Porridge in bank - a new trend of dietary food

Porridge in bank - a new trend of dietary food

There come warm days and most of us begins to plow convulsively open spaces of the Internet searching of the "magic" diet promising to dump extra "winter" kilos for several days. Sport in the help, but one physical activity insufficiently. It is necessary to pay attention to own diet still. Contrary to established opinion, the healthy nutrition can be pleasant and light.

There is a product unique and available to everyone is a porridge. And I am capable to prepare its "lazy" option everyone. Never before dietary food was such simple in preparation.

In what uniqueness of porridge in bank?

First, it is the ideal portion calculated on one person, secondly, it is convenient to transport such food: it is possible to take both for work, and on a training. Thirdly, this most useful and rich dish, with an ideal ratio of cellulose, protein and calcium. Besides such porridge is almost deprived of unnecessary sugar and fat.

Besides all above-mentioned, this recipe — just a find for those who don't love hot porridges. The dish can enjoy all the year round — if hot porridge bothers, it is possible to taste its cold option.

The recipe is quite universal and gives the chance to create a set of variable compositions, combining ingredients to own taste, a season or a purse.

Lazy porridge in bank - the basic recipe

It will be required to you:

- the oat flakes which are surely demanding cooking;

- classical yogurt, without fruit fillers;

- milk, is desirable for the minimum fat content or absolutely fat-free;

- container with a cover of 0.4 or 0.5 liters.

How to prepare

1. We add all ingredients to a container, including additives to own taste. Instead of sugar it is possible to use substitutes — it is essential to reduce the caloric content of a ready-to-eat meal.

2. Densely we close a cover and several times we stir up to mix among themselves all contents.

3. We put porridge for the night in the fridge.

During this time flakes will become impregnated with milk, yogurt, additives and porridge will become gentle, fragrant. In the morning the nutritious breakfast is already ready! It is necessary to use porridge within several days. The big role on gustatory qualities is rendered by additives. So, porridge with banana doesn't lose taste even, having stayed 4 days.

Many after reading can have questions. Here several answers to the most popular arising during acquaintance to this quite unusual recipe for habitual porridge.

Whether it is possible to subject banks with porridge to freezing?

Of course, it is possible! But for a certain term — no more than 30 days. Also there is one important rule — jars with porridge shouldn't be too full, otherwise can blow up at expansion of the cooled liquid. To optimum fill a container on 3/4 from all volume.

It is necessary to defreeze a product gradually: at first bank with porridge it is put on a regiment of the fridge and a little defrozen. After it will become ready-to-serve.

Whether essentially use of a glass container and what it is caused by?

Use of a glass container isn't an indispensable condition for this recipe. It is possible to take any capacity of suitable volume. To optimum use food containers which are densely closed by a cover and excellently are suitable for transportation.

Any experiments with the recipe are welcomed. If still to enrich a dish with fresh fruit — not porridge, but food of the gods will turn out!

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team