Juicy champignons and chicken salads

Juicy champignons and chicken salads

In the run-up to the celebration the hospitable hostess surely thinks of presenting to guests a new dish, it is better at the very beginning of a holiday that the mood became magic at once, and a situation weakened. The good way to make it is to make juicy champignons and chicken salad, nourishing and unusual at the same time.

Tasty champignons and chicken salad


- 300 g of champignons; - 500 g of chicken breast;

- 2 oranges; - 20 g of parsley; - 40 g of dried cherries or cranberry; - 100 ml of olive oil; - 80 g of a lung of a natural yoghourt; - 1/3 tsps of ground black pepper; - salt. Boil until ready chicken breast and champignons in the added some salt water, cool. Husk and cut meat on large bars, mushrooms – on small slices. Scald berries boiled water. Chop parsley leaves. Exempt oranges from skins and intermediate films. Connect all prepared ingredients in a salad bowl, fill with yogurt and olive oil, pepper, add some salt to taste and accurately mix.

Juicy champignons and chicken salad

Ingredients: - 400 g of champignons; - 600 g of boiled or cooked smoked chicken breast; - 2 bulbs; - 250 g of a pitted dried prune; - 180 g of mayonnaise; - 1 tsps of salt; - vegetable oil. Clean bulbs, crush them a knife and fry thoroughly in vegetable oil to transparency. Add slices of mushrooms there and train them before evaporation of the emitted liquid, salt a little. Divide a breast fingers into fibers or cut on strips. Wash up prunes and small cut it. Collect salad, stacking it even layers in the following order: third of chicken, third of mushroom subfrying, third of prunes. Repeat these actions still twice for the remained products, coating each level of a puff dish with mayonnaise. Put nourishing snack in the fridge for 2 hours.

Unusual fresh champignons and chicken salad

Ingredients: - 200 g of champignons; - 250 g of boiled chicken breast; - 300 g of tinned pineapples pieces (without liquid); - 50 g of walnuts; - 3 lettuce leaves; - 1 segment of garlic; - 1 egg; - 100 g of sour cream; - 50 ml of lemon juice; - on 25 ml of a soy-bean sauce and olive oil; - on 1/2 tsps of a dried basil, sugar, salt and dry mustard. At first make sauce. For this purpose pound egg in a blender bowl (it has to be room temperature!), pouring in turn salt, mustard, sugar, a basil, then pour in olive oil, a soy-bean sauce, lemon juice on a droplet, put grated garlic. At last, enter in the small portions sour cream, properly vent mix at an average speed to uniformity and remove in the fridge for half an hour. Dry nuts in a dry frying pan and slightly suppress them a masher. Wash out fresh champignons, dry them a paper towel and cut with thin longitudinal plates. Lay out a big dish lettuce leaves, distribute on them slices of chicken, walnuts, mushrooms, sauce everything and cover with pineapples.

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