Meat in a food allowance of the child

Meat in a food allowance of the child

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a diet of baby food always there have to be meat products as they contain a large amount of animal protein which is rich with irreplaceable amino acids and also vitamins and mineral substances. There are some principles of feeding of kids depending on age.

1 - 1.5 years. 3-4 inclusion in week on 45-50 grams. If the kid is already able to chew, then usually feed with mincemeat, soft cutlets, quenelles or broth.

1.5 - 2.5 years. 4-5 receptions on 50-60 grams. Mincemeat, cutlets and quenelles, in a boiled look or steamed.

2.5 - 5 years. 5-6 receptions on 60-70 grams. Mincemeat, cutlets and quenelles, in a boiled and fried look.

For feeding of the child it is the best of all to use veal, chicken and beef as they are the most easily usvoyaemy, unlike mutton and pork and also contain a little more proteins, than other meat products.

In recent times many pediatricians recommended to add to a diet of children the following products – sausages, sausages, ham and also a set meat and fish canned food. However, now it is not recommended to do it, in view of substandard production of these products and contents in it a set of preservatives, dyes and chemical additives which can simply poison a children's organism. The boiled fish who is previously cleaned from bones is best of all applicable.

Supporters of the western school of dietology use separate food, completely delimiting reception of meat products with garnishes, fruit and vegetables. Such method more acceptable because of the best absorption of nutrients in the child's organism.

It is useful to feed the kid with meat soups, making them 3-4 times a week. The volume of a portion of soup is about 200-300 grams a day. At preparation it should be taken into account that it is better to prepare without bones and not to allow long digestion of meat as at the same time the content of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients sharply decreases.

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