Meadow honey: from what get when collect, than it is useful how to distinguish a fake

Meadow honey: from what get when collect, than it is useful how to distinguish a fake

Every summer the nature gives us such fine product — honey. Many centuries it is practically in each house. Honey has a set of grades, they are distinguished from each other on color, taste, consistence, a smell. Today it will be a question of meadow honey.

As looks also what differs from other grades of honey in

Lugovoi of tags it is heavy to confuse with any other grade. It very much differs in structure, taste, aroma.

The origin of meadow honey very accurately explains its name. Bees bring it in the of a beehive from the meadows rich raznotraviy. Insects collect this product from various meadow flowers. It is possible to distinguish from them a dandelion, chicory, a camomile, a cornflower, a thyme, a sage and others. All list of such plants is immense. And in honey from meadows in floodplains in a honey bouquet there are notes of raspberry, a willow, a buckthorn.

Color at honey from a meadow golden light. Of course, it can sometimes be with a brownish shade, but in most cases nevertheless is closer to light yellow.

The most rare species of honey is white.

It to describe taste quite difficult as each beekeeper will have it different. It depends on on what fields bees flew. One can be told with confidence — it many-sided and often very sweet, even luscious. In it, as a rule, there are no bitterness and sharpness. The flavoring palette of meadow honey is too extensive. In it any notes can be felt — from flower to fruit.

Aroma of this product very bright, fragrant and saturated. At it there can be various flower notes.

The period of collecting a tag, as a rule, begins with a meadow in the middle of the first summer month, and comes to an end at the end of August. At this time meadows are mown, preparing a grass for the winter.

Time of crystallization of meadow honey comes to the end closer by winter and by definition is average. When it becomes candied, becomes fine-grained and darkens a little. On consistence it is very firm. It is sometimes very difficult to get it from ware an iron spoon.

Whether you know? Experts say that the honey from raznotravya is more dark, the it is more curative.

What the structure of honey from raznotravya is rich with

On structure meadow honey from the foothills can differ from meadow honey from the plain. There are average indicators of contents in it various components. If to consider a product in terms of specific weight, then nearly eighty percent of its structure are the share of carbohydrates (monosaccharides, disaccharides, polysaccharides). About another twenty percent are made by water, and the rest — vitamins, macro - and minerals. The last as a part of honey great variety: these are flavonoids, tannins, organic acids, alkaloids, phytoncides, glycosides, essential oils, phytoestrogen, tannins, are well-cared, too not to consider vitamins.

In honey from raznotravya practically all their main groups are presented in any given quantity. Generally, as a part of this product there are more than one hundred useful substances and vitamins.

Than meadow honey is useful

Any honey is useful, and meadow especially. All because it gathers on different, including medicinal, plants. It contains more than various useful additives, than other grades. The main useful property of a product — strengthening of the immune system of an organism.

Learn, than it is useful and from what white, buckwheat, chestnut, podsolnechnikovy, dyagilevy honey helps.

He protects and struggles with infections, and especially it is important during the autumn and winter period. Tags helps from a tonsillitis, cough, normalizes digestion, stabilizes arterial blood pressure, promotes the best metabolism, raises the general tone of an organism. The constant use of this product helps to cope with moral and physical activities, improves a dream and appetite.

How to distinguish the real honey from a fake

Honey, especially from meadows, very popular and expensive product therefore its fakes can be met pretty often. To secure itself against it, it is necessary to buy it from the checked beekeepers, whenever possible. If there are no those, then upon purchase it is necessary to pay attention to the following:

  1. Lugovoi of tags has to be light yellow color or uniform.
  2. It has to smell pleasantly in flowers. Artificial honey either does not smell in general or smells very sharply.
  3. If to take a product on a spoon, it has to flow down from it slowly and form the hill. The fake flows down quickly and at once turns into a spot.
  4. It is possible to drip honey on paper and to set fire to it. Real will not change color and will not melt.

How to store in house conditions

Tags from raznotravya it is very simple to store houses. Its main part can be in the ware which is densely closed glass or enameled. It is not necessary to store a product in the fridge, it will keep all useful properties and at the room temperature.

For daily use it is possible to pour about a glass of honey in any capacity, it is desirable with a cover (in this case it can leaky be closed). It is necessary to cover as honey is delicacy for various insects. Honey should be taken from any capacity only a clean spoon. If in it there are remains of other food, it can be spoiled.

From what age it is possible for children

It is possible for children and it is necessary to give honey, however it is necessary to do it with care as it contains many different substances. It is necessary to look at how the organism will react to a new product. Pediatricians do not recommend to give tags to children about one year. First, allergic reactions are possible, and secondly it can cause botulism in such children. It isolated cases are registered, but it is considered that disputes are brought by bees. The majority advise to begin to give a product to children after a year. We remember that it is necessary to begin with small doses. If everything is good, then after they increase. But it is not necessary to exceed reasonable norms, nevertheless. A large number of this product can unambiguously cause allergic reaction.


Many centuries honey is used in various spheres of human life. Certainly, with it cook drinks and add to various dishes. It is used as conditioning agent behind a body and for prevention and treatment of illnesses.

In cosmetology

Honey from raznotravya is more popular for house cosmetology, than other grades, and all thanks to its texture and abundance of useful substances. When it becomes candied, in weight there are grains therefore it is used most often as a srub for a peeling. It is especially good to do it when skin is warmed, for example, in a sauna. He will remove the horny layer of skin cells, will humidify and will enrich it with useful substances. After such procedure, skin becomes velvet to the touch. Besides, the product interferes with inflammations and if they are, then heals them.

The healing effect honey with propolis also has.

