Medicinal properties of bitter chocolate how to define real

Medicinal properties of bitter chocolate how to define real

There is an opinion that healthy food a priori cannot be tasty — this article will dispel such myth. We will consider useful and very tasty product which is loved by adults and children and which is deservedly called the king of delicacy — bitter chocolate.

History and origin

Bitter chocolate — perhaps, one of the most ancient delicacies which emergence is attributed to several centuries B.C. It is a founder and the forefather to all modern derivatives of bitter chocolate — dairy, white, black and to other types.

If a starting point of emergence of delicacy to consider the Maya era (at them historians found the first mentions of chocolate), then indicators of its evolution are estimated in 3 thousand years. The taste of delicacy from cocoa so was to liking the representative of tribes to the Maya and ancient Indians that they even worshipped God of chocolate.

Kernels of cocoa beans surpassed precious metals in cost, and decorated with them walls of temples of pagan deities — is thought, the aroma was excellent there. It is remarkable that Maya used cocoa beans as a basis for chocolate drink — that chocolate can be in a firm look, in those days did not think yet.

As chocolate consists of cocoa, we advise to esteem that cocoa contains a row micro and macrocells: K (potassium) — 1509 mg; P (phosphorus) — 655 mg; Mg (magnesium) — 425 mg; Ca (calcium) — 128 mg; S (is gray) — 80 mg; Cl (chlorine) — 28 mg; Fe (iron) — 22 mg; Na (sodium) — 13 mg; Zn (zinc) — 7.1 mg; Mn (manganese) — 4.6 mg; Cu (copper) — 4550 mkg; P (fluorine) — 245 mkg; Mo (molybdenum) — 56 mkg.

Still ancient natives of the countries modern thought up the USA to add to chocolate drink of spice — it there were both a sweet vanilla, and reed branches, and burning chili pepper, and various roots. It gave to drink still great popularity.

After Columbus made the well-known trip and delivered from the peddled old stuff to Europe tobacco, sweet potato, allspice and vanilla, it also took surprising cocoa beans, thereby having generated an era of popularity of this product in Italy and Spain. First Europeans could not understand how to use unusual spicy beans. And only decades later one person by the name of Hernan Cortés welded bitter chocolate solution which submitted to the judgement to the Spanish king. Having tried delicacy, the king was delighted with his taste and gave the green light to production and promoting of a product.

Whether you know? Before the beginning of the 19th century, chocolate represented only drink from cocoa seeds, and only in the twenties the 19th century he received the modern look — a tile.

In Spain from cocoa began to add vanilla, cane sugar, a muscat to a soft product, opening new sides of tastes. Later, when the Spanish princess became engaged to Louis XIII, she as given carried with herself and cocoa beans, so they were invaluable. Of course, during that era only the richest and eminent people could try chocolate drinks, they cost so much. With a marriage of the princess the chocolate wave overflowed France — here began to get the whole chocolate houses for persons interested to try refined delicacy. Later the popularity of a product from cocoa reached and to England — exactly there sweet drink was called for the first time by chocolatte.

Today the range of products which are made of seeds of cocoa or incorporate this component, occupies 90% of the confectionery market. Perhaps, does not exist on Earth of the person who at least once did not taste chocolate in any its manifestation — and we can thank for it Columbus who delivered cocoa to Europe and gave an impetus to its subsequent distribution.

In what difference of bitter chocolate from black

Dark chocolate can not always be bitter, but any bitter chocolate — dark. Bitterness of such delicacy from seeds of cocoa depends on percentage amount of cocoa in its structure — the real bitter product has to have not less than 75-80% of cocoa (cocoa butter enters here). To taste such delicacy has to approach authentic ancient Indian chocolate solution.

The bitter kind of a product from cocoa should not contain some milk, nuts, jam and other additives distorting original taste — therefore it cannot be dairy and furthermore white. On color it has to approach color of grain — dark brown, not black. A black type of a product not always bitter — if in it less than 75% of cocoa products, then it is called just dark chocolate.

