In what country of the world the most tasty kitchen

In what country of the world the most tasty kitchen

In any country of the world there are culinary traditions which were formed for centuries. Italian spaghetti, Japanese sushi, Russian pancakes … What kitchen the most tasty in the world?

Hits of world cookery

The ethnic cuisine of each country has unique "counter" which gives to dishes special color. In Greece, for example, when cooking olive oil of the highest quality, and in Italy – various sauces and gravies from tomatoes with spices is actively used. The French cookery is inconceivable without Provence herbs, and in Mexico the business card of kitchen is chili pepper.

At restaurants of the Scandinavian countries washed by the ice seas, always a wide choice of various fish dishes: it and the fish prepared in all possible ways and soups, salads, fish sandwiches. Finland is popular калекукко – fish pies, and in Norway - клипфикс (the cod beheaded and who is dried up directly on rocks). By the way, in Scandinavia it is accepted to have coffee at any time.

French cuisine wonderfully combines simplicity and an improbable culinary delicacy. In the menu a fried potatoes a braised beef and snails-eskargo will meet spices and foie gras, … Desserts are always works of art.

Italians will offer you traditional pizza and paste, but all this can be tried, without leaving the native land. Pay attention on антипасто (the vegetables marinated in oil), try pancetta (competitor of the Spanish jamón) and the well-known Italian ice cream. Greek cuisine differs in abundance of a fresh vegetables and the most tasty olive oil. By all means try a spanakopita (the feta and spinach baked in pastry). The Chinese and Japanese cuisines will please fans of culinary experiments. Order everything that to you will want … But better don't ask from what the dish is prepared! Traditionally adjusted gourmets can recommend pork in sweet-sour sauce or tempura – fried vegetables in hot fan. Indian cuisine will please the vegetarian. The menu hit – a dish the name gave a baking plate: stewed lentil. A wide choice of sweeties to tea – expanse for sweet teeth.

On taste and color …

The culinary world is rich and various, and everyone who considers himself the fine judge of a culinary delicacy has the own list of favourite dishes. As a rule, it is quite eclectic: the "southern" salads perfectly get on with the "western" desserts, and "northern" soups – with "east" snack. So where in the world the most tasty kitchen? Where you, having tried the next restaurant masterpiece and having covered eyes from pleasure, with feeling you will tell: "As it is tasty …".

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