Pine nut: what vitamins contains, than it is useful how to choose, store and how many it is possible to eat

Pine nut: what vitamins contains, than it is useful how to choose, store and how many it is possible to eat

There is a mass of products about which properties nearly legends go. Usually these natural raw materials which are collected in eco-friendly massifs. Having seen similar fruits on the shelf of shop, many light up the idea to check as far as they are effective. Let's consider, than one of such types, namely pine nuts is useful to men.

What contains in nutlets

Pine nuts have the mass of useful substances. It is easy to be convinced of it, having looked at their structure and nutrition value.

Caloric content is at 100 grams

673 kcal are the share of this portion. Vysokokaloriyna fruits that demands accuracy in reception.


The structure of proteins, fats, carbohydrates and other nutritious components looks so:

  • proteins — 13.7/100 g;
  • fats much more — on average 68.3 g;
  • carbohydrates — 13 g;
  • food fibers — 3.7 g;
  • water and ashes almost equally — 2.3 and 2.6 g.

Whether you know? On science the cedar fruits are not nuts. Moreover, they have no relation and to cedars, and grow only on some species of cedar pines.

Vitamins, macro - and minerals

Among vitamins substances of E type (9.33 mg on the same weight) and the RR nicotinic acid (4.38 mg) are main. Other connections are presented in doses:

  • ascorbic acid (C) — 0.8 mg;
  • thiamine (B1) — 0.36 mg;
  • pantothenic acid (B5) — 0.31 mg;
  • Riboflavinum (B2) — 0.22 mg;
  • pyridoxine (B6) — 0.094 mg;
  • synthesizable beta carotene — 0.017 mg;
  • presence of vitamins K and And is estimated in micrograms — 53.9 and 1 respectively.

Important! 100 g of such product completely block daily need of the adult for irreplaceable amino acids. But the use in such quantities threatens with obesity therefore be accurate.

If to speak about minerals, then the big three of macrocells is evident: potassium (597 mg), phosphorus (575 mg) and magnesium (251 mg). Calcium — 18 mg supplements this row. All others are carried to number of minerals:

  • manganese — 8.8 mg;
  • iron — 5.5 mg;
  • zinc — 4.3 mg;
  • sodium — 2 mg;
  • copper — 1324 mkg;
  • selenium — 0.7 mkg.

Than pine nuts are useful to men

The product with such list of substances is very valuable to men. Let's look, its useful qualities are how exactly shown.

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For potency and urinogenital system

Pine nuts, providing inflow of blood to genitals, support stable erectile function and improve quality of sperm. In it a merit of vitamin E and zinc with manganese which together with enzyme arginine allow to prolong proximity.

Besides, they are used for prevention of prostatitis, adenoma and other diseases which are connected with violations of work of an urinogenital system.

For the immune system

These nuts intensify protective functions of an organism — such themselves a natural immunomodulator with a rich set of active ingredients. The extensive effect speaks simply: cedars usually grow at big massifs, producing at the same time the mass of the most valuable phytoncides. The fruits received in such conditions become carriers of biologically active connections. Those, in turn, neutralize infections and other pathogens and also support antibodies in our organism.

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For a cardiovascular system

The use of nutlets well affects health of vessels and hearts:

  • vessels extend, and their walls become more elastic — the risk of thrombosis decreases;
  • blood circulation improves (that is important for prevention of anemia and a leukosis);
  • blood is purified from excess cholesterol;
  • atherosclerosis (vitamin E work) is prevented;
  • hemoglobin level is corrected;
  • the cardiac muscle becomes stronger, work of heart is stabilized (in particular, potassium holds normal number of reductions).

For central nervous system

This product well influences and on nervous system — takes off chronic fatigue and symptoms of a depression, improves mood and returns a normal dream. All this occurs at the expense of calcium and vitamins of line B.

For digestive bodies

At moderate, but constant inclusion in food, nuts adjust normal work of a stomach and promote fast digestion of vitamins and other necessary substances. B1 and B2 vitamins stand alone — the first supports a vermicular movement of a stomach and intestines, and the second strengthens mucous membranes of these bodies and the highways adjoining to them.

Important! At gastritis or an ulcer it is recommended to use the cleaned kernels with addition of honey (the same concerns also the oil of a cold extraction received from them).

