Latin American cuisine: main features

Latin American cuisine: main features

One of ways to plunge into the atmosphere of any country – to try dishes of the ethnic cuisine. The Latin American cuisine is the mosaic consisting of culinary traditions at once of several original states.

Features of the Latin American cuisine

Several dozen countries, the largest of which Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, Venezuela, Colombia, Peru and Chile, belong to the countries of Latin America. Inhabitants of these territories still since ancient times cultivated corn therefore many dishes of their ethnic cuisine are cooked with its use. From this cereal cook both main courses, and garnishes. But most important: cook the well-known Latin American flat cakes from corn flour – тортильяс. For their preparation add various spicery to dough, and serve to a table this dish with a cheese sauce or oil. Are very good тортильяс with hot sauce. The local cuisine in general is inconceivable without abundance of spices. The well-known Chile hot pepper in all is from Latin America and carries the name of one of its states.

Such seasonings as mint, a sage, a basil and a thyme are favourite. However local cooks have an unwritten rule: it is impossible to add more than 5 types of different seasonings to one dish. The meat with blood made on a grill enjoys wide popularity, to a table it is given in tomatoes sauce with addition of chili powder. Also here cook on coals the most tasty sausages for which forcemeat is cooked from beef, the lard and onions flavored with pepper, a carnation and cinnamon. Tomatoes dishes, bean and potatoes are widespread. From South America potatoes were delivered to the European countries and then became widespread worldwide.

Dishes of the Latin American cuisine

Potatoes in Peruvian: - 600 g of potatoes; - 150 g of processed cheese; - 1 average bulb; - 50 g of milk or cream; - 30 g of olive oil; - sprinkling pepper, lemon juice. Processed cheese, cream and olive oil pound and carefully mix that mix turned out uniform. Then mix is warmed up, add lemon juice, pepper and onions which is previously browned. Potatoes are cleaned, boiled entirely and filled with the turned-out sauce. To this dish it is possible to give leaves of a green salad. Brazilian salad: - 150 g of a root of a celery; - 1 large apple; - 1 banana; - 150 g of grapes; - tangerine half; - 150 g of mayonnaise. To cut a prepeeled celery and apple in the form of straws, banana – circles. Exempt tangerine from a peel and divide into segments. To mix everything then to add grapes and mayonnaise. Salad is recommended to be served to a table in the form of the hill and to decorate with pieces of tangerines, bananas and grapes.

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