Lemon at pregnancy: advantage and harm

Lemon at pregnancy: advantage and harm

Often women during incubation of the child want something kislenky, many at feeling of this requirement give preference to a lemon.

Today we will tell about advantage and possible harm of this citrus fruit for the pregnant woman and her future kid and also about ways of his use.

Why there is a wish for lemons at pregnancy

If pulls the woman bearing the kid on a lemon, then it means that in her organism the lack of vitamin C with which these citrus fruit are rich is felt. At the subconscious level the woman tries to fill missing vitamin C with the help of this sour fruit.

The use of this fruit during pregnancy is quite admissible, however before it it is worth consulting with the doctor to exclude negative impact of fruit on an organism.

Learn more about advantage of a lemon and also essential oil and juice of a lemon.

Whether it is possible for pregnant women there is a lemon

Before there is a lemon during pregnancy, it is necessary to be convinced whether it is harmful to the pregnant woman.

Future mother has to have no following problems with health:

  • pancreatitis and violations of work of a GIT (gastritis, ulcer);
  • hypertension;
  • the diseases of kidneys which are characterized by inflammatory processes;
  • thin tooth enamel;
  • individual allergic reaction.

Depending on pregnancy term, it is worth talking about properties of this citrus fruit separately.

On early terms

At the beginning of pregnancy there is a hormonal reorganization of an organism of the woman which can be followed by lack of appetite, nausea, feeling sick and emotional instability.

It is important! If in the early stage of pregnancy overcomes toxicosis, it is necessary to take a piece of a lemon after awakening and to take it in a mouth for 1 minute.

On a question whether this yellow fruit during this period is useful, it is possible to answer positively. This citrus fruit helps an organism to struggle with the arisen difficulties, awakens appetite and removes nausea.

In the second trimester

When there comes the second trimester of pregnancy, toxicosis comes to naught, however there is such problem as hypostases. It is aggravated with long finding of future mother standing, bad food and diseases of kidneys.

In this case unsweetened tea with pieces of a lemon which use will reduce hypostases at the pregnant woman will be just irreplaceable.

On late terms

When incubation of a fruit approaches end, the use of this citrus will help to solve again appeared difficulties. This fruit, thanks to a large amount of cellulose in the structure, will save from locks in the late stage of pregnancy.

Whether you know? Bitterness of lemons is caused by the fact that they are removed from branches unripe for easier transportation. In completely mature fruits there is practically no bitterness.

In addition, it also perfectly brings excess liquid out of an organism. In the 3rd trimester, in the absence of contraindications, it is good to use on a slice of this fruit in day. If the lemon seems too sour, it is possible to pack it with honey or sugar. It is necessary to remember that on late terms of incubation of the child it is forbidden to use a large number of this citrus, it can provoke a uterus tone that is fraught with premature birth.

Than are useful

It is possible to use this citrus with tea, to add them to water or to pack with imbiryom and honey. We will talk about advantage of each direction of use of this sour fruit in more detail.

Tea with a lemon

One of admissible options of hit of a lemon in an organism is its addition in tea. But at the same time it is necessary to exclude from a diet green tea which washes away from the woman's organism the folic acid necessary during incubation of the child.

Read in more detail about whether it is possible for pregnant women tea with a lemon.

Doctors recommend to have during this period black tea with a lemon, such drink will bring to a female body only benefit. At cold tea with honey and a lemon will help to recover quicker, it is also necessary to drink it for prevention of catarrhal diseases during the autumn and winter period.

Lemon water

It will be useful for future mother to drink water with a lemon, such drink well helps work of kidneys and perfectly satisfies thirst, it will also reduce articulate and muscular pains and will deliver magnesium and calcium in an organism.

Ginger with a lemon and honey

In the early stages of pregnancy can save the tea drunk since morning from toxicosis with imbiryom and a lemon which can be made more sweet by means of honey. The maximum benefit to an organism of future mother will be brought by the drink made not longer than 5 minutes. It is possible to use it in the quantity which is not exceeding one liter a day.

For certain will interestingly read you about whether pregnant women can have tea with raspberry, a bergamot, a thyme, ginger, milk and also ivan-tea, hibiscus tea, camomile, mint and lime tea.

Whether the lemon helps

At the description of positive influence of this citrus on an organism of the pregnant woman it is impossible to ignore some possible problems in her state.

From heartburn

Heartburn often develops at future mothers, bringing them unpleasant feelings. Our yellow fruit will be able to help with it.

It is possible to use it at heartburn in the following ways:

  • to add juice of this citrus to 1 l of boiled water and to drink this liquid during the day;
  • to eat this fruit before a breakfast, but it is no more than a quarter of a fruit.

From nausea

Toxicosis at pregnancy is overcome not easy and is followed by nausea attacks, especially in the morning.

We recommend to esteem about what vitamins are necessary for pregnant women.

Thanks to the acid, the lemon blocks nausea attacks. In this case it will be useful to have warm tea with this sour citrus on an empty stomach before a breakfast. It normalizes glucose in blood and promotes improvement of health.

From hypostases

Hypostases — the unpleasant phenomenon which about 80% of future mothers face. They can appear at abuse salty, big load of legs and also in the late stages of pregnancy from behind a gestosis. From hypostases water with addition of a lemon which has diuretic effect and adjusts liquid circulation well helps.

Important! At women in interesting situation tooth enamel becomes vulnerable therefore after the use of any citrus it is necessary to brush teeth or to rinse a mouth.

At cold

The pregnant woman is often subject to colds because of weakening of an organism which works for two. The use of medicines in this case is undesirable therefore future mother will be come to the rescue by a lemon.

It is used as prophylactic, adding to tea or diluting its juice with warm boiled water. If the disease nevertheless overtook the pregnant woman, then citrus definitely not to do without this, it helps to overcome an infection and to remove inflammation of respiratory organs.

Consumption of black tea with this useful fruit strengthens immunity of an organism, stimulates release of sweat, forces down heat and removes inflammation of a throat and trachea, helping the woman to cope quicker with the illness and not to do harm to health of future kid.

As it is possible to use essential oil of a lemon during pregnancy

If future mother is a fan of an aromatherapy, then it is worth paying attention to essential oil of this citrus. It has favorable effect, but only on condition of absence of an allergy to its components.

Some of the following ways can apply such oil:

  1. To rub in a solar plexus, neutralizing heartburn.
  2. To apply during massage not to allow extensions on skin.
  3. To use in aromalamps as antidepressant and nausea medicine.

However future mother has to be careful, using essential oil on open parts of the body on sunny days as it can lead to serious burns of skin.

Whether you know? For receiving 1 kg of lemon essential oil it is necessary to use a peel of 3 thousand fruits.

At pregnancy the lemon will render to an organism of future mother the mass of advantage. However at its use it is necessary to respect the admissible rules and to consider possible negative consequences.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team