Protein cocktail: all pros and cons

Protein cocktail: all pros and cons

In order that sports activities brought benefit, it is necessary to adhere to specially calculated diet. This diet has to be rich with protein which is the main construction material for muscle fibers. Protein cocktails are a digestible food which promotes growth of muscle tissue and provides the athlete with necessary energy. In this article the advantage and harm of this drink, the indication to its application, the main recipes and rules of the consumption of cocktail in house conditions will be considered.

What is and for what protein cocktail is necessary?

Question what protein cocktail — one of the most widespread in the sphere of sports food consists of. It is drink which main ingredient — a proteinaceous extract from the vegetable or animal raw materials rich with proteins. Cocktail happens: soy, dairy, egg, it can be prepared from store mix or to prepare independently from improvised ingredients.

On a question, why this drink it is necessary, the answer is as follows: it needs to be used for fast recuperation after the training, providing muscle tissue with nutrients, acceleration of process of weight loss or on the contrary a set of body weight.

Important! The optimum mode of the consumption of protein cocktails — four times a day: in the morning instead of a breakfast, before a training, after it and for half an hour till a dinner. The maximum allowed amount of cocktail which can be used before a training is 300 ml.

Advantage and harm for a human body

As this drink has specific structure, its action on a human body differs depending on physical training and a condition of intestines of the athlete. Let's consider below, than it is useful and why protein cocktail can be harmful.

The fresh cocktail made from quality ingredients will make salutary impact on an organism. Its positive effect consists in the following:

  • completion of shortage of energy after intensive physical activity;
  • acceleration of processes of metabolism and as a result the drying-up action — disposal of a hypodermic fat layer;
  • formation of volume and strong muscle bulk on condition of regular trainings by sport;
  • prevention of destruction of muscle fibers for completion of energy needs;
  • gradual decrease in body weight at the expense of the low content of carbohydrates and fats.

Learn when it is better to drink protein cocktail.

Despite salutary impact on an organism, protein cocktail can do harm to those who use it incorrectly or use low-quality raw materials for preparation. Consequences of intake of proteinaceous cocktail can be the following:

  • violation of work of digestive tract: emergence of locks, nausea, in rare instances — vomitings;
  • pains in kidneys because of contamination of kidney balls, emergence of inflammatory processes in an urinary system;
  • exacerbation of an urolithic disease, ulcer damages of a stomach, fat gepatoz;
  • emergence of allergic reactions.

Whether pregnant women and children can drink?

As the concentrated protein is feedstuff, complex for digestion, it is not recommended to be used to women during incubation of the child. This drink aggravates locks which are frequent at pregnant women and provokes the increased gas generation. As for children, protein cocktails are not recommended to be used up to twenty years inclusive. While the organism is formed, nutrients have to come to it in normal quantities from natural food. Excess consumption of protein by children and teenagers can lead to dysfunction of a liver, kidneys and a muscular hypertrophy.

Whether you know? Sports food as culture appeared at the time of Ancient Greece in the 17th century BC. Athletes of that period shortly before the sports competitions began to observe a proteinaceous diet to take the tightened sportswear and to strengthen muscle tissue. As in those days there was a tradition to compete naked, the staginess of a body was not less important for athletes, than muscular force.

How to choose a protein?

That protein cocktails brought you only benefit, be guided by these parameters upon purchase:

  1. Besides protein mixes in the market of sports food there are geyner. These are mixes for a fast set of weight which contain not only protein, but also sugar, and fats. They lead to emergence of fat deposits at insufficiently intensive trainings. Not to be mistaken, check composition of mix which you buy. Make sure that on the label the high content of a protein (more than 25 grams a portion) and the low content of other feedstuffs (no more than 5 grams) is specified.
  2. Buy only those cocktails which have a large number of positive reviews from other athletes. Trust the checked producers which are in the market of sport food not less than three years.
  3. Be interested what ready mix consists of. You watch that natural raw materials, such as serumal or egg protein, but not synthetic substance were the main component of mix.
  4. When choosing between a concentrate, casein and isolate be guided by assimilation speed. Casein — a trudnousvoyaemy proteinaceous form which is recommended to be used before going to bed in one and a half-two hours prior to it. A concentrate — raw materials with an average speed of assimilation which can be used instead of having a snack. Isolate — digestible substance, it is possible to use it right after the training to restore power balance and to supply muscles with a protein.

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When and how to drink?

The principle of the consumption of protein cocktail depends on the purpose with which the athlete accepts it. Those who plans to gain additional muscle bulk are recommended to take this drink for half an hour prior to a training or just before it. So muscles will receive a large amount of construction material, the volume of their fibers will increase.

Athletes who plan to get rid of excess weight need to replace with cocktail one main meal (it is desirable a dinner) and one having a snack. Low caloric content and high nutrition value of this product will help an organism to burn excess fat deposits and will warn exhaustion at considerable loadings.

It is important! That intestines digested the concentrated protein normally, use cocktail together with the products rich with cellulose. Treat them: apples, plums, pears, sheet vegetables, cabbage, carrots, tomatoes.

How many can be stored?

Protein — the favorable environment for reproduction of pathogenic bacteria therefore ready drink is recommended to be stored in the fridge. In open form it can be stored not longer than four hours, and in closed — not longer than six. As for dry mix, it can be stored in tight packing of half a year up to two years (the producer specifies terms). After packing opening, mix is recommended to be used within two-three weeks.

How to make cocktail: the best recipes

Process of independent preparation of proteinaceous cocktail takes more time, than cultivation of ready powder mix. It is considered that the taste of home-made cocktail surpasses purchased at rather identical advantage therefore make the choice independently. On a question whether it is possible to recover from proteinaceous cocktail, the answer — affirmative. An important role is played at the same time by amount of carbohydrate additives in drink.

