Kefir - unusual drink

Kefir - unusual drink

The advantage of kefir for a human body is indisputable. However there are also other features of this drink to which it is worth paying attention.

Kefir is useful amino acids, calcium and useful bacteria. It well influences nervous system and digestive tract. In order that kefir brought benefit, it is necessary to use it in moderate quantity no more than 400 grams a day.

If the person is concentrated on performance of complex intellectual work, then it is better not to use kefir. All dairy products reduces concentration of attention and calms nervous system.

It is impossible to drink kefir and that who suffers from excessive acidity in a stomach. Besides, kefir can cause allergies. If the person suffers from an allergy to kefir, then he should pay attention to biokefir.

You shouldn't drink ice kefir, this drink has to be room temperature. As a part of a fresh product there is a certain amount of ethanol therefore it isn't recommended to drink kefir in large numbers that who is going to take the wheel.

There are popular ways of preparation of kefir in house conditions. Work this simple, but for preparation of home-made kefir use only boiled milk.

Low-fat kefir suits those who wish to lose weight. If there are disorders of functioning of kidneys, then it is better to drink kefir with high percent of fat content.

Lactic bacteria and whole milk are a part of the real kefir. If as a part of kefir there are any other components, then it is, most likely, a fake. It is necessary to buy kefir what has least of all expiration date as a dairy products can't be stored several weeks. If producers of products suggest otherwise that, most likely, in its structure there are antibiotics or stabilizers.

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