Juice from a sea-buckthorn: advantage and harm

Juice from a sea-buckthorn: advantage and harm

It is no secret that the sea-buckthorn is considered health berry for a long time therefore also its juice is often used for treatment of various diseases or improvement of the general health of the person. Such drink contains a set of the useful substances capable to eliminate manifestations of cold, an indisposition and even the painful symptoms characteristic of various diseases. To be convinced of advantage of this juice, it is enough to look at the chemical composition of a product.

Caloric content and chemical composition

Juice from a sea-buckthorn — a low-calorie product of which 100 ml only 50-80 kcal are the share.

Whether you know? Knew about useful properties of a sea-buckthorn in the 8th century AD, at least it is confirmed by historical data from Ancient China.

At the same time at the berry there are many fats, and because of sugar which is added for improvement of flavoring characteristics of ready drink, its power value is a little higher, in comparison with other juice.

Average ratio I WATCH on 100 g of a product the following:

  • proteins — 0.6 g
  • fats — 3.4 g;
  • carbohydrates — 4.3 g.

It is possible to distinguish from other useful components of sea-buckthorn juice:

  • vitamins — And (0.25 mg on 100 g), B1 (0.3 mg), B2 (0.05 mg), B5 (0.2 mg), B6 (0.8 mg), With (200 mg), E (5 mg), N (3.3 mkg), RR (0.5 mg), beta carotene (1.5 mg);
  • minerals — calcium (22 g on 100 g of juice), potassium (193 mg), iron (1.4 mg), sodium (4 mg), magnesium (30 mg), phosphorus (9 mg).

Also carry to low-calorie products such as beef tongue, small loafs, cornel, spinach, oat milk, bran wheat, tofu cheese, a celery, milts of salmons.

Than sea-buckthorn juice is useful

If attentively to study an issue of influence of drink on a human body, then first of all it is necessary to mark out its such useful properties as:

  • improvement of a state and the general health at violation of activity of digestive system (even at treatment of oncological problems some doctors appoint sea-buckthorn juice as additional medicine);
  • elimination of manifestations of avitaminosis during the autumn and spring period and saturation of an organism energy;
  • improvement of a condition of a mucous membrane of a stomach, pancreas, throat and mouth;
  • acceleration of healing of wounds on the surfaces of skin and elimination of manifestations of skin illnesses;
  • strengthening of immune forces of an organism, and sea-buckthorn nectar is allowed to be given even to children and pregnant women (it is better to begin with several drops for children and a teaspoon for future mother);
  • treatment of rheumatism and gout, including with application of lotions on the basis of juice (thanks to it painful symptoms decrease);
  • normalization of warm rhythms and blood pressure;
  • blood fluidifying (reduces clotting probability);
  • improvement of a state at bronchitis, pneumonia, cough (some components of a sea-buckthorn are deservedly called natural antibiotics);
  • possibility of use in cosmetology, in particular thanks to availability of vitamin E (it gives to skin youth, levels its tone and increases elasticity).

Whether it is possible to drink

All people can practically use sea-buckthorn juice, with rare exception the consumers suffering from various diseases. Let's consider the main categories of people who need to know about relevance and methods of application of this drink.

Important! For improvement of health and relief of symptoms of some illnesses, sea-buckthorn juice can be used both for intake, and for external processing of affected areas of skin. It is possible even to leave for some time it on a surface and only then to wash away water.

At pregnancy and breastfeeding

Each pregnant woman selects only the most useful to herself products not to do much harm to future kid at all. Juice from a sea-buckthorn belongs to such group, thanks to high content of vitamins strengthens both a female body, and an organism of yet not born kid.

Sea-buckthorn juice will be useful also at catarrhal diseases of the pregnant woman and also will help to solve a problem of the locks which are often tormenting future mothers. As for the feeding women, it is desirable to include this drink in their diet only after consultation with the doctor, in order to avoid allergic reactions at the baby. If there are no similar tendencies, then it will become excellent means of stimulation of a lactation, the truth after mixing with clear water in a proportion 1:1.

At gastritis, pancreatitis, stomach ulcer

The question of use of juice from a sea-buckthorn at all listed diseases still causes a lot of controversy. Some doctors speak about its irritating influence because of acid, and others insist on high regenerative abilities which help to overcome inflammatory processes on any mucous membranes.

Learn, than the sea-buckthorn, leaves of a sea-buckthorn and sea-buckthorn oil is useful.

Therefore if you doubt the decision, but very much you want to be influenced by advantage of drink, then before application dissolve nectar with clear water, but so that it was a little more water. Alternatively it is possible to use the sea-buckthorn oil differing in softer impact on affected areas. At treatment of gastritis (only not with the increased acidity) many patients note not only success of regenerative processes, but also analgesic effect from use of sea-buckthorn oil. Similar opportunities characterize also juice unless they are less expressed.

