"Preparation secrets, advantage and harm of fish of a hoka (whiptail)

"Preparation secrets, advantage and harm of fish of a hoka (whiptail)

 Fish — one of the most useful products of our diet, many give her preference before meat, to especially sea versions.

About one of sea inhabitants, namely about a whiptail and his useful properties, we will talk today.

That for fish

The whiptail (hok) or the sea grenadier is a food fish of group treskoobrazny. She prefers deep oceanic waters with the lowered temperature. Her long body, with a narrow tail and sharp scales, the head large with protruding eyes.

The color is gray, brown and black. Adult copies reach length to one and a half meters and weight to six kilograms. A dwelling area — northern latitudes of the Pacific Ocean, Atlantic, water of the Sea of Okhotsk.

Whether you know? Biting peak during catching of a hoka — time after a storm. During this period of a hoka lacks food as during a storm its main diet is made by mollusks, crustaceans, larvae therefore runs aground. The hungry whiptail with greed rushes on artificial baits of fishermen.

Chemical composition

At structure there is a large amount of acids important for many systems of an organism, such as omega-3, tryptophane, lysine, valine, arginine, methionine.


It is necessary to distinguish from all vitamins:

  • And;
  • B1;
  • B2;
  • B4;
  • B5;
  • B6;
  • B9;
  • B12;
  • With;
  • E;
  • D;
  • PP;
  • beta carotene;
  • To.

Mineral substances

Macrocells which are in the grenadier's meat it is calcium, magnesium, potassium, phosphorus, sodium.

Minerals are presented:

  • iron;
  • iodine;
  • nickel;
  • sulfur;
  • copper;
  • manganese;
  • fluorine;
  • chrome.

Caloric content and nutrition value

Indicators of this fish impress:

  • proteins — 13.5 g in 100 g;
  • fats — 0.8 g on each 100 g;
  • caloric content — 60 kcal / 100.

Than it is useful hok

Considering vitamin-rich, minerals, acids structure, it is possible to claim safely that the regular use of fish will be useful for all systems and human organs.

So, at its inclusion in the menu, work of digestive system, a metabolism and digestion of vitamins, splitting of fats considerably will improve. Fish will promote strengthening of bone and muscle tissue, elasticity of blood vessels and processes of blood formation that will improve warm activity.

Strengthening of bone and muscle tissue is promoted by a coriander, chia seeds, seeds of tangerines, an asparagus, kefir.

Polyunsaturated acids favorably influence work of a brain, increase concentration of attention and memory, working capacity.

Vitamin and mineral structure anemias, avitaminosis, problems with joints and skin, gastrointestinal diseases and central nervous system will serve as prevention of endocrine diseases.

To athletes the product will help to restore forces after the trainings, to accelerate regeneration of fabrics after possible injuries.

Whether it is possible a whiptail

The product is useful to all population groups, especially elderly people, children, future and feeding mothers.

To children

The regular use of fish by children will strengthen their immune system, will favorably influence growth, development of systems of an organism.

For strengthening of the immune system of the child also recommend to use goat milk, dogrose broth, guelder-rose jam, serum milk, wheat porridge, chestnut honey.

Phosphorus and fluorine will make strong bones and dense cartilages, will revitalize tooth enamel and a bone tissue.

Group B vitamins, iodine, and omega-3 — irreplaceable sources of power and food of cells of a brain. The child will better acquire a training material, to remember it, to feel less fatigue, will be active and vigorous.

To pregnant women

The rich list of a whiptail completely will satisfy the need of an organism of future mother for vitamins and minerals. There are all substances which are necessary for development of a fruit, his central nervous system, cardiovascular, digestive, urinogenital systems.

For normal development of a fruit to future mothers recommend to use a silver salmon, peas, cucumbers, crude beet, garnet juice.

Pregnant women often feel discomfort in a digestive tract, but regular consumption of dishes from this fish will help them to normalize work of a GIT.

Besides, the woman will be able to improve appearance which also undergoes changes not to the best.

The useful elements which are present at the list of a whiptail will put skin and hair in order, will add them healthy shine and gloss, will strengthen nail plates, will save from inflammatory processes. It is useful to eat fish meat during pregnancy at pressure jumps.


Light protein in assimilation is necessary also for the feeding mothers who with milk transfer construction material to the kid.

The sea product will help the woman to be restored, fill quicker blood loss at childbirth, to normalize a hormonal background, to return healthy and beautiful appearance, to cope with a sleep debt and fatigue.

The product sated with useful elements is strengthened by an organism and mothers, and the child.

How to choose a fresh small fish upon purchase

Goes on sale of a hoka in the form of carcasses or fillet, when choosing a fresh sea product it is necessary to know several factors:

  • season of a catch of a hoka — March-May, August-September;
  • really fresh the product can be from sea areas, close to your region of residence;
  • fish it is necessary to buy only where there is a guaranteed control of her quality;
  • the fresh product smells only of the sea, any other smells should not be added;
  • color of meat of a carcass has to be white, thickness of an ice crust not too big.

