"Nesquik cocoa": advantage or harm, recipes

"Nesquik cocoa": advantage or harm, recipes

Cocoa — one of favourite drinks not only children, but also adults. That with own hand made delicacy was tasty and the most useful, it is necessary to buy a quality product. It is possible to distinguish "Nesquik" from the Nestlé company from popular dry cocoa mixes. In this article the description of drink, its structure, features of preparation and the use is in detail told.

Caloric content and structure

Such ingredients are a part of Nesquik cocoa:

  • sugar;
  • cocoa powder;
  • emulsifier (soy lecithin);
  • maltodextrin (treacle);
  • vitamin B;
  • salt;
  • mineral substances;
  • fragrance natural (creamy vanilla);
  • cinnamon.

Whether you know? Nesquik cocoa was developed in the USA in 1948. Initially the product was called Nestlé Quik (quick "fast"), and in 1950 it began to be made in Europe under the name which remained till today.

Now we will consider how many is available calories in Nesquik cocoa. In 100 g of a dry product 379 kcal contain. Power value:

  • proteins — 4.5 g;
  • fats — 3.2 g;
  • carbohydrates — 81 g.

In one portion if to make drink on water (200 ml) — about 28 kcal, and "Nesquik" with milk of 2% fat content (200 ml) contains about 150 kcal.

Advantage or harm

Though this drink consists of natural cocoa powder, in its structure there are also other additional components therefore it is worth learning in more detail whether it will be useful to drink "Nesquik" or it is worth limiting its use.

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Whether it is useful

In Nesquik cocoa drink there is a vitamin and mineral Opti-start complex with B1 vitamin, iron and zinc. The lecithin which is contained in cocoa is natural antioxidant, it is used for production of medicines which are capable to treat liver diseases. Proceeding from it it is possible to call "Nesquik" useful drink which is quite capable to sate an organism necessary micro and macrocells.

What harm

About researches which would confirm that Nesquik cocoa damages health, are not present data. About a possibility of harming an organism this drink it is only possible to assume because of existence in its structure, except cocoa powder, auxiliary ingredients.

Important! "Nesquik" contains quite large number of sugar so this drink is a high-calorie product.

Additional components in structure, such as maltodextrin, soy lecithin and fragrance, often raise many questions. At once It is necessary to tell that these substances receive from natural products therefore they do not bear harm to an organism. Therefore problems with health after consumption of Nesquik cocoa should not arise.

However, it should be noted that this product is rich with sugar therefore not to use sweet without measure, it is recommended to drink no more than 2 cups of this drink a day.

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From what age it is possible for children

"Nesquik" incorporates cocoa powder which can become the cause of an allergy therefore children up to 3 years are not recommended to give it. And a significant amount of sugar in drink will not bring to small children benefit too - it is also one of the reasons to enter a new product into a diet of the kid as it is possible later. At first the child should allowing to try several teaspoons of drink, and only after lack of allergic reaction it is possible to begin to enter into the menu and bigger amount of "Nesquik" — from 50 g a day, gradually bringing a single portion to 1 glass a day.

Whether it is possible to drink Nesquik cocoa

To use this cocoa drink or to refuse it — all this depends on the state of health of the person and various periods of life. Therefore we learn whether women should drink "Nesquik" in the family way and to the feeding mothers and also those who keeps to a diet because of weight loss or gastrointestinal diseases.

Whether you know? The Aztecs living in the territory of modern Mexico 3500 years ago were engaged in cultivation of cocoa. Fruits were considered as very valuable and were used as money.

To pregnant women

Cocoa drink will bring benefit to the pregnant woman in case to use it in small amounts — no more than 1 cup a day, and in the absence of contraindications. The main contraindication to consumption of cocoa at pregnancy is the allergy.

