List of bean cultures

List of bean cultures

All pod-bearing cultural plants applied to consumption by the person belong to family bichromatic. They have much in common in appearance. Conditions of their cultivation are similar too. Grain pod-bearing (papilionaceous) plants cultivate for receiving seeds with the high content of protein. Beans since ancient times were considered as valuable food of the person.

What nutritive matters contain beans

Dishes from bean cultures very nourishing thanks to high content in them vegetable protein. In their religious posts and now use as substitute of animal meat. Thanks to ease of cultivation bean cultures throughout many centuries saved the simple people from hunger. Today they remain irreplaceable food in a dietary diet of the person.

What useful substances contain bean cultures:

  • proteins with amino acids, irreplaceable for creation of human cages;
  • vitamins and minerals, important for the person;
  • pectin (the sticking together substance).

And also beans incorporate a large amount of cellulose.

Beans in dietary food

Today many nutritionists recommend to use beans as a source of healthy food.

1.     For example, regular consumption of dishes from bean strengthens nervous system. They contain essential amino acids which are necessary for creation of nervous cages.

2.     Many bean are recommended in food in moderate quantity to diabetics.

3.     Are useful to use dishes from beans and to allergic persons, pectin and cellulose clean intestines, improve its microflora.

4.     At systematic consumption bean the level of sugar and cholesterol in blood remains normal. The vegetable glue (pectin) removes bad cholesterol from a human body.

5.     Sprouts of beans rejuvenate a human body, thanks to the manganese containing in them.

Attention! It is important to know! Bean are heavy food! Therefore it is impossible to abuse them. They should be able to be prepared correctly. Beans are recommended to be soaked before the use, to boil thoroughly well.

The widespread bean cultures eaten in the CIS countries


It is the most popular product from bean. It contains vegetable protein, carbohydrates Peas are vitamin-rich B1, B6, C. It almost doesn't contain fats, but cellulose content in it is very high. Peas usual in our opinion have very rich structure of minerals and mineral salts.

Green fresh peas are especially useful. Caloric content of young, green peas is only 30 kcal. It is more saturated vitamins and minerals.

Peas are rich with antioxidants which don't allow development of oncology in an organism. Antioxidants stimulate processes of updating of old cages on new. Young green peas possess diuretic action. It brings excess water out of an organism.

But also dried peas have as a part of much useful and nutrient elements. Caloric content of peas of a such type on 100 grams is about 300 kcal.

The dry soaked peas are recommended to be used to a kidney-vetch, especially in the form of puree. It reduces acidity of gastric juice.

How to cook dry peas

Before preparation of dishes from peas, he is killed for one or two hours. Then water in which beans were presoaked is merged. Cook peas about an hour.

Ordinary haricot

Beans of haricot are also saturated with pectin, vitamins, starch. Many useful elements contain haricot, are especially important: iodine, iron, potassium, sulfur and calcium.

Haricot ordinary can be various coloring: black, burgundy, white. It is on sale and stored, in house conditions, in a dry form. Substance, arginine which is available in beans participates in azotoobmenny processes of our organism. It allows to normalize sugar in an organism at diabetics.

Haricot contains up to 300 kcal on 100 grams of a product. But proteins of this product are easily acquired. Here therefore haricot beans are often used by vegetarians.

Dry haricot contains the substances which are badly digested by a human body. Therefore it should be able to be prepared correctly.

As it is correct to cook haricot. Before the use it is soaked by about four hours. Then water in which beans became wet is merged. Thus remove hazardous substances from them and the term of their cooking decreases. Then haricot is cooked to softness.

Natural soy

The structure of beans of soy is also protein-rich, cellulose.

It is very useful to an organism of mature women. But it is difficult to get natural soybeans. Soy is rich with phytoestrogen which replaces natural hormones in the woman's organism. And also it contains a lot of calcium and interferes with development of osteoporosis. If to accept beans of soy constantly, then they remove unpleasant manifestations of a climax.

Soy − is a high-calorie product. Calorie content is 100 grams of substance − 400 kcal.

Soy can be found in composition of various dietary supplements for women, namely: Estrovel, Bonisang.


Lentil incorporates cellulose, starch, protein. It contains vitamins of group B, A, E. Bogata it and minerals: selenium, potassium, pine forest, copper. And also Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids are its part.

Caloric content of dry lentil − 119 kcal on 100 grams.

Lentil, as well as haricot, has a different coloring.

1.     Red lentil well treats anemia. It contains a lot of iron and potassium.

2.     Green − improves a condition of digestion at stomach ulcer, cholecystitis.

3.     Black − the most expensive. On value it is compared to a black caviar. It has high antioxidant activity therefore slows down aging processes.

How it is correct to cook lentil? Lentil, unlike other bean, it isn't necessary to presoak dishes from it before preparation. It boils soft quickly. Beans wash out in several waters. Lentil about 20 minutes cooks.

The recipe of the lentil stewed with vegetables

This dish very tasty, despite simplicity of its preparation

1.     Pour water twice bigger into a pan. Than beans. Bring it to the boil.

2.     Pour lentil into well boiling water.

3.     In five minutes until ready salt a dish to taste.

4.     Fry onions and carrot and add to stewed lentil.

5.     Potomite dish some more minutes.  

Contraindications to bean

In spite of the fact that bean are considered as a dietary product, don't recommend to use them to people with violations of salt exchange in an organism, namely the patient with:

  • gout;
  • rheumatism;
  • arthritis.
  • urolithic disease.

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