"Plum: than it is useful how many calories that contains

"Plum: than it is useful how many calories that contains

Very few people do not love plum – juicy, sweet and tasty fruit from which great jam, marinades and uzvara from the dried fruits turns out. In the world there are more than one hundred grades of fruit – and each of them is in own way attractive. Besides the tastes this fruit also bears indisputable advantage to an organism: what, we learn further in article.

Caloric content and nutrition value

This product not too high-calorie – only about 40 kcal in 100 g. However due to fleshy structure already several fruits are capable to sate the person. Paradoxically, but plum more than for 85% consists of water. In addition nearly 10% are allocated for carbohydrates, there is also a small amount of fats, proteins and food fibers.

Vitamin and mineral structure

The product well influences all organism – all due to existence of a large amount of vitamins and minerals.

A specific place is held in plum by vitamin P and substances which work along with it. These are nearly only components which remain also after heat treatment of fruit.

Also there are vitamins C, E, A, group B (B1, B2, B6, B9). It is necessary to distinguish zinc, copper, iron, manganese, chrome, phosphorus, calcium from minerals, and it is even not all list.

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Than plums are useful to an organism

Thanks to potassium which in large quantities is present at plum, fruit allows to strengthen a muscle of heart and vessels therefore it is advised to eat to people with a hypertension and cardiovascular diseases.

Plum will help with work to kidneys, also thanks to diuretic properties will bring hazardous substances out of an organism. The main positive effect of plum is the share of a digestive tract. It is capable to clean a stomach and intestines, to normalize all processes in them. Thanks to it the appetite increases and metabolism returns to normal.

Important! It is better to use plum in small amounts as it affects everyone differently. Natural process of clarification of a stomach can be started at once and for a long time, and can take place almost imperceptibly.

Frequent locks – an occasion as often as possible to eat this fruit.


Besides already mentioned merits of discharge it is good for male power. However in this case prunes – the dried-up fruit will be effective. If at least several times a week to eat it, it will protect an organism from developing of the pathologies connected with a reproductive system. Also systematic consumption of fruit in a diet will help to prolong sexual intercourse due to strengthening of inflow of blood to genitals.


That fruit will participate in work of nervous system and directly in momentum transfer increase in sensitivity of bodies of a basin is possible. And it will help to increase pleasant feelings during sexual contact (it concerns both women, and men).

Also plum and prunes are often used in the cosmetic purposes – it is useful for the people inclined to an acne and skin oiliness.

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To children recommend to begin to include this product in a diet after 8 months to avoid severe indigestions. There are also exceptions: kids who often suffer locks can eat pyurirovanny plum for normalization of work of a GIT. Anyway to begin to eat fruit better from small portions to be convinced that the organism normally reacts to it. It is the best of all fresh plums, but during not a season also uzvara with addition of the sukhofrukt perfectly will approach.

Application in different spheres

Thanks to a palette of tastes – from sourish to bitterish, plum can be used not only in the form of a dessert or separate fruit. Not to mention different spheres of use – from cookery to cosmetology.

Whether you know? In a year in the world more than 3 million tons of plum are produced.

In cookery

Plum helps any hostess to include imagination and to use it absolutely in any purposes. From fruit great jam, jam, compote, tincture and even wine turns out. The product gives in to cooking, suppression, roasting, freezing. In Japan and Georgia, plums use even more for preparation of salty dishes, than sweet. For example, salty fruit – fine addition to the Japanese rice balls. And Georgians use fruit in various marinades to meat and in sauces.

Best of all in cooking of discharge it is combined with such spices as a carnation, pepper, nutmeg and cinnamon. Then it gives unique taste.

And the most widespread option of use of plum – in the form of the sukhofrukt. They can regale just like that, and it is possible to add in uzvar which will become nasyshchenny to taste and usefulness.

In traditional medicine

By means of this fruit even treat. Also it is not only about tincture which is good at a SARS, after long stay on cold and just for good mood.

The product is used for treatment:

  • tonsillitis (infusions are made of the dried leaves of a fruit tree);
  • diseases of kidneys (use not only a fruit, but also tree bark);
  • urinogenital system;
  • intestines.

Also daily consumption of plum or prunes will help to reduce risks of a disease of cancer – at structure there are anthocyans which act as blockers of growth of sick cells. Fruit also acts as antidepressant and also helps to fall asleep (the main thing — not to go too far in quantity, otherwise about a dream it is necessary to forget).

For treatment skin diseases use lotions from fruit pulp: thanks to antiseptic properties of a wound are capable to heal much quicker than usual.

Important! Most of all advantage will be from correctly collected fruit – it has to be moderately soft with a gray raid which speaks about harmony of a product.

In cosmetology

Fruit helps to regulate skin oiliness that in turn leads to clarification from pimples and rashes. Also the fruit is yielded by the moistening effect which can be reached with masks. Besides juice of fruit can be added to masks for hair – they will become stronger and brilliant.

Whether it is possible to eat on a diet

Thanks to the fact that fruit sates enriches with useful substances and at the same time actively cleans and removes superfluous – it is used in diets for weight loss. You should not be fond only of such diets because after removal of hazardous substances from an organism there will be also the others. Besides dehydration can turn out to be consequence of the long consumption of fruit, and it negatively affects any organism.

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Whether it is possible plums for pregnant women and the feeding mothers

There are no contraindications for use of these fruits in a diet of pregnant women. On the contrary, they often face locks therefore plums will help to resolve this issue. Because of the fruit pressure upon a bladder the pregnant women also so often run on small need, and this product can enhance effect. And here it is better for the feeding mothers to avoid some plums at least the first months of life of the kid that this product was not displayed negatively on the child – possibly swelling of a tummy, belly-ache and frustration. These symptoms can coincide also with gripes therefore it is not necessary to complicate a condition of the kid.

To fill balance of useful substances, it is useful for pregnant women to use fruit: peaches, pomegranate, strawberry, mango, feijoa, kiwi.

Contraindications and harm

It is necessary to refuse a product in such cases:

  • at sharply proceeding diseases of bodies of a GIT and even at any insignificant frustration;
  • diabetics before the use have to consult with the doctor as fruit contains a lot of sugar;
  • at diseases when loss of liquid from an organism can complicate a disease (rheumatism, gout);
  • weak digestive system will not cope with fruit that swelling will make, sick, pains and a diarrhea.

Whether you know? Favourite delicacy of the royal family of Great Britain – plum candied fruits.

Plum – fruit which can be found summer, fresh since the beginning, and till late fall. It will add a highlight to any dish, will make meat more gentle and more sweet, and jam from it will become great delicacy to tea. Therefore as soon as fruits appear on counters – you should not play for time, it is better to stock up with a useful product at once.

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