Also pregnant women who have an increased arterial blood pressure cannot drink this drink — in this case processes of blood circulation between mother and the kid can be broken that badly affects development of a fruit. In the 1st trimester the pregnant woman often has a toxicosis, and cocoa in certain cases can become the provoker of attacks of nausea and vomiting because of a pungent sweet smell. But in most cases this drink, on the contrary, helps pregnant women to overcome a nausea attack — everything depends on the woman's organism.

It is useful to drink "Nesquik" with milk in the 2nd and 3rd trimester of pregnancy. At this time women often have hypostases, and drink is diuretic and helps to get rid of surplus of liquid in an organism.

Also during pregnancy blood at women becomes more viscous therefore the threat of obstruction of vessels strongly increases that involves the shortage of oxygen at a fruit, the risk of an abortion increases. Cocoa, in turn, allows to dilute blood and to cope with such problem.

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Thus, "Nesquik" at pregnancy is a good alternative of coffee to increase pressure and also allows women to cope with a set of the widespread problems arising at incubation of the kid. You should not forget about respect for norm of the consumption of cocoa — 1 cup a day and also to pay attention to health. And at any changes in an organism after consumption of drink it is better to refuse it.

To the feeding mother

Cocoa drink is an allergenic product therefore the first months after the birth of the kid to the feeding mothers do not recommend to use it. Also it is impossible to drink cocoa when breastfeeding if the child nervous, sleeps badly: cocoa is capable to render exciting effect on nervous system of the kid and can aggravate a situation — the child will become even more whimsical.

"Nesquik" thanks to the maintenance of a set of useful substances well influences an organism of mother and kid, he is capable to increase laktatsionny function also. Recommend to drive in the diet to the feeding mother this drink when the kid was 4 months old.

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After the first consumption of this cocoa it is necessary to monitor reaction of an organism of the child and if everything passed without consequences — it is possible to drink "Nesquik", but no more than 2 cups a week.

At weight loss

In spite of the fact that "Nesquik" contains a large amount of useful substances, in its structure there is a lot of sugar, so, at weight loss it is not recommended to take this drink. 1 cup of drink can be equated to 2 rather high-calorie candies therefore growing thin better to replace "Nesquik" with usual natural cocoa mass, without sugar in structure.

At gastritis, pancreatitis

At diseases of digestive system, such as gastritis and pancreatitis, cocoa can be drunk, but strictly at the same time to control the state of health and quantity of portions in day.

Important! An exception for consumption of "Nesquik" is the sharp form of a disease, and at this time it is better to refuse cocoa drink.

Additional components as a part of drink (besides cocoa and sugar) therefore it is necessary to be especially careful at consumption of "Nesquik" can provoke exacerbation of gastritis or pancreatitis. It is recommended to drink no more than 1 cup 2 times a week — thus the risk decreases to do much harm to own stomach.

How tasty to prepare: recipes

Let's consider how it is possible to cook "Nesquik" in different ways:

  1. The easiest way of preparation of drink from "Nesquik": on a glass of hot water — 2 tsps of a dry product. To stir, drink carefully warm.
  2. Milk as a basis for drink will become tasty option. For this purpose milk of any fat content, depending on preferences will approach. The glass of milk needs to be heated in the microwave or on a plate that it was rather hot, to add 2 tsps of the dry mix "Nesquik", to stir carefully. Drink its hot. And to make drink is even more tasty, recommend to add marshmallows, grated dark chocolate, a crumb of nuts, cinnamon or other spices to it to taste. From above it is possible to decorate cocoa with whipped cream.
  3. As during the summer period the majority prefers to drink the refreshing drinks, it is possible to make cold option of "Nesquik". For this purpose the glass of the cooled milk and too 2 tsps of a dry product is required. All components need to be mixed carefully and at desire to add couple of cubes of ice.

Video: how to make Nesquik cocoa drink So, it is possible to call "Nesquik" surely a quality product on the basis of cocoa which adults and children can use. And to profit at most from drink, it is recommended to approach reasonably the number of the drunk cups — especially it concerns children, pregnant women and the feeding women and also people with gastrointestinal diseases.

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