Lard - whether is is not present?

Lard - whether is is not present?

do not eat lard – you will be thick. Such expression is often widespread among those who suffer from excess weight and try to warn the interlocutor acceptable council. Also he will be wrong – get fat not from fat, and from the consumed quantity. And it contains many useful substances which are necessary for growth and development of an organism.

Lard belongs to animal fats and contains a complex of nutrients, vitamins and minerals. Distinguish a keratin, Retinolum, D and E from vitamins. In fat there are nonsaturated fatty acids – olein, linolenic, palmitic and arachidonic, last of which does not contain in vegetable oil. They play a large role in exchange processes of an organism, increase in immunity, decrease in level of cholesterol in blood serum.

Fat is used in a fresh, boiled, fried, stewed, smoked and salty look. Usually the product is combined with pepper and garlic.

Lard consumption rate – 50-70 grams a day. Such small figures are caused by quite high caloric content of a product – 750 kcal on 100 grams of fat.

There is an opinion that the use of fat is contraindicated to the people having obesity. Of course, abuse of this product, as well as other components of a diet, leads to the increased receipt of calories in an organism which does not manage to spend its most part. Therefore for people of this kind the recommended dose – 10-15 grams a day.

Fat is usually used with black, bezdrozhzhevy and otrubny bread. This combination is most useful for digestive tract.

Now in the markets and shops there is quite good selection of lard and sometimes the buyer is at a loss in definition of the choice. Lard is a subcutaneous fat with a skin therefore on a cut never there have to be a neck or bacon.

Use of lard in traditional medicine:

  • The compress with melted fat is applied in the presence of joint pains. The lard layer is applied on a surface, paper or matter which are wrapped up by woolen material for additional warming is imposed. It is possible to apply fat mix with salt which is rubbed in a healthy place.
  • At toothaches the small piece of lard which is put to a painful tooth between a cheek and a gum is used.
  • In Russia, lard was used as hangover medicine. It is possible to use a product as means against fast intoxication – before alcohol intake eat a little fat which has the enveloping effect. However do not forget to adhere to the moderate number of consumption of alcoholic drinks, otherwise over time the fat layer on walls of a stomach will be digested and will come to blood too high concentrations of alcohol.

Eat fat in admissible sizes, and you never should think of prejudices which occur in minds of those who are a little informed on this useful and nutritious product.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team