In what country the most beautiful and tasty apples grow

In what country the most beautiful and tasty apples grow

Some of the most popular fruit around the world – apples, grow as in magnificent gardens of New Zealand and Australia, and in deserts of North America. This results from the fact that the apple-tree well adapts to different climatic conditions on which the grade of apples depends.


80% of the grown-up apples in China are made by Fudzhi's grade. These apples have unsurpassed dessert taste why are so popular around the world. Pink-yellow fruits rather large up to 250 g have opaque striped coloring. Fudzhi apples firm and juicy on taste. This grade is grown up only in the countries with the long vegetative period, then apples manage to absorb in themselves enough sunlight and heat and to be filled with a sweet and fragrant taste. Besides China this grade is widespread in the USA, Australia and the countries of Southern Europe.

The USA is also the homeland of a world famous grade Johnagold. There are also types of these apples, such as Johnika, Johnagored and others. Large beautiful fruits of 200-250 g have a bright strikhovaty flush on one party, other party of an apple of a flavovirent or yellow color. Apples differ in unsurpassed dessert taste, have light sourness, rather juicy and fragrant.


For fifty years the apples of a winter grade Golden Delishes which are grown up in the USA provided 40-60% of world gross gathering apples. Fruits of these apples of the small size of 120-140 g have the conical truncated form of yellow or greenish-yellow color. These apples have a mild sweet taste and are capable to be stored long at low temperatures.


Gloucester is the homeland of apples Germany. The popular winter grade of apples has dark burgundy coloring. Fruits large up to 200 g have the cone-shaped form. One more popular German grade of apples carries Pinov's name. These small compact and pulpy fruits have slightly viscous peculiar taste.

Czech Republic

In the territory of the Czech Republic, apples popular around the world Goldstar grow. These apples very resistant to various diseases and also well transfer long-term storage in the cool place. Fruits of the average size of 140-150 g have a yellow color and round shape. Also the Czech Republic is the homeland of one of the best immune winter grades of Rayk which don't concede to taste to other Czech grade of Champion.


Holland is rich with different tasty grades of apples, one of which are favourite elegant fruits of a grade Elisa. Bright juicy cone-shaped apples have pleasant a delicate flavor for what are so popular worldwide.

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