Palm oil: harm or advantage?

Palm oil: harm or advantage?

It is possible to call palm oil safely a vegetable analog creamy, however the sphere of its application is far wider: without it it is difficult to present modern cosmetic, technical and especially food industry. This substance is received from olive palm trees that grow only in Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand, but, according to the World Wide Fund for Nature, 50% of the packed products around the world incorporate this product. As such component affects health of consumers and what in it more, advantage or harm — let's learn together.

Characteristics of oil

Depending on a type of processing, it is possible to make different grades of oil of raw materials of an oil palm tree:

  • Red. The most expensive subspecies which have slightly sweetish taste and a pleasant smell and its color correspond to the name. In overtime remove hazardous substances from it, leaving at the same time vitamins and useful minerals. Experts equate this kind of palm oil to olive on quality. It goes as ingredient for sauces, filling for salads as it is the best of all to use it in the raw.

Whether you know? For growth of olive palm trees the huge areas are required therefore in Indonesia practice burning of the woods for clearing of the earth under plantations. This process reached such scales that this small country ranked third in the world (after China and the USA) on volumes of emissions of greenhouse gases.

  • Refined or deodorized. For its processing use rather simple, but effective technology which saves oil from pollution and components hazardous to health, but together with them it washes away also the most part of useful components. Such extract of average quality becomes according to the international standards for application in the industrial food industry.
  • Technical. Production of these subspecies is 5 times cheaper than its better analogs as cleaning level is minimum here: as a result of processing in structure there are still harmful poly- and monounsaturated fats. Such product — the excellent basis for cosmetics, washed, etc. But quite often unfair producers of foodstuff use it in the activity, and in that case this type of palm oil becomes threat for human health.

Nutrition value

The main advantage of palm oil before analogs of animal and plant origin — low cost of its production. However at the same time it keeps the mass of useful substances which are difficult for meeting in any other.

Whether you know? On the coast of the Gulf of Guinea, palm trees which juice, having thickened, is very similar to taste to butter grow.


Its structure contains two vitamins, extremely useful to the person:

  • Vitamin A, or carotene. It gives to extract a reddish shade, in a fruit of an olive palm tree of carotene in 16 times more, than in carrots. This vitamin provides visual acuity, protecting at the same time eyes from harmful radiations and also works as natural antioxidant, bringing toxins out of an organism and accelerating metabolism. As result, wounds heal quicker, production of hormones is normalized and the immune system becomes stronger.
  • Vitamin E in two forms. Its task is to prolong youth, having filled skin with collagen, to increase muscle bulk, to strengthen walls of vessels. It positively influences reproductive function of an organism, helps it to acquire iron, providing, thus, prevention of anemia. The same vitamin is on guards of tranquility of nervous system, preventing stresses.

Useful acids and coenzymes

Together with vitamins B palm oil there are also other components that do it special:

  • Palmitic fatty acid. It promotes emergence in blood of the person of natural enemies of harmful cholesterol — lipoproteins which do not allow to be formed to blood clots, thereby preserving heart against overloads.
  • Nonsaturated Omega-6 and Omega-9 fatty acids. Their complex impact on an organism is shown in improvement of a condition of skin, recovery of nervous system, correction of a hormonal background.

Important! According to the last scientific research, these acids are effective as prevention of some types of cancer and Alzheimer's disease.

  • Q10 coenzyme. This недовитамин is fuel for the main muscle in a human body — a cardiac myocardium. The shortage of Q10 leads to heart troubles (ischemia, a heart attack, a stroke, atherosclerosis, etc.) and diseases, related: chronic fatigue, diseases of kidneys, lungs, oncology.

Resorting to the help of the nature in the presence of various problems, it is useful to know about properties cedar, castor, corn, coconut, tea tree oils, sprouts of wheat, a dogrose, stones of garnet and rosemary.

Caloric content

As palm oil is more, than for 90% consists of various fats, it has quite high caloric content — 900 kcal on 100 g of a product.


In this product completely there are no proteins and carbohydrates, and the norm of fats is 99.9 g on 100 g of a product.

