Melon fasting day

Melon fasting day

Melon - fruit of summer. It is very juicy, sweet. So why not to arrange fasting day on a melon, it is so tasty, useful and low-calorie.

The melon contains a large number of mineral salts, organic acids, vitamins and minerals. Also in it gland suffices, it is more vitamin C, than in watermelons, even by 3 times. The melon contains an inositol – substance which interferes with a hair loss, makes favorable impact on work of a liver and a stomach.

Fasting days on a melon perfectly will suit people with cardiovascular diseases, diseases of kidneys and a liver.

The essence of fasting day on a melon consists in the following: during the day it is necessary to use 1 kg of pulp of a melon on 10 kg of body weight. That is, if your weight is equal to 60 kg, your norm will be 6 kg which need to be divided into 5-6 receptions. If hunger which is heavy for transferring is constantly felt, it is possible to add reception of a melon with 1-2 pieces of black bread.

Melons are eaten in different countries differently. Here, for example, the piece of a melon has to be present at England during a breakfast. Americans begin the day with a glass of water and a piece of a melon. The French use a melon as a dessert.

In the countries of the Middle East the melon moves to meat dishes in a fresh or marinated look. We got used to eat a melon fresh, and here Italians prefer it marinated. For this purpose it is lowered in vinegar, add sugar and pickled 10-12 hours. Try, maybe it will be pleasant to you. 

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team