Otrubny diet for weight loss: advantages and nedostat

Otrubny diet for weight loss: advantages and nedostat

Bran represents a firm cover of grain and is a by-product by production of flour. This product is very often included into the menu of cattle therefore many people treat it with neglect. And in vain, bran contains many nutrients, and they not bad help with fight against excess weight, cleaning an organism from slags. In more detail how bran is capable to save from extra kilos and as to use them for obtaining desirable result, we will tell in our article.

Whether it is possible to lose weight on bran

As bran is a firm cover of grain, getting into intestines, they work like a brush: scrape off the collected slags from intestines walls. Also they act as adsorbents, involving in themselves surplus of calories, toxins and other hazardous substances and bringing them out of an organism. As a result of it intestines begin to function normally.

Bran is rich with cellulose. Vegetable fibers, getting into a stomach, considerably increase in volume, so, the feeling of saturation comes quicker. Besides the organism spends more time for their processing because of what the feeling of satiety remains for a long time. Cellulose also adjusts exchange processes thanks to which splitting of fats improves.

In bran there are a lot of useful vitamins and minerals therefore with their use it is possible to fill up reserves of these substances in an organism.

Whether you know? At the beginning of last century, bran left the menu of residents of the European countries as began to be perceived as cheap withdrawal in spite of the fact that in them there are more nutrients, than in grain. Europeans changed the attitude to this product only towards the end of the 20th century again.

Pluses and minuses of a diet

Having added bran to the diet, you will quickly notice such positive changes in an organism:

  • glucose level will decrease;
  • bad cholesterol will leave;
  • exchange processes will return to normal;
  • the organism will be cleaned from slags and toxins;
  • work of digestive system will return to normal;
  • it will be easier to be sated;
  • work of a liver, pancreas, zhyolchny bubble is normalized;
  • the balance of vitamins and minerals will be filled;
  • work of a cardiovascular system is normalized;
  • aging process will slow down.

But the otrubny diet has also a negative side:

  • food fibers very rough can also easily injure mucous a GIT;
  • at consumption of bran it is necessary to drink a lot of liquid, and it quickly washes away calcium from an organism;
  • deterioration in digestion of medicines is observed;
  • quite often there is indigestion, puffiness of legs and hands.

Whether you know? At white loaf and at white loaf with bran the number of calories identical, but they affect an organism differently.

The diet at such illnesses is contraindicated:

  • hepatitis;
  • internal bleedings;
  • pressure is lower than norm;
  • colitis;
  • ulcer;
  • diarrhea;
  • cholecystitis;
  • enteritis;
  • solderings in intestines;
  • gluten enteropatiya;
  • erosion in digestive system;
  • inflammations of a small intestine.

What bran it is better at a diet

Bran turns out at a grinding of such grain crops:

  • wheat;
  • rye;
  • barley;
  • rice;
  • oats;
  • buckwheat, etc.

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They can differ with grinding degree (large, small), but this parameter is not so important at weight loss.

Are most effective at fight against excess weight the following types of bran:

  1. From oats. They well satisfy feeling of hunger, help to reduce amount of the used glucose, adjust advance of food on intestines. They contain beta gluten which helps to regulate and support cholesterol level normal.
  2. From wheat. Unlike oat, contain bigger amount of insoluble fibers which start an intestines vermicular movement more effectively. They also well satisfy hunger, besides is cheaper than oat.
  3. From a rye. Are rich with insoluble cellulose. Are capable to bring out of an organism toxins and slags actively. Perfectly suit the people suffering from obesity, diabetes, anemia, atherosclerosis and from some oncological illnesses.

Important! The combination of bran from oats and wheat for digestion process improvement is admissible.

How to use

It is possible just to add the habitual food allowance with bran, but the positive effect in that case will be insignificant and it is necessary to wait for it longer. Therefore to the maximum to benefit from this product, it is necessary:

  • to revise the menu (to exclude fat meat, confectionery and flour products, coffee, alcohol, carbonated drinks, fast food);
  • to consider the number of the used calories (in a day — it is no more than 1300 kcal);
  • to bring number of meals to 5–6, at the same time is gradually.

Only when you will begin to observe all described recommendations, it is possible to begin to include in the menu on 1 teaspoon of bran in a dry form 3 times a day. At most in a day you can eat 50 g of a product. A single dose it is necessary to mix with a small amount of water and to leave before swelling. To use for a quarter of hour before meal and to wash down with 1 glass of water (is possible more).

We recommend to learn in more detail about such diets: Herculean, banana, tangerine, water-melon, bezglyutenovy.

What it is possible to diversify a diet with

If you decided to go on an otrubny diet, it does not mean at all that you should not eat anything else, except waste from a flour grinding. Can be present at your menu:

  • chicken;
  • turkey;
  • veal;
  • fish, seafood;
  • vegetables;
  • fruit;
  • berries;
  • kefir, cottage cheese, sour cream, fermented baked milk, curdled milk, yogurt.

Example of the menu for a week

It is possible to grow thin with bran according to such scheme:

Important! The Otrubny diet can last from 5 to 14 days, but no more.

Judging by what comments are left on the different websites by the people who were influenced such diet it is very effective and quite acceptable for many people. Of course, not all such food product can have to taste. And those who like a combination of bran and usual food for certain will soon feel significant positive changes in the organism.

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