Menu for appearance

Menu for appearance

As they say, we what we eat. Actually, indeed. Not only our health, but also beauty depends on food which we eat.


1. It appears, health of skin directly depends on water. Therefore the more we drink it, the elasticity and smoothness of skin increases stronger. I speak about a simple clear water, but not about various drinks. They opposite remove liquid, and it is even more, than contain. By the way, diets in which water and salts is limited strongly worsen health of skin. So with them be more careful and in general it is necessary to be extremely attentive to all diets.

2. Dry skin grows old quicker. It means that for maintenance of youth of skin it is necessary to eat fats. The most useful are vegetable and fish fats. The first contain in sunflower seeds, nuts and olives. Also you remember that free radicals to our organism absolutely to anything. Therefore include the products containing vitamin C in the diet.

3. The carbohydraee metabolism influences skin peeling. That to improve it, it is necessary to eat products which contain nicotinic acid in the structure. It well influences vessels and promotes the fastest healing of wounds and ulcers. Eat meat, fish and grain.

4. As a part of beef and mutton there is a special set of minerals which very well strengthens hair. Therefore eat meat that hair didn't thin. Good luck!

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team