In what advantage of palm oil

Even the most ardent opponents of this vegetable miracle cannot deny it useful properties.

Eat, olive, sunflower and butter.

Scientists carry the following facts to product advantages:

  • Advantage for heart and vessels which is provided by interaction of vitamins and amino acids.
  • The use of palm oil reduces many times over risk of diseases of organs of vision (cataracts, degenerations of a yellow spot of a retina, night blindness).
  • It stimulates work of digestive system, promoting formation of bile, removal of fat from a liver and healing erosion on a sensitive surface mucous a stomach.

Important! In this regard doctors recommend the regular use of quality palm oil for prevention of gastritis and an ulcer.

  • At patients with diabetes this product reduces the need for insulin and reduces risks of development of complications of this disease. Vitamin A, with support the Omega-6 and the Omega-9, stabilizes sugar level in blood, restoring work of an organism.
  • As the additional tool extract of fruits of an olive palm tree is applied in treatment of respiratory diseases.

This oil for women is especially useful. During pregnancy the carotinoids and vitamin E contribute to the full development of an embryo. During feeding such additive improves taste of milk, and in the period of a menopause it prevents appearance of osteoporosis. Special attention to palm oil is paid in therapy of oncological diseases of a breast, neck of the uterus and other bodies of a female reproductive system.

Whether the product is useful to children?

Long time disputes on were conducted whether children can use palm oil. The fact is that processes of processing of food in a children's organism differ from the adult. The end is still not put to this debate as a situation quite difficult.

The benefit for children is brought by walnut, sweet cherry, white honey, carrots, cowberry, corn porridge, a cauliflower, oat and goat milk.

On the one hand, researches on children's mixes with palm oil showed that palmitic acid from its structure mixes up in a stomach of the kid with calcium, provoking removal of useful mineral from an organism. Thus, the child not only does not receive useful fat, but also loses such important for it during this period calcium. Gripes, emergence of an eructation and an abdominal distension after intake of such mixes will also become additional unpleasant surprises.

Important! On the other hand, vitamins A, E, Omega-6 acid from palm extract are perfectly processed by a children's organism, promoting strengthening of immunity, formation of teeth and bones.

In the first years of life of the kid the doctors advise young parents after all to abstain from a similar product in the child's diet as harm probability nevertheless is higher because of features of the growing organism.

Harm is how exaggerated

And here what harm is possible from palm oil for adults, it is worth understanding more attentively. Because of its active use in modern life also myths about it are multiplied. Therefore it is important to understand that from information on palm oil — the truth.

Than palm oil can do much harm

Testifies the fact that the developed countries actively conduct today campaigns for reduction of its share in the market to harm of a product and also oblige producers to specify information on availability of palm extract on packing. Such actions are caused by the fact that:

  • Palm oil melts at a temperature 10 times more human 36–37 °C therefore at hit in our organism it stiffens in the form of droplets or grains. They settle on stomach walls, causing frustration in its work and by that loading heart with additional work.
  • In case of violations in the course of production, oil turns into strong carcinogen which can become the reason of awakening of cancer cells in an organism.
  • Often it is used as the taste amplifier as a part of sauces, hamburgers, chips, ice cream. Such component causes dependence in the consumer, forcing to wish a delicious product more and more.

Whether you know? Palm trees grow only at night. During the day because of high temperatures their growth stops.

These facts about oil have the scientific basis, but modern media spread on their basis considerable amount of rumors about it, already contradictory, a product.

Myths about an exotic product

Let's understand now that should not be trusted. Myth No. 1. Palm oil cheap therefore it is so actively used in the food industry. This statement is right only concerning some categories of extract which, according to the global standards in food, and cannot be used. And here the quality product from palm raw materials at the price is comparable to good sunflower oil.

Learn how affects health of coffee, chips and smoking.

