Madonna's secret"

Madonna's secret"

50 years – a fine form not a hindrance", - Madonna in an interview told, answering a delicate question of her figure and age. Really, the singer looks as well as twenty years ago. But according to her it is result of hard and long work over itself. Some time it even turned the bedroom and office into the mini-gym.

Every morning for Madonna begins with yoga. Two school hours yoga of Ashtanga are only warm-up. After it the pop star goes to run, and then goes to studio where takes lessons of karate, swimming, weightlifting, a saykl and even riding.

Then Madonna works at the office. And here she continues trainings – it is possible to find exercise machines for each group of muscles in its office. Till eight o'clock in day leaves on dances. Besides rehearsals to concerts dances are for it a peculiar training.

Besides three times a week Madonna goes to the Thai massage. "I can give odds to any young beauty. Also you know why? I lead active lifestyle, I play sports much, I look after skin, well and then - I have good Italian genes", - the star says.

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But also it is not all. The Madonna is a fan of lifestyle on the Cabbala, namely a macrobiotic diet which is a component of this doctrine. The diet is based on a combination of low-calorie vegetarian products. Meat, eggs, dairy products, spices, tomatoes, potatoes, chocolate, coffee are forbidden. Fish it is possible to eat only occasionally. It is possible to use cereals and vegetables: lentil, broccoli, oats, barley.

It is possible to eat:

  1. Fish or chicken - once a day.
  2. Nuts.
  3. All products from whole grain.
  4. Pumpkin, sesame, podsolnukhovy sunflower seeds. But only as seasoning!
  5. It is as much as possible any vegetables and root crops.
  6. Apples and pears.

It is impossible to eat:

  1. Meat.
  2. Grapes, mango, bananas.
  3. Sugar.
  4. Coffee.
  5. Carbonated drinks, even dietary.

Usually in the morning Madonna has breakfast porridge on water without salt, sugar and oil, for lunch eats vegetable soup, and for dinner – salad and fish, and in breaks between food - vegetables or a little boiled brown rice. She is advised by the nutritionist who sometimes changes its diet and allows to eat chocolate and candies which Madonna very much loves. The singer also takes the nutritionist together with the trainer with the cook even on a tour and never remove leaves. The star very seriously belongs to the food, considering that "the correct food" gives it a lot of energy and helps to look younger than the peers. She never eats at restaurants and guests. Also Madonna practically does not take alcoholic drinks. Here and all secret.

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