Pecan: than it is useful how many calories and that contain

Pecan: than it is useful how many calories and that contain

Useful properties of nuts are known very long time ago. These fruits have the high power value and rich vitamin structure. They have to be present at a diet of the person. More habitual for us are forest, walnuts and peanut, it it is easy to explain with the fact that they are more available in our corner of the world, but besides them there is a mass of not less useful exotic nutlets to which by all means it is necessary to pay attention. For example, pecans on which we also suggest to stop in more detail, to get acquainted with their structure and also to learn, than they are useful with what they are combined and as it is correctly necessary to include them in the diet.

Caloric content and nutrition value

Pecans are a fine power source as in 100 g 691 kcal contain.

The product has the following nutrition value (in 100 g of pecans contains):

  • fats — 72 g;
  • proteins — 9.2 g;
  • carbohydrates — 4.3 g.

Important! Only 100 g of such nutlets make nearly a half of day norm of calories (~ 48%) for the person therefore it is too strong you should not be fond of this delicacy.

Chemical composition

These exotic nutlets it is from America, differ in rich vitamin structure. The product contains vitamins A, In, With and E. Kazhdy from them is in own way useful to an organism, and in a complex they represent the real well of advantage. In addition, at their structure there are various minerals, such as potassium, iron, magnesium, zinc, manganese, sodium, selenium and phosphorus. And also black fox is rich with polyunsaturated acids.

On the appearance pecans remind all the known walnuts. Their scientists consider the most useful.

Advantage for an organism

Thanks to unique structure, the advantage of these nutlets can be very big and that the most important, versatile as they contribute to normalization of work of many bodies and the systems of the person.

It is possible to distinguish the following from indisputable useful properties of this product:

  1. Increases immunity.
  2. Normalizes cholesterol level.
  3. Interferes with emergence and development of oncology.
  4. Slows down aging of cell and an organism in general.
  5. Favorably affects sight and is excellent prophylactic from many eye diseases.
  6. Purifies blood and vessels from hazardous substances.
  7. Strengthens a warm system.
  8. Normalizes work of a liver.
  9. It is useful to kidneys.
  10. Prevents avitaminosis.
  11. It is effective from overfatigue and weakness caused by excessive physical activities.
  12. Raises sexual desire.
  13. Prevents atherosclerosis and varicosity.
  14. Normalizes blood pressure.

At the same time such nutlets also differently influence female, men's and children's organisms, bringing to each of them separate benefit.

Whether you know? The largest nut which meets in the nature it is considered to be Seychelles nut — a palm tree fruit which reaches 30 kg.


This product as in connection with the high power value, it increases working capacity and endurance to physical activities that is so necessary for the stronger sex is especially shown to men. It is proved that men suffer from cardiovascular diseases much more often, and these nutlets are capable to strengthen a cardiac muscle and to improve passability of vessels.

Also they favorably affect potency and a reproductive system in general, normalize amount of testosterone. Because black fox is the most powerful antioxidant and recognized anticarcinogenic means, it can be used for prevention of developing of adenoma of a prostate.

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This nut is carried to products of youth and beauty because in its structure there are a lot of antioxidants. Group B vitamins which are present at black fox are very necessary to girls and women as they not only normalize work of nervous system, but also favorably influence a condition of skin, hair and nails.

Black fox is shown, including, for prevention of cancer of mammary glands. In addition, he helps to fight fatigue and to be restored after intense day.


The problem with small appetite at children can be overcome easily by means of this nut. Also it will saturate the growing organism with all necessary vitamins and minerals which are necessary for the general physical and intellectual development.

Whether you know? Throughout many centuries the macadamia is considered the most valuable nut, it is connected with its advantage and, in turn, huge demand, it is used also in the food industry, and for production of various cosmetics, and to get it, by the way, not and simply.


The range of application of nutlets which are externally similar to walnut is quite wide. It is connected also with their structure, and high gastronomic qualities.

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In cookery

It is possible to eat pecans both crude, and fried, and dried in an oven. They are oily and gentle therefore are equally appetizing and tasty in any kind. They can be added to desserts and pastries, to use as self-sufficient having a snack or as seasoning to various dishes. They are perfectly combined with rice, mushrooms, a bird, cheese, vegetables and fish. Black fox can become the finishing highlight of snack, salad or second course.

Important! At preparation of dishes with pecans, you should not forget about their high caloric content.

In dietology

It would seem that this high-calorific product with a diet can have the general? It appears, it is a lot of. It is often appointed by nutritionists as a part of some diets because even absolutely small handful of such nuts saturates an organism with useful substances and energy and also accelerates his metabolism, removes toxins and slags. Black fox is capable to replace more high-calorie products and at the same time to reduce cholesterol level in blood and to bring a benefit maximum.

In traditional medicine

Traditional medicine also could not avoid such useful product. Experts in this area recommend it for fight against colds, infections and viruses and also as the most powerful immunomodulator. It is considered that the crushed pulp of nuts promotes fast healing of cuts, wounds and postoperative seams. Also it is noted that the gruel prepared from black fox facilitates painful feelings and interferes with peeling at solar burns.

Whether you know? Almonds which we got used to call nut, not nut, but a stone fruit at all. And the closest relative of almonds is the apricot.

In cosmetology

The use of this product in food already in itself will favorably be reflected in a condition of integuments, but if to apply it in a complex with external, then it is possible to achieve brilliant results. Pecans and oil from them are actively used in production of popular cosmetics, namely: creams, srubs, masks and serums.

In house conditions it is also possible to prepare various elixirs of beauty with participation of this nut, having just added it to a mask or face cream. Black fox contributes to normalization of work of sebaceous glands, moisturizes and feeds the skin and also is effective in fight against freckles and pigmentation.

For improvement of a condition of face skin, walnut, jojoba, coconut oil also use wheat germ oil.

How many it is possible to eat in day

Because the product is rather high-calorie, they should not be fond if you pursue the aim — to get healthier and bring benefit to an organism. 2-4 nutlets a day are standard daily rate which you should not exceed not to gain weight and not to add problems to digestive system.

Whether it is possible for pregnant women or the feeding women

Women in interesting situation and to the feeding mummies are not forbidden to eat these nuts, but it is necessary to use them in a diet with care as they rather heavy for a stomach also can cause allergic reactions in mother and the kid.

Important! It is recommended to consult with the attending physician before consumption of black fox during pregnancy and GV.

Contraindications and harm

As well as any useful product, at these nuts has weaknesses. The strict bans on the use of this product do not exist, but it is impossible to ignore individual intolerance and an allergy. Also with care people need to treat them with an excess weight. In addition, considering the fat content and nutrition value of a product, it is necessary to adhere to standard daily rate of its consumption as its excess can harmful affect digestive system. From the aforesaid it is possible to draw a conclusion that pecans — are very useful, but it is exclusive in moderate quantities. They can become fine healthy having a snack, add and place accents in various dishes and also be used for external application as additive to creams, masks and srubs. This exotic nutlet will add your diet and will make it more balanced and useful.

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