice remain.

Oil from pomegranate stones quite nutritious.


The thin skin should not be thrown out. Long since with its help different diseases treated. The tannins which are contained in it help at diarrhea and treatment of intestinal frustration. Broth from such raw materials helps at dysentery and with fight against ascarids. The crushed peel accelerates healing of wounds, including at treatment of burns. Also on the basis of a peel prepare various cosmetics for skin.

Important! The peel of pomegranate contains quite high amount of poisonous alkaloids. At preparation of any means from it it is required to observe precisely the recipe not to do much harm to itself.

Whether it is possible to apply pomegranate

As we see, pomegranate is very useful. But because of the content of some substances (acids, alkaloids) the use of garnet should be limited to several categories of people.

At pregnancy

At pregnancy of grenades it is very useful: vitamins, folic acid, minerals — all this is important also for future mother, and for the child. But it is necessary to be careful and not to overeat — a large number of this fruit can cause the following problems:

  • increase in acidity of a stomach and heartburn (because of the high content of acids);
  • locks (because of tannins);
  • allergy.

Important! The maximum dose of pomegranate for the pregnant woman — no more than one piece a day even if you well transfer it, and are not present an allergy.

When feeding by a breast

In this case it is also necessary to treat pomegranate with care. It is necessary to try a small amount and to look behind reaction of the kid. But even in the absence of negative reaction too it is not necessary to be fond of this fruit because all its negative properties (heartburn, a lock) can affect the child.

Study useful properties of strawberry, fruit of a pomelo, a lime, orange, a kiwi, banana, mango, avocado, durian and an unaba.

To little girls

Knowing about advantage of pomegranate, there is a temptation to enter it into a diet of little girls. It is possible to make it, it is even necessary, but with care. Juice can be given in the year diluted with water and only sweet grades. High content of acids in usual juice of pomegranate will not do good to the baby, and even addition of sugar will not help here. Children can eat the whole grains after two-three years. But anyway it is necessary to be careful and not to be fond of this fruit.

How not to buy rotten pomegranate: councils for the choice of a quality product

As you can see, there is a lot of advantage of pomegranate, and harm, at the correct application, any. Now there is a question of the choice of a good, ripe and tasty fruit, and it is necessary to remember here what here:

  • the peel of a fruit has to be equal, without damages and cracks;
  • color of good ripe fruit — red, equal, with a pink or orange shade. Existence of spots and points speaks about the beginning of rotting;
  • ripe fruit dense and firm to the touch, hardly fitted by slightly dried peel. The softness speaks about long storage and the spoiled pulp. If the thin skin stiffened strongly and in the big square — most likely, fruit was long stored, and it dried.

The best way to buy a quality product is personal tasting and purchase from the reliable, checked sellers. And in this case it is worth shopping in the market, but not in supermarkets.

How many and as it is correct to store garnet in house conditions

These dense and heavy fruits well give in to storage: under certain conditions pomegranate will lie also year. For the organization of the correct storage it is necessary to remember:

  • the temperature, the longer a period of storage is lower. In the standard fridge, at a temperature of +4-6 °C, a period of storage up to two months. At near-zero temperatures the fruit will be able to lie six-nine months. If to freeze pomegranate, then term increases about one year;
  • sour grades are stored longer. Under identical conditions the sour grade of fruit will better and longer remain, at sweet the period of storage is almost twice less;
  • if you plan to store fruits entirely, they healthy and not rotten, then they need to be turned in paper packages and to place accurately in the place of storage;
  • if there are signs of decay, then the fruit needs to be cleaned, removed the spoiled grains, and good to place in polyethylene and to freeze.

As it is correct to eat pomegranate

To enjoy this fruit, it is necessary to know how it is correct to take it in food.

Shell walnuts.

How to clean

Except an obvious way — to rind and pick out grains, there are some more options of more esthetic cleaning of fruit:

  1. In a bowl with water. Remove a top and a bottom, make vertical cuts from top to down, through an interval of 2-3 cm. Place in the container with water and open a fruit. Remove a peel and a membrane, through a colander merge water and dry kernels. Fruit is ready to the use.
  2. By means of a spoon. Cut off fruit top, make peel cuts in places where there is a membrane. Slightly open a fruit, turn it over a plate and knock with a spoon. Kernels will drop out, and they can be eaten.
  3. By means of the hammer. Pomegranate is cut in half, put on a surface with big cuts (a form for pelmeni, for example), all design is put over a pan or a bowl, covered with a silicone mold for pastries and carefully taped by the kitchen hammer (it is possible also usual manual, but it is accurate). All kernels have to drop out.

Whether it is possible to eat stones

Stones are it is possible. But this decision individual — if they are not pleasant to you, then do not eat. But it is necessary to remember that in them there are a lot of vitamins, cellulose, minerals and minerals. To benefit from stones, they need to be chewed. It is not necessary to abuse them.

