In what cases it is worth washing mushrooms and when rather dry cleaning there are features of processing of a mushroom harvest

In what cases it is worth washing mushrooms and when rather dry cleaning there are features of processing of a mushroom harvest

Mushrooms are living organisms which do not belong neither to plants, nor to fauna. The mycology, the separate section of botany studies them. It is connected with the fact that earlier given organisms belonged to the kingdom of plants. Their existence is covered certain for a short while mysterious and unusual. They are since ancient times used in various magic rituals. Mentions of them can be found both in national fairy tales, and in mystical works by Castaneda. But most of people are interested, nevertheless, in exclusively gastronomic qualities of mushrooms. And also whether it is worth cleaning them before preparation and as it is correct to do it.

Whether it is necessary to clean mushrooms

If you got in shop of an oyster mushroom or champignons, they can be not cleaned. They were grown up, most likely, artificially therefore in obligatory cleaning there is no need. Though it is necessary to understand that the place in which they were grown up hardly was absolutely sterile so it will be necessary to wash before preparation them surely. The mushrooms picked in the habitat, in the forest or landing need to be cleaned, irrespective of an ecological situation in that area where they gathered.

Main features of process

Several simple rules of processing relevant for any mushrooms, both forest, and grown up artificially:

  • it is necessary to process a fruit body as soon as possible after collecting. Than more time will pass from the moment of collecting before preparation, especially poisoning probability is high;
  • for a start it is necessary to carry out sorting according to quality indicators and size;
  • it is not necessary to wash mushrooms at once. At first it is necessary to use a knife and a brush, having removed sand, the earth and other weed substances;
  • then it is necessary to wet a harvest in salty water. Such procedure will prevent blackening of a fruit and also will force worms, unnoticed at survey, to leave the shelter.

Whether you know? The tradition to mushroom remained only at us and in Eastern and Central Europe. In the west of the European continent eat only the mushrooms which are grown up in greenhouses, generally champignons.

Whether it is worth washing mushrooms

If mushrooms are picked or got for further drying, it is not necessary to wash them. Will be careful dry cleaning enough. In all other cases procedures with salt bathtubs are recommended. The fact is that the majority of mushrooms very well absorbs moisture, but then badly gives it. If you are going to dry or freeze a harvest — it is not necessary to wash it if you subject to heat treatment, then wash. It is recommended to presoak in salt solution any mushrooms. This procedure is directed not so much to removal of the earth, sand and leaves (all this can be removed in the dry way) how many on disposal of worms. Any fruit body, even the healthiest in appearance, grown in the habitat, is the house for worms. If you have patience, it is possible to get rid of them.

Cleaning of mushrooms

The general rules of cleaning for all types of mushrooms are in many respects similar. However there are also some distinctions depending, first of all, on whether the crop in the native habitat was reaped or a mushroom was grown up in the artificial way.

Important! High content of chitin does not allow to feed with mushrooms of children up to 14 years as this polysaccharide to this age is not split by a children's organism.


For a start carry out careful dry cleaning of a boletus (family of boletovy) as it is stated above. Carefully examine all fruit body, pay special attention to the place under a hat. By means of a brush remove litter, the remains of a grass, sand and foliage. In case you were going to dry a boletus, wipe it with wet towel wipes. More, in this case, it is not necessary to carry out any manipulations with water.

Get acquainted with such useful mushrooms as: to a shiitaka and oyster mushrooms.

Other boletuses intended for cooking (heat treatment) should be washed out in cold water. If the hat and a leg clean to presoak them in solution of salt there is no need. If they were brought together after a rain, or on a surface obvious traces of dirt, then it will be necessary to kill them in salt solution (1 article of a bed of salt on 1 l of water) nevertheless. Fill in for 20 minutes with salty water. After this time, boletuses should be got, and to merge water with worms. To repeat the procedure until water after mushrooms does not remain clean, without worms.

Oyster mushrooms

In spite of the fact that oyster mushrooms have to be grown up in sterile conditions, it is necessary to wash before preparation them after all. The fact is that under a hat bacteria which need to be removed accumulate.

Read also how to freeze or dry mushrooms.

