Mushroom tinder fungus: advantage and harm

Mushroom tinder fungus: advantage and harm

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The Trutovy mushroom, as a rule, develops on wood, in the soil meets extremely seldom, and depending on a look, can be attached to a trunk differently.

It is applied in the food and medical purposes and as it is considered a one of poorly studied, during collecting such harvest it is necessary to be sure for certain, poisonous it or not.

Types: description and photo

In the world there are more than one and a half thousand species of tinder funguses, will describe some of them:

  1. 4–20 cm have a diameter, have a body 2-6 cm thick, a convex or flat form. At early age has the white color which over time is replaced gray, yellow or brown. Disputes of a cylindrical form have also no color. The birch tinder fungus fructifies from July to December and grows on the died-off birches. It causes emergence of the brown decay which is promptly developing on wood therefore the trunk quickly collapses.
  2. Received such name because of the small gorbik located on a hat. Its pulp has gravelly, ligneous structure, it very firm when dries, and has neither taste, nor a smell. It is considered a parasitic fungus as strikes tree fabrics, eating them. Grows on foozles and windbreaks in warm season, in the summer and in the fall, then it dries up and becomes a forage for animals or remains before the following fructification. He can be met on such trees as a poplar, a hornbeam and others.
  3. Has a semicircular hat which is covered with rigid fibers of gray color up to 5 mm long. They grow at bunches and up. Besides deciduous trees, such mushrooms are capable to lodge also on wooden fences and buildings.
  4. Has the hat having a diameter of 10 cm. It is covered by short scales of brownish and yellow shades. The mushroom surface turns from rough into smooth with age, and the naked leg has the basis of black color. The tubular layer white or yellow, but when drying has a brown shade. Ellipsoidal disputes are colourless and have a smooth surface. Expanding on stubs and branches of a deciduous tree, it fructifies during the autumn period. This look is edible.
  5. Diameter of a fruit body reaches 20 cm. Consists of branched legs which have connection at the basis. Its hats of rounded shape have deepening in the center. They smooth and brownish shade. Pulp differs in a specific smell of fennel. As a rule, develops in widely - and the coniferous and deciduous woods, on stubs of a maple, an oak or at the basis of other trees, except coniferous. Its spindle-shaped disputes are colourless and have a smooth surface. Grib is capable to cause white decay, and it fructifies from July to August.
  6. Its roundish (sometimes oval) the hat has 3–8 cm a diameter. In the place of fastening of a leg it is pressed and usually divided into blades at the edges. The mushroom can be yellow or brown color, and a tubular layer — a white or cream shade. In spite of the fact that it is edible, people seldom eat it as its pulp has rigid structure that complicates chewing process. The short leg of a mushroom with a diameter of 0.5-1 cm blackens over time. Expanding on dead wood, fructifies in the spring-fall. Characteristic feature is the similarity with a scaly tinder fungus, however in that case it is necessary to pay attention to differences in hats.
  7. Has hats of light shades of a funneled form with an uneven edge. The leg is narrowed to the basis and reaches in height of 10 cm. Prefers to breed in the crude place and on a stub.
  8. Cinnabaric-red. Has the one-year fruit body having a diameter of 10 cm and having a hilly surface of red color. Such mushroom can be met on branches of the weakened deciduous trees.
  9. The varnished (reishi). The main difference of this look is the brilliant red-brown hat reaching a dimeter of 25 cm and 3 cm thick. The leg can be short and side. It is covered by the same crust, as a hat.
  10. Listvennichny (real). Has a fruit body up to 30 cm long of white or yellow color and can grow on a cedar, a fir or a larch. Its rough surface consists of furrows and has the rounded edges. Before it used as raw materials for production of a tinder. The tinder fungus has bitter taste and is not intended for consumption.
  11. Has a flat body of yellow-orange color and a semicircular form. At this mushroom the wrinkled surface, also grows it at tiers or ranks on birches, aspens, hornbeams, lindens and other deciduous trees. With age changes the color for brown.
  12. The firm hat of the small sizes has a gray surface with small furrows. Is one of the most harmful types. As it is clear from the name, expands on aspens, developing fibrous decay and promptly extending on a trunk and branches of a tree.
  13. Has a flat hat with a diameter up to 50 cm which crust opaque brown. Grows on birches and stubs.
  14. Multi-colored. Has a semicircular hat and takes place groups. The surface of a mushroom is divided into zones, each of which is painted in different colors among which both white, and blue, and gray and also brilliant and velvety shades.
  15. Has also other names, such as zayachnik and pestrets. Its hat — 0.5-10 cm thick, has a diameter up to 50 cm. It white color with scales. A leg of the same shade with the black basis. Grows both on died off, and on live trunks and branches broad-leaved and fruit-trees. Fructifies in June-September and it is capable to cause the ochroleucous decay spreading on all trunk. The mushroom is edible, however it is better to eat it when he is young as with age its structure becomes rigid.

It is important! Before collecting a tinder fungus in the forest, it is necessary to remember that the above from the earth it grows, the it is more in it than useful substances. Their congestion falls on the spring and autumn period.

