Method of application of sports food of ZMA

Method of application of sports food of ZMA

For achievement of good results in bodybuilding there are often not enough own forces and minerals consumed with food. For this reason one of ways of increase in efficiency of a training is the use of sports food, in particular ZMA.

What is ZMA?

ZMA – what is it? It is popular sports nutritional supplement. Its main function is increase in level of testosterone. It occurs thanks to a complex of the vitamins and minerals which are contained in dietary supplement: copper, magnesium (450 mg), zinc (30 mg) and B6 vitamin (10 mg).

All minerals separately have a certain influence on the athlete's organism.

  1. Provides creation of protein and its transportation to muscles. Because of plentiful removal of magnesium from then it it is necessary to fill in addition.
  2. It is necessary for growth of fabrics including muscular. Participates in construction of the enzymes necessary for normal functioning of an organism. Zinc is especially important for men as it is required for the correct work of a prostate.
  3. The element influences metabolism speed and also enriches blood cells with oxygen.
  4. B6 vitamin. Thanks to it there are exchange processes of carbohydrates, fats and proteins, has soothing effect.

The combination of these four elements leads to emergence of synergetic effect.

Whether you know? Magnesium is irreplaceable at big physical activities. Accepting it, athletes noticed increase in endurance and power indicators.

Useful properties

ZMA is important sports additive as about 40% of athletes enough zinc does not receive; the most part of magnesium leaves an organism, without having executed own functions. Let's consider what the complex is necessary for:

  1. Promotes growth of muscle fibers. A combination of magnesium and zinc allow to create protein and to transport it in muscles.
  2. Reduces the level of development of cortisol and increases the speed of formation of anabolic hormones. Thus, the phase directed to release of energy (weight loss) decreases and the recovery time of muscles (set of weight) increases.
  3. Testosterone level increases. Testosterone influences growth of muscles and durability of bones.
  4. Increases immunity. Sufficient content of zinc promotes improvement of protective properties of an organism against the background of big loadings.
  5. Helps work of a thyroid gland, promoting increase in speed of metabolism.
  6. Reduces painful feelings in muscles after the training.
  7. Improves a dream. After physical activities at the athlete the activity therefore it becomes more difficult to fall asleep increases. At the same time the dream is very important for recovery of muscles.

It should be noted that men, and women can use this dietary supplement both. Its properties are identical, irrespective of a sex of the athlete.

Whether you know? ZMA increases a phase of a deep sleep during which there is an accumulation of muscle bulk.


It is not recommended to apply ZMA:

  • to women during pregnancy;
  • to the women nursing;
  • both to women, and men at intolerance of separate components from composition of nutritional supplement.

Except above-mentioned, contraindications are not revealed.

Side effects

At observance of the instruction for application of ZMA does not cause the expressed side effects. But as a result of excess of an admissible dose or intake of additive throughout the long period, it is possible to observe:

  1. Disorder of intestines. Consumption of large volume of zinc promotes appearance of vomiting and a liquid chair. The side effect within half an hour after medicine acceptance is observed.
  2. Violation of potency. Long reception of a large amount of zinc influences work of a prostate.
  3. The surplus of zinc involves the need for increase in a dose of other minerals.
  4. Mental disorder. As a result of accumulation of B6 vitamin the depression, apathy and neurosis can be observed.
  5. Diarrhea because of the high content of copper.


Sports additive is produced in the form of capsules.

Learn what there are types of sports food and how to choose qualitative sports food.

Let's consider the main versions ZMA in the market of sports food:

  1. Optimum nutrition. Three microcell are the cornerstone of this additive, copper is absent. Medicine promotes increase in endurance, restoration of muscle tissue and improvement of a dream. About 90 and 180 capsules in packing are issued.

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  1. Maxler. The ginkgo of a bilob, melatonin and the ZMA complex is its cornerstone. Directed to active production of testosterone, development of muscle bulk, normalization of a dream. It is recommended to reception to persons, 18 years are more senior.
  2. Weider. In its structure, except the main components of dietary supplement, there are a L-tyrosine and sodium. Directed to accumulation of muscle bulk and fast its restoration after the trainings.

Important! Between courses of intake of medicine it is necessary to take a break within 1.5-2 months.

  1. Mutant. ZMA of this producer is made on a classical way which cornerstone zinc, magnesium, copper and B6 vitamin is. It is used for increase in production of anabolic hormones.
  2. Fuel twinlab. Except the main ZMA complex, as a part of additive there is a protein. It is used by men and women for improvement of sports indicators. Men age of 45 years are recommended to take this drug for increase in level of testosterone.
  3. Universal nutrition Pro ZMA. Made on a classical compounding. Intended for the use as sports dietary supplement. Pay attention to the instruction of this medicine – the dosage for women differs from a dosage for men.
  4. Now Foods. Additive as a part of which there is a zinc, magnesium and B6. Recovers muscles, improves a dream, reduces pain after the trainings.

Above-mentioned dietary supplements are leaders of ZMA for athletes of the whole world. Except them it is possible to meet also rather quite good analogs among which there is Ultimate Nutrition, additives of the Olimp and San brands.

Instruction for application

To understand how to accept dietary supplement, follows will study two recommended schemes:

  1. The scheme for women. During the day it is necessary to drink 2 ZMA capsules. Accept in half an hour after a meal and before going to bed.
  2. The scheme for men. An admissible dose of dietary supplement for men during the day – 3 capsules. Two of them are accepted to half an hour to food and one – before going to bed.

Important! Before the use of dietary supplement it is necessary to read the instruction attentively. The dosage and contraindications of various brands can differ.

If to adhere to the instruction for ZMA, to consider contraindications, then it is possible to achieve good results in sport and at accumulation of muscle bulk.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team