Pea smoked products soup

Pea smoked products soup

Pea smoked products soup – the most popular and rich dish at many people, it perfectly is suitable for winter season. This soup cooked on meat soup with smoked products will leave a pleasant memories at your guests. Peas soup not only high-calorie and nourishing, but also very useful as peas are rich with protein, vitamins and minerals.

It is required to you

  • - 500 g of split yellow peas,
  • - 1 kg of pork ribs or hough (it is desirable smoked),
  • - 200 g of a smoked sausage or smoked sausages,
  • - 2 bulbs,
  • - 1 stalk of leek,
  • - parsley with roots and a celery,
  • - 1 carrots,
  • - 2 potatoes,
  • - 2 tsps of a soy-bean sauce,
  • - pepper, bay leaf, salt.


1. Pea soup is cooked more than 2 hours. Previously split peas fill in 3 l of cold water and add salt, set aside aside. In 20-30 minutes cut carrots large pieces and add to peas, to put meat in a pan. Put on strong fire and periodic stir slowly the beginning to boil pea soup that contents didn't stick to a bottom and didn't burn.

2. In 20 minutes throw a half of a stalk of a celery, a half of the crushed parsley and onions in pea soup. Then add leek, the whole root of parsley, bay leaf. In 2-3 minute it is necessary to put potatoes cut in cubes and the crushed sausage in pea soup. Let's pea soup boil and leave to boil on slow fire, don't forget to stir slowly. Now cover pea smoked products soup and you cook 2 hours until meat becomes soft, and soup won't thicken.

3. Take out a steak from ready pea soup, cut pieces and throw back in broth. Add a soy-bean sauce to pea soup, pepper and salt to taste. Small chop the remained greens and give separately. To shade taste of pea soup with smoked products, give to it fried pieces of a rye bread.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team