, perhaps, one of the most widespread and used seasonings around the world. How to do without so special product in cookery? Though many also complain about unclear harm, nevertheless we will tell about its useful properties.

For people with reduced appetite the frequent use of this product in small doses is recommended during acceptance of food, improving at the same time flavoring perception and increase in secretion of gastric juice.

Those who regularly use mustard – seldom have an urolithic disease and are a little subject to developing of cholecystitis.

Still our ancestors used the special masks prepared from a basis of this product, mixing it with oil, or with water. The effect is available – blood supply improvement, disappearance of a greasy luster and clarification of a time.

It is also possible to use mustard in a sauna – by an obvertyvaniye in places of fat offices. Some housewives use mustard as detergent. Really, the product is capable to clean dirty ware in a small period.

Local application of mustard at various diseases of a backbone – sciatica, neuralgia and osteochondrosis leads to strengthening of the localized blood supply, thereby enhancing medical effect.

If to cover the made meat with mustard – that it will be much softer and will impact dishes special relish.

Contraindications to consumption of mustard:

  • Presence of an allergy to a product
  • Gastritises
  • Stomach ulcers of a stomach and 12-perstny gut
  • Colitis
  • Diseases of kidneys
  • Tuberculosis of lungs
  • Reflux-ezofagit

Recipe for mustard:

  • Mustard powder
  • Vegetable oil
  • Vinegar
  • Sugar
  • Salt
  • Water

For preparation of seasoning it is necessary to take 5 tablespoons of mustard powder which is parted with boiled water to a kasheobrazny state. We add a pinch of salt and a tablespoon of sugar, then a teaspoon of 3% of vinegar and a dessertspoon of vegetable oil. Again we stir contents and having closed a cover, we leave in the warm place. The product is ready to the use in several hours.

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