Oranges: useful properties and contraindications

Oranges: useful properties and contraindications

All of us like to regale on juicy sweet-sour fruits of orange. This tropical fruit is known not only the characteristic tastes, but also the known advantage for health and also ability to strengthen immunity thanks to the high content of vitamin C.

Actually, it is still not all useful properties which at an orange fruit a big set.

Caloric content and chemical composition

To understand, than fruits of an orange tree are so useful, it is necessary to understand what contains orange and what chemical composition at it. The orange fruit has rich vitamin structure:

  • the vitamin A (Retinolum) supporting functioning of the immune system of an organism, improving sight and a condition of hair, nails, skin;
  • B1 vitamin (thiamine) providing a metabolism in an organism and regulating functioning of the central nervous system;
  • the B2 vitamin (Riboflavinum) participating in all metabolic processes, improving a condition of skin and hair, providing growth of an organism and formation of blood cells (erythrocytes) and protective antibodies;
  • the B3 or PP vitamin (niatsin) calming nervous system, improving digestion and splitting of useful substances and also is useful to health of integuments and joints;
  • the B5 vitamin (pantothenic acid) promoting the best digestion of other vitamins and also stimulating production of hormones of adrenal glands, sex hormones and hormone of growth;
  • B6 vitamin (pyridoxine) reducing the cholesterol level in blood ensuring harmonious functioning of nervous system and promoting normal muscle work including warm;
  • vitamin C (ascorbic acid) which is antioxidant improves stressful stability, promotes effective digestion of iron and calcium, participates in processes of formation of blood cages, increases the organism resistance to allergic reactions and possesses anti-inflammatory action;
  • the vitamin E (tocopherol) which is regulating work of reproductive and endocrine systems, cleaning an organism from toxins and taking participation in exchange processes of skin, well influencing a condition of hair and integuments;
  • the vitamin H (biotin) which is stabilizing amount of sugar in blood and promoting producing hemoglobin, also positively influencing a condition of skin, hair and nails.

Whether you know? The orange harvest appears the biggest in the world from year to year among all other fruit and a citrus as it is the most popular fruit.

Except the whole vitamin complex, orange contains a number of useful mineral substances:

  • calcium;
  • potassium;
  • magnesium;
  • hardware;
  • zinc;
  • phosphorus;
  • sodium.

All these micro and macrocells promote the correct work of internals and the systems of an organism, clarification of blood from toxins, help to improve appetite, promote power generation, healing of wounds, start processes of rejuvenation and updating of skin.

Women who care for the figure and are on a strict diet, are interested how many calories contain in orange. This fruit dietary and its nutrition value makes only 36-43 kcal on 100 g of a product that does not reduce its advantage because of high content of vitamins and other useful substances in its structure at all.

Than oranges are useful to an organism

Unconditional advantage of orange fruits is that they are rich with ascorbic acid (vitamin C). One fruit of an orange tree contains the daily dose of vitamin C necessary for the adult.

Important! Ascorbic acid is not capable to collect in body tissues therefore for the correct work of internal systems and bodies, the use of vitamin C together with food has to be regular.

Orange is the real a well of useful properties:

  • has anti-inflammatory influence;
  • effectively struggles with upper respiratory tract infections and has antimicrobic qualities;
  • interferes with a clotting;
  • reduces cholesterol level;
  • regulates work of nervous system;
  • has immunomodulatory influence;
  • strengthens protective forces of an organism;
  • fills a vitamin deficiency at avitaminosis;
  • will mobilize energy potential of an organism, rendering the toning effect;
  • promotes high-quality metabolism and clarification of fabrics from toxins.

The use of orange fruits is recommended at psychological violations — constant susceptibility to stresses, at chronic fatigue and fatigue, at an autumn depression and apathy. Orange is capable to cope with all these psychological difficulties and to lighten the mood, having enriched at the same time an organism with many useful components, necessary for health.

You should not diminish also useful properties not only pulp, but also an orange dried peel as it contains huge amount of pectins and cellulose which normalize work of digestive tract and promote soft clarification of an organism. Besides, from orange-peels extract such valuable essential oils which are used not only in perfumery, but also in cosmetology, medicine and an aromatherapy.

For men

Orange fruits have special advantage for representatives of a strong half of mankind. And all because the rich vitamin structure of fruit does semen of the man healthy and capable to fertilization. Regular daily consumption of one orange promotes that spermatozoa were produced healthy, in a large number and with high rates of survivability and activity. Moreover, the use of fruits of an orange tree prevents genetic mutations in spermatozoa that considerably reduces risk of development in future child of the man of various congenital pathologies.

Whether you know? Brazil the world leader in production and distribution of fruits of an orange tree. Annually this country produces more than 18 tons of oranges to the world!