Important! It is not necessary to eat stones to children up to 10 years. There is a high risk that the organism will not apprehend these stones and will send to an appendix.

What it is better — juice or the whole garnet?

There is no definite answer to such question. If we compare store juice and pomegranate, then, of course, it is better to eat a fruit entirely. Freshly squeezed juice is more convenient in the use: at one time you receive a concentrate from vitamins and useful substances. Therefore decide that for you it is better. If there is an opportunity to make fresh natural juice, then drink it and do not worry about stones. Or just please yourself with beautiful bright kernels.

Pomegranate and weight loss

Properties of pomegranate to normalizovyvat a metabolism, to muffle appetite and also its useful structure, could not remain unaddressed nutritionists. They developed several options of garnet diets. In such diets to a usual set of products (buckwheat, apples, chicken breast, kefir) it is added one grenades in the morning and one grenades in the evening. Or it is possible to drink a glass of garnet juice in the morning and in the evening, after meal. In 7-10 days of such diet you will be able to dump 5-7 kilograms. Before beginning a garnet diet, surely consult to the attending physician. The advantage of reception of this fruit can be crossed out if you have problems with a stomach (an ulcer, gastritis).

Cosmetic properties

But not only in food it is possible to use this fruit. It is applied long since to creation of various cosmetics and holding procedures for improvement of skin and hair.

Face packs

Such masks will help to improve a condition of skin, to eliminate peeling, undesirable freckles and pimples. Masks from pomegranate for oily skin

Clean the whole fruit and crush a peel (in the coffee grinder or the blender, on a small grater). Start up several kernels under a press — it is necessary to squeeze out a juice tablespoon. Mix this juice with one beaten egg egg white. Purify with a srub from a peel skin and put a mask, having left it for 20-30 minutes. Then wash a face pure, hardly warm water. Apply such mask daily within 30 days. A break between courses not less than 14 days.

Nutritious mask for normal skin

For it it is required to mix 100 ml of kefir, 3 tablespoons of the pounded pomegranate kernels, 2 teaspoons of honey. All components need to be mixed carefully. The mask is put for 20 minutes then wash away water. A mask for dry skin

Mix in equal shares sour cream (the fat content, the better is higher) and garnet juice, add 5 ml of vegetable oil. The ready mask is put for 15 minutes and washed away water.

Masks for hair

Let's provide several recipes for food and moistening of hair. A mask for moistening

Pound on the 2nd tablespoons of kernels of pomegranate and natural yogurt, add several drops of juice of an aloe and couple of spoons of oatmeal (for density of a mask). Apply on hair for 20-30 minutes and wash away water. After such mask the hair will be soft and humidified.

With linseed oil and pomegranate

Crush in the blender a pomegranate quarter (with a peel and stones), add on a teaspoon of corn starch, linseed oil, glycerin and 10 drops of vitamin D. Apply on hair and wash away in 30 minutes. It will give to your hair softness and fluffiness.

Possible harm and obvious contraindications

It is difficult to overestimate useful influence of this fruit for human health, but it has also a number of negative properties and contraindications:

  • people cannot accept juice and pulp with chronic stomach diseases (gastritis with the increased acidity, an ulcer);
  • to kids years juice are younger it is undesirable to give. Children up to seven years need to dilute juice;
  • fresh juice badly affects teeth. Before reception of a daily portion dilute it with water, and later rinse a mouth;
  • pomegranate has the knitting property therefore people with problems of intestines should not eat it;
  • at stomach diseases it is also worth refraining from garnet stones.

Not less useful fruit

It is necessary to know that some fruit same useful as pomegranate.

Get acquainted in more detail with such fruit as: fig and grapefruit.


One more ancient berry, is from the Mediterranean, known as a fig and a fig. Contains vitamins of groups A and B, copper, iron, potassium and a set of other minerals. It is used both in cookery, and for treatment — helps at cough, at treatment of cold and tonsillitis, works as febrifugal.


It is possible to carry it to leaders in the content of vitamins (almost all vitamin group) and minerals (potassium, magnesium, iodine, calcium and a great number of others). Tasty and useful fruit, apply in dietology to weight reduction and to treatment of the stomach diseases caused by low acidity.

Passion fruit

Rare fruit of violet color contains huge amount of minerals (calcium, fluorine, zinc, manganese) and vitamins (And, group B, C, K, H). It is applied to clarification of an organism from slags and toxins, to improvement of a condition of skin. So, we learned much about pomegranate, its advantage, about in what cases it is necessary to take it with caution. As you can see, its advantage for a female body is very high: it helps not only to be healthier, but also to increase the beauty and appeal.

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