Myth No. 2. Palm oil is not digested because of insufficiently high temperature of a human body. In this case authors of this myth confused absolutely different concepts. Yes, it does not turn into liquid fat in our stomachs, but it does not prevent it to be digested at all. Another thing is that if to use it in large numbers, then the organism simply will not cope with processing of so heavy product, and particles of fats will begin to get to blood, causing obstruction of vessels there over time.

Myth No. 3. Palm oil is forbidden in the developed countries. You should not confuse it is forbidden and it is not recommended. From snacks, chips and other sharp it is sweet - a sour bacchanalia of tastes still any country could not refuse fully. However the governments which are really caring for health of the nation nevertheless try to reduce quantity of the used palm product.

Whether you know? The inventor of chips, George Crumb, never ate the invention. For this reason, according to evil tongues, he lived 92 years.

Myth No. 4. Palm oil is suitable only for technical needs. The same long time was told also about very useful corn, and less known (but not conceding in advantage) rape extract. But is not present, a palm analog — quite multifunctional product which depending on extent of its cleaning can be used both in food, and in the industrial sphere.

Cosmetology properties

As for cosmetology, in this sphere the disputes on harm of palm oil are absent, and all experts unanimously repeat that:

  • it nourishes and moistens skin;
  • does cleaning and removes toxins;
  • rejuvenates skin and removes puffiness;
  • adds collagen in a term, doing it to more elastic.

Palm oil effectively works in the form of face packs and hair.

Face packs

The moisturizing mask which vitamins will strengthen front vessels perfectly will be suitable for regular use and will fill the shortage of useful elements. It is easy to prepare it with the help:

  • 5 g of palm extract;
  • 10 g of white clay;
  • 5 ml of lime juice.

Accurately mix to uniformity oil with clay, and later add juice and properly grind. A thin layer put the received mix on a face, avoiding a zone a century and lips, for 30 minutes. Three times a week your skin will be extremely grateful to the SPA procedure for similar. If you have problems with eels or inflammations, then for their elimination use a mask on the basis of rice flour. In its structure:

  • 3 g of palm oil;
  • 10 g of rice flour;
  • 1 leaf scarlet.

Squeeze out liquid of a juicy leaf to the maximum, then mix it with oil and gradually pour flour, kneading mix. Put the received gruel on a face for 25 minutes. Wash away warm water. Usually it is difficult to the girls who are looking after the appearance to find a mask for delicate skin around eyes.

The face pack can be made from sea-buckthorn oil, a carnation and beet.

There is no wonder, this zone demands a special care. Palm oil will help to provide it. Mix 2 g of this product from 3 g of yogurt. The mask has to turn out not too liquid, and it is rather, creamy. Apply it on the necessary zone for the night, and remove by means of thermal water in the morning.

Masks for hair

To strengthen roots and to accelerate growth of hair, use a nutritious mask on the basis of various oils. The recipe of its preparation is simple:

  • 20 g of palm oil;
  • 10 g coconut;
  • 4 drops of clove;
  • 4–5 drops of oil of grape seeds.

Whether you know? The normal healthy hair of the person incorporates 14 elements among which — even gold.

Mix liquids in a small container and warm up slightly that palm oil thawed. Warm apply this cocktail on dry hair, the massaging movements rubbing in roots. For the best absorption put on a hat for a shower or wind the head with a towel. It is desirable to hold a mask 3–4 hours. Wash away further. Approach this process attentively: for the first session take soft shampoo, process them hair twice. The procedure will be more effective if to hold it 1 time in 2 weeks: the first time soft shampoo, the second — means for deep cleaning of hair. And here a dyed hair will like a mask with a ylang-ylang which is carried out after the next correction:

  • take 1 tablespoon of palm oil;
  • mix it with a fresh chicken yolk;
  • add 50 ml of well warmed up water with 5–7 drops of a ylang-ylang.

We process the turned-out mix hair and hide them under a towel on 1.5 h, and later wash away a mask. Palm oil is in the center of attention thanks to the contradictory properties today. The end to these disputes is expected at a distant day, however it does not mean that it is worth refusing its application in all spheres. If its consumption — questionable, then useful properties of this product in cosmetology are not subject to doubts.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team