For women

Oranges well influence a female body, rejuvenating appearance, doing skin healthy and shining, and hair brilliant and live. Besides, it is useful for women who are on a diet to eat fruits of this citrus tree. Existence of this citrus in food will prevent organism exhaustion, but at the same time will not add excess centimeters in a waist as orange is low-calorie, but is vitamin-rich also useful elements. Availability of vitamins of group B in orange fruits promotes that the menstrual cycle of the woman is regulated — monthly go regularly, pain decreases, bleeding becomes less, symptoms of a premenstrual syndrome disturb much to a lesser extent or in general are absent.

At pregnancy the advantage of orange fruit is that natural vitamin C, unlike its synthetic substitute from polyvitaminic complexes, is acquired much better, practically for 100%. Ascorbic acid protects future mother from various infectious diseases, increases the organism resilience to colds and negative influences of the environment and also has immunomodulatory action.

At problems with a chair at pregnant women, fruits of orange can make soft laxative impact that does not raise a tone of a uterus and it is safe both for the kid, and for mother.

The essential orange oils which are contained in fruit have a strong and pleasant smell which invigorates, increases mood and even helps to cope with toxicosis both on early, and in the late stages of pregnancy.

For children

Introduction of orange to a diet of the kid has to happen gradually and only after the first year of life. As a solar fruit very allergenic by the nature, its use by the child has to be careful. If the baby in principle it is inclined to an allergy, and on his cheeks the diathesis flush constantly flaunts, then it is better to postpone acquaintance to an orange citrus until three-year age when his immunity and digestive system already a little get stronger.

Important! It is the best of all to begin acquaintance to orange in the form of juice and that half diluted with water. Give to the tot a tablespoon — and you look at reaction. If everything is good, increase amount of juice a bit later.

Orange in itself is very useful to the growing organism. It provides to the kid a set of nutritious components, and vitamin C promotes high-quality digestion of calcium and prevents its washing away from bones. And calcium is very necessary for the developing stones. Besides, if the baby cannot brag of excellent appetite, then orange fruits will help it with it as increase appetite.


Useful, tasty and fragrant solar fruits are applied in various areas. They are irreplaceable in cookery, have magic properties in an aromatherapy, allocate with a freshness note perfumery and are miracle in cosmetology.

In cookery

are eaten in pure form as they juicy, sweet and very fragrant. They are irreplaceable ingredient of fruit salads. With orange juice and a segment do various cocktails and soft drinks. The taste of fruits of an orange tree wonderfully approaches black tea and hot mulled wine with a carnation.

Use fruits and at baking of rolls, pies, cakes. With segments of orange create multilayered jellies or jelly cakes. Pulp is a part of a fruit candy, yogurts and lactic drinks, and still it is possible to add to cottage cheese.

Also on the basis of orange fruits prepare candied fruits, fruit jelly, jam, jam, and at times it is rather simple to candy the cut segments — and this already excellent delicacy! Besides, the dried peel of a solar tree is necessary for insisting of wines and liqueurs and gives to alcoholic beverages unique sweetish and fresh aroma. Often orange is added to second courses. And here with what this orange citrus is well combined:

  • vegetables dishes, vegetable salads;
  • fowl (chicken, duck, turkey);
  • sea fish;
  • crabs;
  • scallops;
  • air-dried meat;
  • as a part of gravy for the Italian paste.

Orange notes will impact to any dish unique relish and aroma and will become the real highlight of a table.

Whether you know? The orange plane yes, it exists! This miracle of cargo flight vehicles appeared in Argentina and specializes especially in transportation of oranges for what it was nicknamed orange.

In house cosmetology

In house cosmetology, generally it is accepted to use orange essential oil. With it accept aromavanna, use during massage or fumigate the room by means of the aromalamp.

Orange oil makes antibacterial impact at cold and a SARS, facilitates cough, makes the stimulating impact on the immune system. Besides, it is good antidepressant, helps to cope with attacks of apathy, a depression and autumn melancholy. The invigorating sourish and sweet citrus aroma instantly lightens the mood and loads with energy for all day.

Essential oil of orange is used in care for skin of face, a neck, hands. It is possible to enrich with couple of drops of oil the factory skin care products: face and hands cream, body scrub, face pack or lotion. With such fragrant additive your means will change skin.

Orange is suitable for dry skin or if there is a peeling. Oil wonderfully humidifies and feeds, gives smoothnesses. Strangely enough, but because of the knitting properties, this means is suitable also for oily, problem skin with pimples, an acne, eels, black dots and enlarged pores. Orange air disinfects inflammations, removes puffiness and dries heat-spots. Also effectively narrows pores, normalizes fat balance of skin and is even suitable for decolouration of freckles.

Important! It is possible to apply essential oil from orange not only as a part of creams, but also in pure form. However, it needs to be done pointwise, the Q-tip moistened in oil. Such way is suitable for fight against pimples, eels and freckles.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team