Original salads from a fresh vegetables

Original salads from a fresh vegetables

It is necessary to cook salads from a fresh vegetables in the summer as often as possible that the diet provided an organism with the maximum quantity of useful substances. There is great variety of recipes for original bright salads.

Orange and avocado salad

If you want to try a new, unusual flavoring combination, prepare a vegetable salad with orange and avocado. For it it will be required to you:

- orange – 1 piece;

- avocado – 1 piece; - cherry tomatoes - 5 pieces; - leaves salad – 1 bunch; - olives without stone – 200 g; - onions violet – 1 piece; - apple cider vinegar – 1 tsp;

- vegetable oil – 4 tablespoons; - mustard – 0.5 tsps; - pepper – to taste; - salt – to taste.

At first it is necessary to peel onions and to cut it thin half rings. Then to take salad, carefully to wash out and break off hands on small pieces. It is necessary to wash, peel and cut orange in cubes. It is the best of all to cut some olive small ringlets. Avocado needs to wash up, peel and cut in cubes. In the last turn to wash cherry tomatoes and to cut each fruit on four parts. Place all ingredients in a salad bowl. In separate ware it is necessary to prepare gas station: mix mustard, vinegar, vegetable oil. Fill salad, to mix, salt and pepper carefully to taste. It is desirable to prepare not earlier, than for half an hour before giving that pulp of avocado didn't lose color.

Pumpkin salad

Fans of sweet salads will estimate a pumpkin dish with apples. Ingredients: - pumpkin – 500 g; - apples – 4 pieces; - a lemon – 1 piece; - walnuts (ground) – 3 tablespoons; - honey – 3 tablespoons; - carrots – 2 pieces; - parsley greens – to taste. At first it is necessary to wash out and peel carefully pumpkin and carrots, to cut straws or to grate. Lemon juice needs to be wrung out in separate capacity, previously having removed a dried peel from a lemon and having cut it thin straws. Wash, peel and cut apples also straws. Greens are carefully washed out and cut randomly. Then it is necessary to mix lemon juice and honey, carefully to mix everything that honey didn't form lumps. Mix pumpkin, carrots, apples, to add some nuts and greens. From above for appearance it is necessary to strew salad with a lemon dried peel and to pour dressing.

Vegetable salad with sunflower seeds

One more unusual, but very tasty combination – a vegetable salad with sunflower seeds. It will be required to you: - corn – 200 g; - carrots young – 1-2 pieces; - a cucumber – 2 pieces; - the sunflower sunflower seeds (cleaned) – 3 tablespoons; - mayonnaise – 1 tablespoon; - salt – to taste; - pepper – to taste. At first it is necessary to wash out carefully young carrots, to peel and grate. Cucumbers need also to be washed out, if desired – to peel, cut in small cubes. Sunflower seeds should be placed on a frying pan without oil and to fry slightly. In a salad bowl to mix carrots, cucumbers, corn and sunflower seeds. Dress with mayonnaise, salt, pepper and to mix carefully.

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