Very popularly honey wrapping. The product is applied on any parts of a body and takes cover a film approximately for 35 minutes. After that take a warm shower. This procedure tones up all body, vitaminizes skin, does it soft, heals wounds and even promotes weight loss. Of course, honey masks are irreplaceable means for face skin, hands and all body. It is possible to use tags in pure form, and it is possible to add other ingredients. The mask is applied on any site for a while to half an hour, and then washed away. It will improve structure of skin, will make it silky, will save from small wrinkles and will saturate with vitamins.

Honey can be added to a bathtub, the procedure is especially good in the evening. It will calm and will relax tired skin and muscles, will reduce stress. During such procedure also nervous system calms down that promotes a deep and healthy sleep.

It is very useful to rub honey in head skin and to prepare with its help various masks for hair. They improve blood circulation in skin, saturate it with vitamins and promote the best growth of hair. Honey masks prevent fragility of a hair, strengthening it on all length.

Important! Seldom, but honey nevertheless can cause allergic reaction on skin. Before its application it is necessary to apply it a little on hand inside for fifteen minutes. If all is good, then it is possible to apply safely.

In traditional medicine

Doctors populists use honey from time immemorial. It is added to various medicines and used in pure form. It is irreplaceable at the majority of diseases and is the first all-strengthening means, perfectly calms nervous system, reduces stress. The product helps at problems with digestive tract, is irreplaceable at catarrhal diseases, treats a cardiovascular system, improves quality of blood, well influences an urinogenital system, heals wounds. It is difficult to list and estimate its useful properties.

In traditional medicine also other products of beekeeping found the application: perga, pollen, zabrus, uterine milk, bee subpestilence, propolis.

Ointment for the hardly healing wounds

Many know about useful properties of honey for healing of wounds. It is caused by the fact that this product can attract moisture from air. If the wound long does not heal, then instead of medicines it is possible to smear bandage with honey and to put to a wound. Such compress will not stick to it and will promote fast healing.

Honey not only attracts moisture and additional oxygen, but also possesses bactericidal action. It promotes fast emergence of capillaries, an epithelium of skin and formation of collagen. Besides, he removes a tumor near a wound. It is noticed that if it is not necessary to use honey for healing of wounds, as a rule, scars and hems. At cold and flu

At viral infections and cold meadow tags it is simply irreplaceable. The huge mass of useful substances effectively fights against all symptoms of cold. Honey in pure form treats a throat and cough, it calms, softens a throat, kills pain. It also interferes with fits of coughing. The product works as resolvent, it is especially good to accept it in equal quantities with lemon juice: it will remove disease symptoms at an early stage and will not allow it to develop further. Hot drinks with meadow honey certainly will help to cope with an infection and will reduce disease symptoms. Also this drink has the all-strengthening properties and increases immunity and resilience of an organism.

Important! Honey cannot be added to too hot tea, he will lose the medicinal properties.

At nervous breakdowns

Honey from raznotravya favorably influences nervous and cardiovascular systems. If to use on some spoons of a product every day, it will prevent a stress and disorders of nervous system. It is very useful to have tea with honey or just warm honey water for the night. There will be enough spoon of honey on a glass of liquid: it will remove nervous tension and will provide a deep and quiet sleep.

For normal work of nervous system it is necessary to use the products containing vitamins A, B, C, D, E.

At disorders of a GIT

Honey tea can replace with success other drugs at disorders of a stomach and intestines. Honey contains tannin which has the excellent fixing effect therefore such drink is simply irreplaceable at diarrhea. Will be to add one-two teaspoons to a cup with liquid enough.

Contraindications and harm

Applying meadow honey, it is necessary to remember that in day it at most hundred grams are possible. If to use it it is more, then it can do much harm: allergic reactions and disorders of a GIT are possible. Honey is contraindicated to people who are sick with type 1 diabetes. In other cases of a similar disease its reception needs to be coordinated with the doctor.

Many people have an allergy to honey, especially on meadow, because of the increased contents in it various substances therefore anyway it is necessary to begin the use with small doses and to watch reaction of an organism. Honey can sometimes cause suffocation in patients with bronchial asthma — such people should take it with caution.

Whether you know? To collect kilogram of honey, bees need to fly about more than one million flowers.

Other types of honey

The taste and structure of meadow honey depends on in what area and in what time of the year it is picked. There is a mass of its versions, will stop only on some, the most popular.


It is very difficult to find the real May honey. Bees begin to pick it by the first and, as a rule, it is used by them for food after long winter. It can be found only in the southern areas where there is more opportunity to bring together him. It most often transparent, on color from gentle-yellow to greenish. On taste also very sweet does not taste bitter. Its feature is that at first it practically does not smell. The saturated flower smell appears only in two-three months.


Mountain meadow honey is considered to the eco-friendliest products, bees pick it on mountain meadows far from a civilization, the enterprises, roads. Fresh-gathered it transparent also crystallizes long time. On color it can be from gentle-yellow to slightly brownish and has saturated sweet taste. Sometimes it can taste bitter a little. The aroma is very gentle, from flower to fruit, sometimes with a terpkovaty shade.

Learn more about advantage of flower honey for an organism.


As a part of forest honey there can be a nectar from a linden, blackberry, an alder and other trees and bushes. On color it can be light yellow, sometimes with a shade brown. It crystallizes also as meadow. Aroma at this product very saturated, with fruit or flower notes. Of advantage of honey the mankind knows many centuries. In each family there is this useful product, and meadow honey is considered the most useful, thanks to availability of biologically active agents and vitamins. Certainly, it is necessary to use this gift of the nature, it is necessary to observe a measure only.

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