Structure and caloric content

Bitter delicacy from cocoa has or can have such components:

  • cocoa seeds — not less than 80%;
  • cocoa butter;
  • sugar or icing sugar;
  • vanilla;
  • lecithin.

Caloric content of a tile of bitter chocolate (100 g) is from 520 kcal to 600 kcal — depending on percentage of cocoa beans. Proteins — 6 g, carbohydrates — 49 g, fats — 35 g.

The best chocolate in the world is Belgian — exactly there patented the quality standard on which botanical oils are not added to a product at all.

Advantage for an organism

The concentrated cocoa beans in the form of bitter chocolate bear big advantage for an organism — in it there are most important active agents for a human body. It not only tones up, but also increases activity of many bodies and the systems of activity.

Important! More than a quarter of a tile in day (25 g) is not recommended to use bitter chocolate.

For joints

Such delicacy as bitter chocolate, bears unconditional advantage for big and small joints (unlike other sweets). Thanks to the fact that salt is not its part it is not laid in bones and does not break their integrity and fortress. Magnesium as a part of bitter delicacy from cocoa positively influences a state and durability of nervous tissues which are responsible for work of a musculoskeletal system.

In addition, chocolate can affect the injured cartilages and joints as lubricant substance — bones will wear out and grow old less. Consumption of bitter delicacy from cocoa leads to strengthening of joints, smaller wearability and fragility of bones and interosseous cartilages.

Well influence on the robot of joints collagen, the sabelnik, a cranberry, a fern, a thistle, a goutweed ordinary, seeds of tangerines, a mushroom of a chag, leaves of cowberry, a turn, a nettle, devyasit, pink salt and bear fat.

For heart

Cocoa beans render the greatest advantage for a warm system — they contain the components (polyphenols), necessary for high-quality work of heart. Walls of warm capillaries become much more elastically, more softly, in them blood clots are less often formed.

Bitter delicacy from seeds of cocoa renders vasodilating and diuretic effect at the expense of what arterial blood pressure is normalized. Contrary to common opinion, caffeine as a part of chocolate does not increase pressure as its quantity in chocolate is very insignificant. Besides, antioxidants as a part of cocoa beans successfully bring toxic substances out of an organism that also reduces load of a cardiac muscle.

The motherwort, guelder-rose, strawberry, plantain, cowberry, hawthorn, oats, sunflower honey and also vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, B6, B5, B9, B12 favorably influence a cardiovascular system.

For women

Women since ancient times regaled on chocolate to take off fatigue, a stress and to lighten the mood. On a legend, still Cleopatra liked to take chocolate baths for rejuvenescence of a body and a raising of mood. The tile of such product from cocoa contains the mass of so-called hormones of joy — endorphins and serotonin which instantly influence nervous system and have the calming effect. It is especially relevant at a depression and PMS. In addition, bitter cocoa beans:

  • render anabolic effect (successfully kill migraine, menstrual pains, spasms);
  • normalize pressure;
  • reduce some inflammatory formations;
  • increase mood, tone up;
  • have the rejuvenating effect;
  • lose weight.

In order that the product from cocoa had really beneficial influence, it is necessary to use this sweet only best quality. Bitter chocolate really helps to lose weight — it is easily acquired by an organism, quickly dulls feeling of hunger. It is only important not to exceed a consumption limit in day: no more than 25-50 g.

Whether you know? There is a chocolate with the maintenance of cocoa beans of 99% — is remarkable that without preliminary preparation it cannot be eaten, so it is bitter. The unprepared person can consume such delicacy only tiny pieces, slowly rassasyvy it in a mouth.

Whether it is possible to use at diabetes

Modern researches prove that there is a bitter delicacy from quality cocoa at diabetes not only is not harmful to an organism, but also opposite, brings big benefit. The flavonoids which are some of components of cocoa beans reduce resistance of cages because of what glucose accumulates in an organism less.