For a liver

Cedar fruits help a liver to carry out its main function — blood formation.

Parallel to it the surplus of cholesterol is removed that only improves its state and work. It is no wonder that the product is applied to prevention and treatment of an urolithic disease and even initial stages of cirrhosis.

For a brain and eyes

We already know that in nuts there is a copper. Together with other minerals it is excellent building material for brain tissues and cages (neurons). The last need regular feed of the layer what this product brilliantly copes with. Besides, improve a brain blood-groove and, as a result — memory.

Also positive influence on sight is known (more true, its sharpness). It occurs thanks to B2 vitamin.

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For joints, bones and teeth

The abundance of structural minerals (especially phosphorus with calcium) helps with strengthening of the bone device.

Also they provide a normal blood-groove around cartilages and ligaments, at the same time strengthening also these sites. The same touches also teeth — stomatologists know that pine nuts not only strengthen internal structure of tooth, but also protect enamel.

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Whether the shell of pine nuts is useful

Some consider a cedar shell withdrawal (probably, by analogy with armor of usual nuts). But in actual fact it appears the most useful raw materials.

It is all about structure — unlike nutlets, the shell is saturated with food fibers (mainly cellulose). Their share makes 70-75% of the weight of this part. Available and two dozen vitamins C amino acids. As for minerals, it is a little less of them, than in an edible part, but basic elements like potassium, magnesium and calcium nevertheless are present.

Due to such maintenance of a skorlupk shows a number of useful properties:

  • helps to strengthen immunity;
  • participates in a metabolism (including lipidic);
  • strengthens walls of vessels and regulates a blood svorachivayemost;
  • softly affects a gullet as anti-inflammatory, healing and anesthetic;
  • as ingredient of compresses accelerates merging of bones, at the same time adjusting salt exchange and saturating the damaged fabrics with calcium. That is the shell is irreplaceable when recovering from injuries and arthritis, gout and sciatica;
  • deals with the skin problems — an intertrigo, eels, dermatitis, etc.;
  • normalizes functions of urinary tract.

Important! One more valuable property of a shell — support of normal work of a thyroid gland and lymph nodes.

Generally, in useful qualities the shell does not concede to nutlets (and in something even surpasses them).

How to choose upon purchase

To buy pine nuts now not a problem. But that acquisition brought a benefit maximum, when choosing such product it is worth being guided by some moments, namely:

  1. Grade. On counters it is possible to see as cleaned, and integral kernels or kernels with different additives (chocolate, glaze, etc.). They will become the best option. And here in cones it is better to refrain from purchase of nuts (in such armor of a kernel decay very quickly).
  2. Size. Usually these nutlets are comparable with an area of a nail on a little finger and are approximately identical on the dimensions.
  3. Look. Color of a shell and the kernel has to be uniform, without visible spots (these are traces of parasites or diseases), garbage. A color of qualitative fruits — brown, often slightly lightened. The darkened tip of the cleaned kernel will prompt that the product was stored too long. And here the black dot on the crude nutlet, on the contrary, will be the good sign of the fact that inside there is a kernel.
  4. Smell. Almost inaudible unpleasant notes like ashes or a mold will be an occasion to put nuts aside.
  5. Finally to be convinced of quality, try fruits to the touch — the surface has to be dry, without oily allocations. If kernels undertake, then strong drying is excluded (it is visible even on smorshchennost of kernels).

Whether you know? Cedar pines grow to 35-40 m in height with a diameter of trunk of 1.5-2 m.

Having found out that before you — really standing product, it is possible to buy nutlets safely.

Video: subtleties of the choice of pine nuts

Where and how many it is possible to store in house conditions

After acquisition there is an issue of storage. In a case with clean, that is without additional ingredients, pine nuts its duration is:

  • 3 months for the cleaned kernels;
  • 5, at most 6 months for a product in a shell;
  • if nutlets undertook in packing, usually are guided by a decree expiration date. However, there is one cunning: after the pack is opened, the cleaned kernels can be eaten within 3-4 weeks (with a shell — to 2 months).

All these terms will be sustained on condition of competent storage. It provides first of all placement of a product in containers with a skintight cover. If those did not appear — also the sterile glass jar will descend (with a cover too).