It is important! Not to aggravate the state at development of gastritis, pancreatitis, stomach ulcer, it is better to begin use of sea-buckthorn juice only during steady remission and is not more often than several times a week (approximately on a half-glass of the divorced product for time).

At diabetes

Sea-buckthorn berries do not contain glucose therefore are allowed for the use and diabetics, of course, if they have no problems with other bodies (for example, kidneys). Most often doctors recommend to use sea-buckthorn oil, but the juice use if desired is allowed.

By the way, oil is used not only for intake, but also for processing of the wound surfaces which appeared as a result of development of a disease.

At internal use of juice it is authorized to apply no more half-glass of drink in day. Sweetening of drink for obvious reasons is forbidden.

Contraindications and harm

The contraindications connected with the use of sea-buckthorn juice often are explained by presence at its composition of acids and a possibility of allergic reaction of an organism to a similar product.

Therefore before cooking drink, it is desirable to exclude the following diseases and possible conditions of an organism:

  • the gastritis which is followed by the increased acidity of a stomach;
  • tendency to allergic reactions and individual intolerance of the making sea-buckthorn berries;
  • tendency to formation of tumors or existence of oncology (separate components of juice can provoke growth of cancer cells);
  • cholecystitis and inflammatory processes in a gall bladder;
  • urolithic disease;
  • diarrhea (sea-buckthorn seeds which can quite get to juice possess laxative action).

Whether you know? A sea-buckthorn — very hardy plant continuing grow actively both in a forty-degree frost and at a long drought.

How to accept

Depending on the disease nature, there are two main methods of application of sea-buckthorn juice: as internal and as external means. Let's consider features of the consumption of drink on some popular examples.

  1. At the progressing cold which is followed by a severe cough, bronchitis or even pneumonia, sea-buckthorn juice is used as a natural antibiotic and as expectorant means (to have enough 1 glass a day to an absolute recovery). For increase in curative properties of nectar and improvement of taste it is useful to add to it other types of nectar or honey.
  2. At gout, rheumatism and arthritis use of sea-buckthorn juice will be suitable for grinding of sore joints and compresses on them. To increase its properties, liquid is warmed up on a water bath and only then moisten in it cotton fabric, imposing it on a sore point. Then the sore point is covered with a diaper and wrap up all compress with a warm scarf. Such procedure needs to be carried out daily before going to bed, maintaining a compress not less than two hours.
  3. At diseases of a throat and inflammation of a mucous mouth. Correctly prepared sea-buckthorn nectar will help to get rid of stomatitis, a tonsillitis, pharyngitis, the gingivit and laryngitis for what freshly squeezed liquid needs to be mixed with warm boiled water in the ratio 1:2. Ready liquid is used for rinsing three times a day.
  4. At diseases of a cardiovascular system, about 0.5 glasses of sea-buckthorn juice are recommended to use daily, having divided this quantity into several receptions. Juice of a sea-buckthorn will help to razzhizhit blood, to prevent formation of cholesteric plaques, to stabilize arterial blood pressure and heartbeat.

In addition, you can use sea-buckthorn nectar and in the cosmetic purposes. For example, for preparation of a nutritious mask it is enough to mix ¼ glasses of nectar with 1 teaspoon of honey, an egg yolk, a half of a teaspoon of cream. The received mix is put on a face for 15 minutes, and then washed away warm water.

Important! Considering a possibility of emergence of allergic reaction, before drawing a sea-buckthorn mask one face better to carry out the small test, having processed it the small site of an integument on a hand bend.

How to make for the winter: recipe

For those who got used to prepare preservation for the winter preparation of sea-buckthorn juice should not cause any difficulties as all process provides a standard set of actions: cleaning of berries, receiving nectar, their cooking and a flood on the sterilized jars.

However, and in this case there are nuances therefore we will consider all procedure more attentively.


  • sea-buckthorn berries — 1 kg;
  • sugar — 2 glasses.

Sea-buckthorn juice: video

Juice preparation process:

  1. We touch the picked berries, we clean from garbage and we wash out under flowing water.
  2. We pour them on a colander and we leave to flow down within 10–15 minutes.
  3. We pass a little dried up raw materials via the juice extractor and we pour in a pan.
  4. We put a pan on small fire and, having added sugar, we bring to boiling.
  5. The begun to boil juice is removed from a plate, we spill on the sterilized jars and we roll up covers.

Everything, tasty and very useful preparation for the winter is ready.

Sea-buckthorn — really miracle plant with huge amount of useful properties therefore if you have no contraindications to the juice use, you can drink it though every day, without having forgotten to take care of preparation for the winter period.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team