Natural sweeteners

Natural sweeteners

For all hundred percent even it is hardly possible to call natural sweeteners safe, but anyway the advantage of them is one many more, than from white sugar, and especially from its artificial substitutes.

The sweet substances emitted from a natural raw material are also natural substitutes of sugar. Their safety in comparison with artificial is indisputable, uncontrolledly you shouldn't use them too. Sweeteners don't increase sugar level in blood, and therefore are necessary for diabetics. But here abuse of substitutes can lead to obesity as some of them also kaloriyna, as well as sugar. 


Perhaps, it is the only natural substitute of sugar in which there are practically no calories. In the medical plan the stevia has no rivals. It is vitamin-rich, minerals and amino acids. Its use well affects work of digestive organs, a cardiovascular system, immune, and so teeth and gums. The sweet of a stevia by 250 times exceeds sweet of sugar. It is recommended to diabetics as not only regulates norm of sugar in blood, but also reduces cholesterol and radionuclides, promotes production of insulin a pancreas. This natural soothing, some even assume that the stevia removes an old age. In day it is possible to accept up to 40 grams of this product.


Xylitol won't be suitable for those who keep the figure as on caloric content overtakes sugar, but on sweeties is equivalent to it. However its advantages before sugar are indisputable if to speak about care of teeth and gums. Not without reason it is a part of chewing gum. Advertizing doesn't deceive when it reports that xylitol prevents caries. Xylitol accelerates a metabolism, and therefore confectionery supporting him, are recommended to diabetics. Its norm of consumption in day shouldn't exceed 50 grams.

Xylitol is received from wood of some trees, fruit, berries and waste of agriculture: sunflower pod, cabbage stumps of corn, cotton peel.


Likely the most popular of all sweeteners. It contains in honey, fruit, berries. The nutrition value of fructose is equal to sugar, but exceeds it almost twice on sweeties. IT is recommended to people at big physical activities because of the toning effect. Alcohol in blood is quicker split under its influence. 

Abuse of fructose is fraught with obesity, heart troubles and diabetes because of its caloric content. But fructose is absolutely safe at the use it to 45 grams a day.


It is possible for diabetics without fears to use sorbite (E420). Sorbite provokes release of bile and gastric juice, and therefore is useful to a stomach. It is used at treatment of diseases of a liver and gall bladder. Sorbite helps an organism to save group B vitamins - biotin, thiamine, a pyridoxine. 

On sweeties sorbite concedes to sugar twice, and therefore it is necessary to watch that the standard daily rate didn't exceed it 50 grams.


The sweetener received from natural sugar exceeds it on sweeties by 600 times! Tastes like sugar, and scientists only argue on its safety for the present though they use it 20 years. The sucralose not a kaloriyna also doesn't cause caries. 

Standard daily rate of a sucralose - 5 mg. It is proved that she is completely brought from an organism during the day. 

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team