Jelly from a turkey: preparation options

Jelly from a turkey: preparation options

Jelly from a turkey – a variation of a classical Russian dish, more dietary and useful to health. Is suitable for festive (in particular, New Year's) a table, beautifully looks and it is perfectly combined with other dishes.

Ways of preparation of jelly from a turkey not strongly differ from usual recipes of this dish. It is possible to cook jelly in the usual way, it is possible to automate process and to provide cooking to the ordinary multicooker of any firm which has a suppression mode.

Traditional way of preparation of jelly

From meat of a turkey are necessary for preparation of classical jelly: 5-6 legs of a turkey or 10-12 wings, 1 onions, 1-2 carrots (to taste), greens (parsley, cilantro, fennel), and spicery (peppercorn, a carnation, bay leaf are well combined with jelly). Salt is also necessary. Add gelatin there is no need as the necessary amount of the condensing substances already contains in meat.

The recipe is quite simple. Meat cooks in an amount of water, usual for soup (about 2 liters) on very slow fire 4 hours. Onions, carrots, salt and spices can be put in broth at once after boiling and until ready (as a rule, carrots cook no more than 1 hour). On readiness, it is necessary to pull out carrots from broth and it is beautiful to cut. On readiness of meat (degree of readiness is defined by ease of deboning) it is necessary to pull out it from broth and to crumble small. After that to allow meat and bones to boil in broth 1 more hour. Ready meat, carrots and previously cut greens should be distributed in forms (it is possible to use silicone molds of the different sizes or usual superficial bowls) and to fill in with the turned-out dense broth. After cooling to room temperature, it is possible to remove in the fridge (but not in the deep freeze) for the night (or not less, than for 6-8 hours). The easiest to take the turned-out dish from a form, having taken it 1 minute in hot water, and then having turned on a plate. But it is possible to cut on pieces directly in shape and to take from there jelly by means of a fork and a kitchen rake.

Preparation of jelly in the multicooker

To make jelly in the multicooker, it is necessary to put a raw meat, vegetables, salt and spicery in a cooking surface, to fill in with water to a maximum and to hold on the suppression mode of 6 o'clock (simpler option is inclusion of the mode for the whole night). After that it is necessary to take meat and to put the remained broth on the boiling mode for 1 minute. As well as in the classical recipe, small cut meat and vegetables should be filled in with the turned-out broth, to allow to cool down to room temperature and to put in the fridge. Preparation in the multicooker allows the cook to simplify the procedure of cooking, but also limits amount of jelly which can be made.

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