Important! The yellowish shade of meat speaks about its not freshness, too thick layer of frost on a carcass speaks about repeated freezing. Such product cannot be bought.

About difficulties of cooking, and secrets of the correct preparation

It is the best of all to defreeze fish on the lower shelf of the fridge. The product defrosting in heat will lead to the fact that meat will creep away.

About features of meat

Let's consider features of meat of a whiptail and his preparation:

  • meat of a hoka of light pink color, watery, with the soft creeping-away structure, taste gentle, reminds meat of a shrimp a little;
  • it is necessary to clean fish from scales extremely carefully, it is very sharp;
  • long thermal treatment extremely is not recommended therefore you should not stew this fish;
  • for preparation it is necessary to take ware with a thick bottom, it is better to fry it on strong fire that meat did not creep away.

How to enjoy taste: 2 best recipes

As it was told above, long preparation for this grade of fish is undesirable, the best option of preparation is to fry or bake.

Fried fish in batter

  • hok — 2 fillets;
  • flour — 2 tablespoons;
  • eggs — 2 pieces;
  • mayonnaise — 1 tablespoon;
  • salt, pepper — to taste.

For a start we cook batter: carefully we shake up eggs with dry ingredients, mix has to be without lumps. We dip the fillet cut on pieces in batter and we fry in a small amount of vegetable oil.

It is desirable to place fish pieces on a frying pan bottom freely, leaving between them free space. Completely light dense meat means readiness of a dish.

Baked in an oven

  • fish — 500 g;
  • flour — 1 tablespoon;
  • cheese — 50 g;
  • egg — 1 piece;
  • salt, seasoning for fish to taste.

We cook batter: egg, polished cheese, salt and seasoning, flour are shaken up to uniformity. Khaki, cut on pieces, it is dipped in batter.

The baking sheet is covered with parchment and we spread on it fish. We bake at 180 °C twenty minutes.

With what to serve a small fish

Fish can be served with such garnishes:

  • boiled and baked, fried potatoes;
  • boiled vegetables (cauliflower, broccoli, Bruxelles, beet, asparagus, green peas);
  • stewed vegetables (white cabbage, haricot, carrots, paprika);
  • with crude and salty vegetables (tomatoes, cucumbers);
  • rice and sauce.

Whether you know? During reproduction the males of a hoka attract females by means of sound signals. The sound is made by fluctuations of a swimming bubble which provoke reductions of drum muscles of a male, besides, the female is attracted by a luminescence of special glands.

Not less useful: 3 species of small fishes analogs

There are not less useful fishes of family treskovy, having the same rich vitamin and mineral structure.

Horse-mackerel (fish hakes, hake)

It is better known as a hake, recognized as one of the best breeds of family, it is widely used in dietary food. Low-fat, gentle meat on taste, fillet easily separates and has a small amount of bones, generally large which are easy for removing.

On average the carcass weighs about two kilograms, length up to 70 cm. The body of a small fish extended silvery color.

At regular consumption well influences endocrine and digestive system, strengthens immune and cardiovascular, helps to reduce sugar level in blood, strengthens bones and removes toxins. It is recommended for the use to children and elderly people, it is applied during the rehabilitation period after serious illnesses and operations.


Pollock — the leader from family treskovy on the content of iodine and selenium. Makes positive impact on central nervous system, exchange processes in an organism, including at the cellular level, a source of high-quality protein.

The liver and calves are useful at anemia, diseases of a thyroid gland, stimulate activity of a brain.

The omega-3 in structure promotes removal of harmful cholesterol; improves blood circulation and pressure; together with phosphorus and calcium strengthens bone tissues, tooth enamel, cartilages and joints. Recommended to elderly people.

Important! Children as a feeding up can give since seven months as meat of a pollock is considered the least allergenic.


The haddock contains folic acid, zinc, tocopherol, selenium, iodine, a left carnitine in the structure — substances which improve the reproductive system of men and women.

Folic acid contains in such products as a lemon, a cauliflower, pearl barley, sauerkraut, mussels.

The structure promotes production of sex hormones of both sexes:

  • at men promotes improvement of quality of semen, strengthens sexual desire;
  • to women helps to conceive and take out the healthy child without pathologies in development.

To the studying children fish helps to improve properties of memory, concentration of attention, develops resistance to stress, fills the spent energy. The haddock is recommended by nutritionists during the recovery period after a disease and for weight reduction.

Possible harm and contraindications

Markurus is an eco-friendly product. Unlike river inhabitants, this sea inhabitant contains bigger amount of amino acids, polyunsaturated and fat, in its meat there are more iodine, protein and selenium.

Besides, the whiptail lives in the basic in cold open waters therefore he is less subject to infection with parasites.

Harm from the use can be in a case, intolerance of some components, are guilty as well the wrong processing or not freshness of a product. Let's sum up the aforesaid: a whiptail, as well as other fish, it is necessary to eat regularly. At its structure there are irreplaceable substances which shortage can be filled only pharmacological medicines.

Considering this fact, fish needs to be included in food at least once in a week.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team