Philadelphia rolls in house conditions

Philadelphia rolls in house conditions

If you love Japanese cuisine, but you don't want to go to restaurant, then one of the famous dishes served at the Japanese restaurants is offered to you. Prepare it and everyone will be able to please the guests.

It is required to you

  • - 10 sheets of seaweed to a hole
  • - rice half of packs for sushi
  • - 200 g of fillet of a salmon
  • - 2 cucumbers
  • - cream cheese (it is possible to use cheese of the Hochland brand)
  • - wasabi
  • - rice vinegar
  • - ginger
  • - soy-bean sauce
  • - special mat for preparation of rolls.


1. Boil rice, add to it rice vinegar and let's it be cooled. Clean cucumbers and cut small straws. Accurately cut squares of fillet of a salmon. Get seaweed and cut their baking plate the size of your rolls.

2. Lay out rice on a mat, from above on it put a leaf of seaweed. Put cucumbers and cheese. Begin to displace a leaf, soften the turned-out seam with water and stick together among themselves. Densely pressing, twist a mat, at deployment at you accurate roll has to turn out.

3. From above on roll smear wasabi. Lay out pieces of fish on all roll, and again roll a mat, fish has to will be pasted to rice. Put roll on a leaf of seaweed and roll once again, and your Philadelphia roll is ready. Pleasure pleasant to you fine dish.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team