It is impossible to have supper!

It is impossible to have supper!

dinner badly influences the person. It was proved by the American scientists. In a research agreed to take participation of 420 people. Scientists watched them within 20 weeks. It turned out that the after people ate, the more slowly it lost weight.

During the research, scientists divided participants into two groups. The first ate only till 15 o'clock. The second after 15 o'clock in the afternoon. In the investigation of a research, it became clear that the second group lost weight much more slowly. Thus, scientists proved that the main cause of obesity is a supper.

Psychologists also against regular and a supper. They claim that regular and the supper is a psychological dependence. Therefore, it is necessary to refuse this habit completely. Such people, according to experts without evening meal are not able even to fall asleep. All of them time think only of food. The dream in such cases completely falls apart and strong aggression accrues.

At impossibility to refuse evening food the experts advise to use only easy food. Separately: fermented milk products, fruit, vegetables, low-fat fish. Seasonings it is possible only at least. And vegetables cannot be fried. It is possible to use them only crude or stewed. It is allowed to do jam of fruit. Also perfectly porridges will approach. Such correct food produces happiness hormone which calms nervous system in food. And it perfectly helps to fall asleep. Besides, it is impossible to use meat, animal fats at all in the evening.

Some experts agree in opinion that it is obligatory to have supper. Not to eat the main thing later than at midnight. Besides, the dinner has to be not later than 2 hours to a dream, in not dependence on when you go to bed.

And nutritionists even insist that it is necessary to have supper. It can be displayed very badly on an organism. Besides, in anybody a case it is impossible to starve. And that who, has no appetite at all, it is necessary to force itself to eat. At the same time it is impossible to take a break between receptions longer than 10 hours. Otherwise itself can get with ease for the rest of life stomach ulcer.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team