Kashi: advantage and harm!

Kashi: advantage and harm!

of people agree in opinion that porridges are only useful. But actually it so. They can, not only bring benefit to any person, but also do much harm. Generally all most useful porridges are rich with protein, starch, minerals, and, above all, vitamins. Besides, preparation of these dishes does not demand great efforts. Plus also fast cooking.

The most useful and popular porridges: buckwheat, semolina, oat, rice, gerkulesovy and millet. However, all of them not only have the general useful characteristics, but also differences. For example, rice rich with the high content of vitamin B and cellulose. And buckwheat is one of the most popular in fight against excess weight.

Also, unique properties have also other porridges. For example, oat perfectly normalizes work of intestines, semolina removes fats, millet saves your organism from excess salts, plus it still perfectly helps to lose weight and helps at heart and vascular diseases. Most of all porridges contain carbohydrates – the main power source.

However, doctors warn about harm of porridges. Also insist on to forcing children to eat many porridges. As, they contain a lot of starch which in an organism turns into glucose. And its surplus causes high risk of development of diabetes.

For example, if to take porridge in attention, it at the expense of gluten brings calcium out of an organism. However, it is necessary to pay attention and to its advantage for an organism. It contains: proteins, necessary for our organism, there are a lot of vitamins, iron, fluorine, potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, zinc, manganese, nickel and iodine. Therefore, it will bring to your organism more benefit, than harm.

Millet is strictly forbidden people with the lowered acidity of a stomach. However, she is capable to cure our organism of a set of diseases remarkably. Besides, protects an organism from all not necessary, and, above all prevents diabetes.

However, all physicians agree in opinion that all porridges bring to an organism benefit more, than harm. Therefore, it is obligatory to use them. But the main thing it is necessary to respect the rules. As, the surplus causes only problems with health. Besides, doctors also advise parents to feed children with porridges. They are extremely necessary for early age.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team