But even before nuts dry a little, having spread out a uniform layer and having left for several days.

Also temperature is important: similar stocks do not love differences and a heat therefore the cool dark corner or the fridge will become the best place for storage of a container (it is possible to put also in the freezer). From here also requirements for a part of humidity follow — it has to be moderate, but not too lowered. You should not neglect this rule, otherwise nuts will grow mouldy or will dry out.

Important! Most longer the nuts picked in September remain.

Do not forget to examine periodically preparation, deleting the copies which are not inspiring trust. Keep in mind that even at the correct storage this product in 3 months will begin to lose gradually the saturated taste (as well as useful properties), and later half a year will become unsuitable for the use.

Rules of the use

Seeking to benefit more, some forget about the simplest norms regulating reception of products. They work and rather pine nuts.

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In what look to use

Crude kernels are the most useful — contains in them most of all useful substances. They are added to greens and seafood salads or various desserts (for example, for giving of juicy smack to ice cream). Considerably concede the fried thoroughly nuts in the plan of advantage: at heat treatment the most valuable minerals disappear, and the taste becomes more bitter.

It is better to refrain from reception of salty fruits — salt, having reacted with numerous connections from structure of this delicacy, can increase arterial blood pressure noticeably.

Standard daily rate

Owing to the high caloric content of this gift of the nature the nutritionists recommend to eat no more than 50 g of nuts a day. It is good if this quantity is broken into several receptions.

Whether you know? Such nutlets ripen more than a year: for 13-15 months.

Advise those who did not deal with such product earlier to begin with 30 g a day and to increase a dosage gradually (with a step to 5-10 g for each next week).

As it is easy to clean

To remove quite strong shell, it is necessary to make some efforts. Here some examples of how to facilitate this task:

  • simplest for 5-10 minutes to fill in nutlets with boiled water — the shell will go easier;
  • longer method — soaking in water (12 hours or day) after which reservation will strongly become soft;
  • many fry thoroughly stocks in a frying pan or calcinate in an oven (at +110 … +120 °C). On it 3 minutes, and the main thing — any fat will leave;
  • at the fruits taken from the freezer, a skorlupk already more fragile. Such portion is placed at once in a usual package T-shirt from which let out all air. Having tied a bag, it is put on a cutting board or other firm surface, and on nutlets passed a rolling pin, not too pressing on it. The procedure demands skill — the product should not heat up;
  • those who wants to accelerate process need the same rolling pin or the hammer. It is necessary to beat accurately, kernels small, and, without having calculated force, they can be damaged easily.

Important! Having decided to freeze several portions of nuts, keep in mind that they do not transfer repeated placement in the camera.

Sometimes there is a temptation to get to the core of a nutlet teeth though it is better to refrain from this way — practice shows that the shell is much stronger than tooth enamel.

Video: ways of cleaning of pine nuts

How to improve potency

Having learned about wonderful properties of taiga delicacy, men often are interested as with his help it is possible to enhance potency. Let's stop on the simple and checked recipes.

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Mix of pine nuts with honey

Mix is prepared on such algorithm:

  • at first it is necessary to crush 100 g of nuts carefully;
  • then add 1-2 tablespoons of honey to the received powder;
  • this portion will be enough for 1 reception (strictly once a day, in 3 hours prior to a dream);
  • show patience: the effect of the use is shown not at once, and closer to the end of the first — to the beginning of the second week of reception.

Spirit tincture

Depending on a type of nutlets the following recipes are applied:

  1. For crude. Them 0.5 kg undertake (on the same volume of alcohol). Having densely corked a container with mix, it for 2 weeks is put to the dark cool place. After this time liquid is decanted, and nuts check regarding lack of a kernel — if it did not appear, tincture is ready. The dosage is appointed only by the doctor.
  2. It is longer necessarywith the peeled 40 g of kernels fill in 0.5 l of alcohol or vodka. The mix placed in capacity from dark glass is maintained by 40 days (surely in a dark corner). Every 3 day liquid needs to be mixed. In the final everything is decanted, and reception begins.
  3. The mashed nuts infuse only a week. For this purpose they are filled in with alcohol so that its level was 5 cm higher than kernels. In 7 days the decantation in a glass container follows.

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