We recommend to learn that it is better to accept: geyner or protein.

From powder

The following types of proteinaceous drinks are preparing with use of both powder, and natural ingredients.


Has taste of the cooled-down chocolate, it will be pleasant to sweet teeth and those who love nut additives. Ingredients:

  • protein — 1 portion;
  • the milk fat-free — 350 ml;
  • almond crumb — 120 g;
  • protein bar — ½;
  • banana — ½.

Way of preparation:

Mix a portion of a protein and milk in a blender bowl, add an almond crumb and banana. Carefully shake up to uniformity, pour in a tall glass and strew with colored bar.

Whether you know? In the seventies the last century the special popularity was gained by anabolic steroids — the substances stimulating synthesis of protein in cells of muscle tissue. A large number of bodybuilders and athletes of that time used these performance-enhancing drugs, without paying attention to their harm for an organism. Only at the beginning of the 2000th years the use of steroids appeared under a ban as they were carried in category of doping substances.


Has the refreshing taste of sparkling water, is suitable for the use right after the training.


  • protein — 1 portion;
  • casein vanilla — 1 portion;
  • lemonade with sugar — 250 ml.

Way of preparation: Place casein and a protein in ceramic capacity, fill in them with drink. Hermetically close a cover, intensively shake up before full hashing.


It is recommended for the use instead of a breakfast — has the pleasant refreshing taste. It is drunk to get rid of feeling of hunger for what prepare several times a day.


  • serumal protein vanilla — 1 portion;
  • drinking water — 250 ml;
  • instant corn flakes — 1 packing;
  • apricots fresh or tinned — 300 g.

Way of preparation:

Connect all ingredients in a bowl of the blender and shake up on the maximum turns to uniformity. You can replace corn with porridge if desired. If you use apricots tinned, surely merge syrup.

Important! Take drinks with the high content of carbohydrates in the morning to have enough energy. In the evening shortly before a dream drink cocktail with slow protein — preferably casein in order that muscles were supplied with amino acids at night.


Is suitable for the use before a training — contains a large amount of proteins and carbohydrates.


  • serumal protein vanilla — 2 portions;
  • the milk fat-free — 250 ml;
  • instant porridge — 1 pack;
  • strawberry yogurt — 50 ml;
  • peanut paste — 30 g;
  • ice — 3 cubes.

Way of preparation:

Fill in porridge with warm water and leave it to razmokat for 15 minutes. Mix all ingredients in a blender bowl, shake up to uniformity.

From natural products

The following compoundings are suitable for the daily use and are considered as rather safe even for teenagers.


Can replace morning meal or an afternoon snack, is cooked from cottage cheese of low fat content.


  • milk of the increased fat content — 350 ml;
  • cottage cheese — 150 g;
  • the egg whites hard-boiled — 4 pieces;
  • banana — 1 piece;
  • olive oil — 10 ml;
  • honey — 15 g.

Way of preparation:

Shake up in the blender all ingredients, except honey. Pour cocktail in a glass and add from above honey. Accurately mix a long spoon.

Whether you know? In the 1860th years the proteinaceous diet was invented anew after a long break. The English coffin maker by the name of William Banting, long time suffering from excess weight, managed to lose weight by 20 kilograms, practically without limiting himself in food. The result of the diet recommended to the Englishman by the familiar doctor so it struck that William decided to publish the book with recommendations to weight loss. The book found huge success — it was the first dietary grant which was republished by many thousands circulations of the whole four times.


Is suitable for the use right after the training, can replace a dinner.


  • kefir or curdled milk — 250 ml;
  • powdered milk — 50 g;
  • jam peach — 30 g;
  • sugar — 5 g.

Way of preparation:

Mix all ingredients, except jam, in a bowl of the blender and carefully shake up them. Add jam and mix on slow turns within ten seconds.

With dried fruits

Has so many calories how many it is necessary for an intensive half-hour training, it is recommended to the use for half an hour prior to occupations or just before them.


  • milk of 3.2% of fat content — 400 ml;
  • the cottage cheese fat-free — 200 g;
  • eggs quail — 6 pieces;
  • sour cream — 100 g;
  • powdered milk — 80 g;
  • honey — 30 g;
  • dried apricots, raisin dark — 50 g.

Way of preparation:

Crush dried fruits in the blender in uniform paste. Add honey and powdered milk, shake up within 30 seconds. Add the received mix with sour cream, milk, cottage cheese, hammer carefully washed eggs. Shake up on the maximum turns within 1.5 minutes.

It is important! If your organism is not capable to normal digestion of casein, replace whole milk in a compounding with fermented milk products — curdled milk, kefir, fermented baked milk. At an allergy to casein exclude dairy products and replace them with orange juice.


Provides gelatin use. Those which of religious reasons cannot use this product are recommended to replace it with agar-agar (take 1/3 from the specified portion). Than this drink is useful? It makes the restoring impact on cartilaginous tissue of joints that is especially relevant for representatives of strength sports.


  • eggs — 3 pieces;
  • powdered milk — 20 g;
  • orange juice — 350 ml;
  • banana — 1 piece;
  • gelatin/agar — 10 g / 3;
  • honey — 10 g.

We advise to learn whether it is possible to use an overdue protein.

Way of preparation:

Fill in an agar or gelatin with orange juice and leave to inflate for 30 minutes. Add other ingredients to a blender bowl, shake up on the maximum turns. Protein cocktail is a tasty and instant useful drink with the high content of protein. Its regular use promotes accumulation of muscle bulk, disposal of fat deposits, maintenance of working capacity and endurance of an organism. To receive the maximum advantage of consumption of protein drinks, combine them with regular performance of physical exercises.

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