Also cocoa increases activity of insulin which helps glucose not to be late with cages too, and to be transformed to energy. Pressure decreases, blood circulation improves, and sugar is quicker acquired and removed in an organism. By means of a chocolate product of a bitter type it is possible to improve a state at 1 type and in general to eliminate the preddiabetny period.

Regardless of what type of a disease of diabetes at you, first of all it is necessary to accept the antioxidants which are contained in vitamins of groups E (tocopherol), C, N (lipoic acid) and also in selenium.

How to define the real bitter chocolate

The quality product from cocoa always has to incorporate high percent of cocoa beans. On a tile there should not be a light raid at all — it speaks about an old age of a product, its not freshness. The real delicacy from cocoa always quickly melts in the mouth, has pronounced bitter smack (if there is sourness, chocolate of low quality means).

Such chocolate should not contain vegetable fats, palm oil and any preservatives. Any components which kill taste of the true bitterness of cocoa beans — for example, nuts, alcohol, meringue, milk, etc. are also undesirable. You remember: the more in a tile of any additional sweet components or fillers, the it is less in it percent of cocoa beans.

Cocoa butter — an obligatory component in quality chocolate products, costs expensive very therefore for the real chocolate it is necessary to give rather big sum. The high price — also criterion of quality of delicacy from cocoa, though not always reliable and true.

It is important! If at a chocolate bar there is a cognac, it kills natural taste and a smell of cocoa beans that can speak about masking of a product of poor quality.

Harm for an organism and a contraindication

Bitter delicacy from cocoa contains high concentration of certain substances which can negatively influence a human body in certain cases:

  • so, do not recommend to give the real bitter delicacy to small children and people with violations of material exchanges in an organism;
  • it is impossible to consume too much this product — there can be dizziness, an allergy, gastritis, strong narrowing of vessels, emergence of stones in kidneys and even obesity;
  • it is necessary to remember that the bitter product is useful only in small doses — because of its high caloric content the fat layer can increase that will not lead to weight loss, and will give boomerang effect;
  • it is worth limiting the use of this product having gout and other serious articulate diseases.

If a bitter product of poor quality, it can even have complex negative impact on an organism in view of the content of oils, fragrances, substitutes of natural components in the structure — therefore it is very important to consume only quality products.

Whether you know? Up to the 16th century the rich Europeans consumed exclusively bitter drink on the basis of cocoa instead of coffee, and only at the beginning of the 1600th years by Francesco Carletti, the resident of Florence, thought up to add sugar to drink that generated subsequently production of sweet chocolate.

Preparation of chocolate of the house

The quality product from cocoa can be prepared also in house conditions. For this purpose it will be required:

  • 1-2 tablespoons of icing sugar;
  • 60 g of cocoa butter;
  • 130 g of quality ground cocoa;
  • vanillin, cinnamon — to taste.


  1. Cocoa butter needs to be kindled on a water bath, to add some cocoa, it is good to mix warm mix that there were no lumps.
  2. Then to add icing sugar, vanillin and cinnamon. On consistence the received mix has to be not dense, but easy.
  3. To fill in mix in molds (it is possible to use tanks for ice), to place in the freezer before full hardening (about 5 hours).

Chocolate is a product of processing of cocoa beans. In spite of the fact that this product causes fast accustoming, scientists opened also its useful properties: it prevents cancer, helps to appease cough and reduces risk of a stroke.

Norm of the use in day

In order to avoid negative impact of a product from cocoa on an organism it is necessary to use it no more than 25-50 g a day. People who are inclined to an allergy and that who enters into risk group (diabetics 2 types having gout, atherosclerosis, etc.) need or to exclude such product from a diet at all, or to accept it in the minimum doses (in coordination with the doctor!).

How to store

The main enemy of cocoa beans is excessive heat and sunshine. Best of all quality chocolate remains in the deep freeze — it can remain fresh in such conditions several years. It is more preferable to keep chocolate in the dark cool place.

All is useful moderately — this rule belongs also to bitter chocolate. Respecting consumption rates and eating no more than a quarter of a tile in day, you improve mood, will lower a stress and considerably will increase working capacity.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team