Whether it is possible to eat a mushroom a tinder fungus

Both edible types, and inedible occur among tinder funguses. Skilled collectors will be able to determine by appearance of a mushroom, it is possible to eat it or not.

In effect, its pulp it does not constitute health hazard of the person, but in most cases too rigid, and its tastes do not cost time spent on chewing. Let's consider in more detail useful properties of a mushroom and also it is dangerous or not.

Useful properties

It is possible to refer to useful properties of a tinder fungus:

What are dangerous by

Though the mushroom is not poisonous, but abuse of it can lead to the following consequences:

Medicinal properties and application in traditional medicine

As this mushroom has a number of useful properties, it is widely used in traditional medicine. Such ingredient is often applied for the purpose of normalization of activity of the immune system, at a depression, a stress and in insomnia cases. Let's submit several practical recipes on preparation.

Whether you know? The tinder fungus is used in cookery of the USA and Germany. In these countries it is positioned as a delicacy, calling a chicken mushroom. To taste it is similar to crab meat.

  1. At diseases of lungs it is necessary to crush a mushroom in advance and to put the received powder on a water bath in a pan. In half an hour the received weight should be wrapped up in a towel for heat preservation. 4 hours later to filter, and it is possible to drink the received liquid on 1 tablespoon 4 times a day.
  2. The tinder fungus is used also for external application as the healing means. For preparation of such medicine you need to take 2 tsps of powder, to pour out in bank and, the gulf of 150 ml of vodka, to leave infusion for 2 weeks in the dark place. When term expires, liquid should be filtered. After that it is raspryskivat on wounded sites of skin.
  3. For treatment of a chronic lock it is necessary to pour 1 tablespoon of powder into 0.5 l of the boiling water, and in half an hour to remove from fire and, having wrapped up with a towel, to leave mix for 4 hours. Upon termination of this time liquid is drunk on 1 tablespoon by 4 times a day.

How to use a tinder fungus for weight loss

These mushrooms are used even as means for disposal of excess weight. It is for this purpose recommended to use the varnished tinder fungus. So, it is necessary to fill in 1 tsp of mushroom powder with 100 ml of boiled water and after cooling to drink.

It will be useful for the beginning mushroom pickers to learn what mushrooms grow in January, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November, December.

Such manipulation is made by 3 times a day for obtaining desirable effect of weight loss. Accepting broth within 2 months, it is possible to cure obesity.

How to prepare a mushroom a tinder fungus

Let's consider one of ways of preparation of this mushroom. As it will be cutlets, you need to make forcemeat.

Important! The more small there will be a forcemeat, the cutlets will be more tasty. But you should not use the blender as it will turn mushrooms into dust, and from such weight, as a rule, do not cutlets, but pashtetny balls.

For this purpose it is necessary to prepare such ingredients:

Now we will present a step-by-step recipe for cutlets:

  1. Let's prepare a scaly tinder fungus and we will clean it by means of a knife. At the same time special attention should be paid to a bottom side as on it tubular fibers are located. It is optional to clean the top part of a hat. But nevertheless it is recommended to remove the top thin skin that the mushroom was softer. Besides, the firm layer of a mushroom also should be removed. At the same time the quantity of scraps can exceed pulp considerably. It occurs in case you cut off a mushroom under the leg.
  2. After you separated necessary parts, fill in them with cold water and leave at several o'clock. It will give to a tinder fungus of softness and will allow to cut it easily.
  3. The soaked mushroom should be put in a pan, to fill in with clear water and to cook about 20 min.
  4. Then to merge water, to wash out and allow to cool down.

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  1. Overwind bread, onions, garlic and greens via the meat grinder.
  2. The tinder fungus should be passed via the meat grinder with use of an average lattice not less than 3 times, trying to obtain consistence of boiled buckwheat.
  3. Then we will connect all ingredients and we will mix them, having turned into homogeneous mass. At addition of salt you remember that mushrooms absorb it extremely quickly.
  4. Further it is necessary to create cutlets and to roll in them in flour or breadcrumbs.
  5. Then it is necessary to lay them on the warmed frying pan and to fry from two parties. At the same time temperature of frying is not of particular importance. During this process it is possible to cover them for 2 min.
  6. Upon termination of frying remove cutlets from fire.

Many people learned to use a tinder fungus for various purposes. It is considered that this mushroom is perfectly combined with many vegetables and meat dishes and also is effective means for weight loss.

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However the most important in the matter is the ability to distinguish an edible tinder fungus from a toadstool.

Whether you know? The maximum sizes which some mushrooms reached tinder funguses, are as follows: diameter — 1.6 m, weight — 6 kg.

Besides, the best location for mushrooms of this family is the young birch. There they have the considerable territory for reproduction and an opportunity to grow to the impressive sizes. It is not recommended to pick the mushrooms growing on dry trees and at the earth, especially if they at touch crumble. If to adhere to the lunar calendar, then it is better to carry out collecting at decrease of the moon.

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