Fill in them with water for 30 minutes. Periodically mix contents a hand to create the easy movement of water. It is not necessary to wash out oyster mushrooms under a strong water jet as a fruit body very fragile, and the water pressure from under the crane can damage them.

Whether you know? The dream in which you clean mushrooms, is often interpreted as the subconscious aspiration to bring an order in own life, to leave from old habits and an ordinary way of life. Other value of a dream (according to Freud): in case a mushroom one, you have to pay attention to the male health (for men).

Water with the garbage which got to it, after each hashing it is necessary to merge and to fill in new. Then to put oyster mushrooms in a colander, to wash out under a weak pressure of water and to examine attentively regarding existence of damage, dry callosities, and other places which need to be removed. The dry, turned black, spoiled places need to be cut off, and accurately to wipe all clean mushrooms with a dry napkin and to lay out on a paper towel.


If champignons have the small size, at the same time they fresh, rather dense and strong, they are enough to be processed a brush and to cut off a leg on 2-3 mm then to wash out in flowing water and to spread out to dry on a dry towel. Champignons of larger size, clean in the similar way, attentively examining possible podporchennost and damages which should be removed by means of a knife.

Learn what mushrooms grow in the fall, namely in September, October and November.

If champignons not the freshest, it is necessary to remove a thin skin from a surface. This procedure by means of a knife becomes. From edge of a hat it is necessary to hook the top layer, and, having captured him a knife, to delete, moving through the top to the opposite edge of a hat. Than worse the thin skin from champignon, subjects it separates there is fresher. Tastes of champignons are negatively affected by water. In this regard it is necessary to wash out mushrooms quickly and to spread immediately to dry on a towel.

Slippery jacks

For a start it is necessary to do procedures which should be applied to all mushrooms — survey, sorting and dry cleaning with slippery jacks. Further processing depends on in what way you plan to prepare slippery jacks. If further mushrooms are subjected to heat treatment, then it is necessary to remove a film, a mucous layer from a hat, to wash out fruit bodies under a water jet and to leave slippery jacks to dry on a towel. If they are intended for freezing or drying, it is not necessary to wash them, it is enough to wipe with wet towel wipes.

Important! It is unnecessary to soak slippery jacks in water as in this case the stickiness and glutinosity of slime on hats amplifies. Process a fruit body boiled water or steam within 30 seconds, this procedure considerably will facilitate processing further.

Brilliant green

If you collect a greenfinch (blewits) in the forest independently, expediently will be to carry out preliminary cleaning on the place. Greenfinches in the nature are almost completely covered with sand which bulk and also a grass and other weed impurity it is better to leave in the forest. For this purpose accurately remove the earth, sand and a grass, cut off a leg bottom. Then take a greenfinch vertically for a leg and slightly knock on a hat from above. This manipulation will help to remove the main part of sand which residues it will be possible to wash away houses. Greenfinches have two remarkable qualities:

  • bring together them in the middle of the fall when there are no other mushrooms any more;
  • the greenfinch badly absorbs water.

Carry a grass to spices which can be used with mushrooms a chaber, black caraway seeds and rosemary.

Thanks to the second quality, a greenfinch it is possible and it is necessary to presoak. It is necessary to do it as follows:

  • pour in a basin or a big pan of water, add several spoons of salt;
  • fill up in the capacity of a greenfinch;
  • periodically stir slowly a blewits, in an hour accurately get them a skimmer, trying not to lift the accumulated sand from a bottom;
  • wash out a harvest in flowing water.

It is also possible to remove surplus of sand by means of boiling:

  • wash greenfinches with water from under the crane;
  • fill in a blewits with water which volume has to be 3 times more, than mushrooms;
  • put on fire, bring to boiling and boil thoroughly a little, it is not necessary to mix, sand itself will accumulate on a bottom;
  • then get mushrooms, and wash out under a water jet.

Boiling will give to greenfinches of elasticity and sufficient density. These qualities will help to remove residues of sand under quite strong water jet.

Honey agarics

Honey agarics quickly darken and lose the standard. For this reason to process them it is necessary as soon as possible. After dry cleaning carry out sorting of honey agarics. Those which go for drying or freezing are not washed. Will be to process them wet towel wipes enough. If you are going to pickle them, to cook or fry, wet honey agarics in salt solution for 30-40 minutes then remove short skirts, a film and slime from hats. Then lay out mushrooms on a dry towel to get rid of excess water.


