Meat in a pot

Meat in a pot

The most tasty meat — of course baked in a pot. Such meat will become ornament on a holiday table and a great family dinner.

It is required to you

  • Pork meat - 500 гр, potatoes – 3 pieces, onions – 2 pieces, carrots – 2 pieces, tomatoes – 2 pieces, greens, vegetable oil, salt, pepper.


1. Wash out meat under cold water and cut with pieces of average size. Fry pork in a frying pan on a small amount of vegetable oil to a ruddy crust.

2. Clean carrots and onions. Cut carrots with straws, onions — half rings.

3. Fry carrots and onions on vegetable oil.

4. Clean potatoes. Wash tomatoes and potatoes and cut into cubes.

5. Small chop greens of fennel and parsley.

6. Spread out onions with carrots in identical quantity to a bottom of each pot.

7. On onions put meat, further — potatoes, tomato and greens. Pepper and salt to taste.

8. Pour water into pots. Water has to cover all products, but not fill all pot up to the top.

9. You weary in an oven about an hour (until ready)

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team