Pearl-barley porridge for health, beauty and youth

Pearl-barley porridge for health, beauty and youth

Porridge from pearl barley is quite often recommended by dietitians for the aid to the losing weight patients. At the expense of the high content of protein and cellulose, but at the same time small amount of carbohydrates, this product is ideal for dietary food. During the recent researches, scientists managed to reveal one more advantage of usual pearl barley.

Specialists in healthy food claim that regular presence of pearl-barley porridge on our table is capable to have positive impact on a condition of skin. This effect is reached at the expense of high content in pearl barley of a lysine. This substance well influences skin, preserves it against presenilation.

Experts explain this property of a lysine with the fact that he takes active part in development by a collagen organism. And its presence promotes restoration of skin cages and elasticity of vascular tissues.

Collagen allows skin to remain young and healthy throughout long time, even with approach of mature age. Production of collagen in an organism slows down after 35 years, but receipt of the lysine which is contained in pearl barley gives a powerful impulse to this process. Inclusion in the menu of porridge from pearl barley will allow to avoid age wrinkles, long time to keep beauty and health.

It is important to eat porridge from grain which wasn't exposed to additional processing. Only then in it all useful properties necessary for maintenance of youth of skin remain. 

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team