Valuy treats to family of russulas. In Europe it is considered inedible, because of characteristic bitterness and an unpleasant smell. However at us they are eaten, valu marinated and salty are especially good. For use take young valu in food, with a diameter up to 5 cm. It is necessary to subject at first valu to dry cleaning (especially carefully to remove a thin skin from a hat), and then to soak within two-three days in water with salt. After soaking of relatives of russulas it is necessary to boil within 15 minutes. Now they are ready for further salting or a marinovka.

Saffron milk caps

Mushroom pickers consider saffron milk caps some of the cleanest mushrooms. This statement has under itself the basis. The only problem place of a saffron milk cap — a little sticky hat. In case saffron milk caps go for drying or freezing, it is worth being limited only to dry cleaning — to slightly wipe a hat with wet towel wipes, then to spread out to dry a thin layer.

Accept a ganoderma and a chaga for weight loss.

If you plan to cook soup, to fry or salt saffron milk caps, then after dry cleaning not superfluous will be them to wet for 30-40 minutes in salt solution. And then to wash out in flowing water.


The Polish mushroom in various classifications belongs to boletovy family, that is it is necessary the brother to a boletus. Respectively, and the procedure of its washing and cleaning is absolutely similar to that which is carried out concerning a boletus.

Whether you know? A honey mushroom (Armillaria ostoyae) — the biggest living organism on Earth. Its mycelium occupies the space of 9.65, in the Blue Mountains of the State of Oregon located in the USA. The age of this mushroom is approximately equal 2500.


Chanterelles are appreciated both by gourmets, and culinary specialists their flavoring and nutritious qualities. Besides, it is considered that they grow only in eco-friendly areas. Preliminary cleaning should be carried out in the forest, on the place of collecting. If you bought chanterelles, but did not pick them independently, for a start it is necessary to clean them in the above dry way. Then ship mushrooms in the container with the cold, added some salt water. It is necessary to put in water them on one piece, attentively examining each fruit body. By means of a brush and a knife remove problem places, dirt, dark stains. Leave chanterelles in water for 40 minutes then accurately get them and leave for drying.

Advantage and harm of mushrooms

The structure of mushrooms is rich with such substances:

  • proteins;
  • amino acids (about 20%);
  • fats (about 1%);
  • polysaccharides (including, chitin which is very badly acquired by a human body)
  • vitamins A, B, C, D, PP;
  • micro and macrocells.

Learn, than mushrooms and as it is correct to choose them are useful.

Advantage of consumption:

  • are rich with protein (in its boletus as much how many and in meat, at the same time there is almost no fat);
  • quickly satisfy feeling of hunger, at the same time they can be eaten as a dietary product owing to low caloric content and small percent of fat content;
  • the vitamin complex has positive impact on an organism and appearance;
  • normalize a blood-groove;
  • well influence work of heart;
  • normalize exchange processes in an organism;
  • have positive effect on immunity.

Important! Champignons should be cleaned just before preparation, it is not necessary to store them cleaned and cut. Tastes at such storage are lost very quickly.

Harm of mushrooms:

  • toxicity. The fact is that in the conditions of modern ecology even edible fungi can be poisonous as the porous surface of a fruit body is the excellent absorbent absorbing in itself toxic substances;
  • also there are very many mushrooms very similar on edible, but actually being poisonous. The beginning mushroom pickers can be mistaken easily that can entail a lethal outcome;
  • vegetarians try to receive full replacement to animal protein from mushrooms. But it is impossible to make it because of chitin. Its high consumption leads to serious problems of a GIT.

From all aforesaid it is possible to draw a conclusion that, in most cases, it is better to clean mushrooms nevertheless and to wash. Especially this statement is relevant concerning the crop reaped in the wild nature. Be extremely attentive when collecting such mushrooms, and it is better, take to the forest of the skilled mushroom picker. Remember that besides the mass of useful qualities, excellent tastes and usefulness, this product can be quite dangerous.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team