Protein for weight loss: rules of the choice and use

Many people, having heard about sports additives, mainly remember a protein. However inveterate boors are sure of this question that it is chemistry which will result in a large number of problems. We suggest to read article below and to shed light on this question and also to learn how the sports product can help to lose weight by means of consumption of cocktails on the basis of this protein.

The protein represents protein which is received from products of animal and plant origin. Intake of additive on its basis is intended to fill up a proteinaceous part of a diet of the person. Our organism needs protein as it performs a large number of the vital functions, namely:

  • serves as construction material for all muscles;
  • participates in synthesis of hormones and enzymes;
  • involved in metabolic processes;
  • helps with splitting of fats.

Except everything listed, the protein renders also fat-burning effect as on digestion of proteinaceous food the organism needs more energy, than at any other processing. For achievement of result on disposal of extra kilos it is necessary to choose the correct protein, to eat food with high content of protein and not to forget about physical activities.

Whether you know? Not all food is a protein source with the amino acids, necessary for muscle growth. Proceeding from it, is not present in the world of vegetarian bodybuilders who increased weight without protein cocktails or steroids.

The protein is equally useful both to men, and women, but as female and men's organisms have some differences, influence of a protein on them a miscellaneous too. The advantage of reception of a protein for women consists in the following:

  • it is long split, muffling feeling of hunger that helps not to overeat so and to grow thin;
  • is suitable for drying (disposal of subcutaneous fat);
  • well is reflected in a condition of hair, nails and skin;
  • gradually strengthens muscles;
  • helps to gain weight to thin women due to increase in muscle bulk, but not fatty tissue;
  • contributes to normalization of a hormonal background and metabolism;
  • stimulates production of women's hormone of estrogen (in particular, a soy protein);
  • it is possible to replace with proteinaceous cocktail consumption of meat if the woman – the vegetarian.

Important! You should not hope only for useful qualities of a protein. As without the balanced food and physical activities its reception will not bring that result which is expected. The protein needs to be considered only as an auxiliary component, but not as a panacea from excess weight.

  • support of an organism in a tone;
  • increase in volume of muscles;
  • normalization of exchange processes in an organism;
  • improvement of endurance and power indicators;
  • obtusion of feeling of hunger that promotes weight loss;
  • improvement of a condition of muscles.

The correct use of proteinaceous additives does not do harm to either women, or men. It is important to remember that the surplus is undesirable everything, as well as deficiency. As the only restriction for a male the use of soy protein which contains women's hormone in the structure – estrogen can act, and can lead to emergence of some secondary sexual characteristics on female type (for example, growth of chest glands).

Besides, proteinaceous nutritional supplements have the following restrictions for reception:

  • personal intolerance;
  • problems with kidneys;
  • heart troubles;
  • tendency to the raised meteorizm;
  • reduced secretion of gastric juice;
  • termination of term of product sales.

Get acquainted with types of proteins in sports food.

Protein dry concentrates are classified on types by receiving sources. Let's consider the most popular types of the synthesized protein for the girls and guys playing sports:

  1. It is made from milk serum. Thanks to speed of assimilation he was nicknamed a fast protein. Accept right after sports activities or since morning, on awakening. Cocktails on its basis apply to weight loss or a set of weight, everything depends on a dosage. Almost total absence of fats and carbohydrates in an organism leads to formation of dry muscles. Today it is the most demanded protein.
  2. Inseparable syvorotochno-casein mix of proteins with average extent of assimilation. It is possible to accept both after classes, and before going to bed.
  3. It is synthesized from protein of egg. It is the fullest protein on composition of amino acids. At the same time in it there are practically no fats. It will become a great option for people with an allergy to dairy products.
  4. In properties it is similar to the insulator of a serumal protein, however is significantly higher in the price. In the absence of any superiority by efficiency is unpopular. Plus is the lack of lactose and gluten. Besides, rather strong meat smack is not pleasant to much and does not give the chance to do cocktails on its basis.
  5. The most popular protein among vegetarians. Small anabolic result, in comparison with a serumal protein, and incomplete composition of amino acids are filled with the low price of a product. However it is better for men to accept isolate of soy protein because of the high content of estrogen in usual whereas this type of a protein is extremely useful to women.
  6. It is made from mix of different proteins. Its main goal is association of pluses of slow and fast proteins. Therefore, it not only increases the level of amino acids in blood, but also long time supports this state. On them the choice is stopped by people who do not want to understand what protein and when needs to be used. It can be drunk for drying or a set of weight. The main thing is attentive to study structure.

Having decided on a type of a protein for reception, we will consider how to choose the correct proteinaceous complex for women and men for the purpose of weight loss what to pay attention to:

  1. Quantity and concentration. A priority is the second indicator. Presence of 80% of a protein at a portion weighing 25 g is acceptable.
  2. Packing type. In spite of the fact that banks and buckets it is easier to open and take the remains, packages less bulky, for example, for trips.
  3. Weight and number of portions. Much know the rule: the more weight, the lower it the price. However it is better for beginners to take the minimum packing for test.
  4. The choice should be stopped on the brand which long time is in the market and already proved from a positive side.
  5. What protein to take – the individual solution of everyone. The most enjoyable it is found serumal, however various fragrances allow to pick up suitable option all.

It is necessary to remember that for obtaining desirable result it is important to get a quality product and to adhere to all recommendations.

It is important! That in the made cocktail there were no lumps, it is not recommended to use a spoon or the blender. In this case the shaker which will allow to make mix of uniform consistence will be ideal.

Having got acquainted with a protein is closer, we suggest to learn how it is correct to use its different types in house conditions and when it is better to do it for obtaining the maximum advantage of the use.

Represents nutritional supplement which is rich with protein of plant origin. In a product the maintenance of a protein reaches 90%. It is useful to men and to women who are on a low-calorie diet. In addition isolate promotes a natural zhiroszhiganiye, having thermogene effect. For weight loss it is correct to replace with meal isolate 1 or 2. On average, 1 tablespoon of additive is parted in 200 ml of liquid. Accept after the trainings for lack of desire to eat superfluous.

Learn how it is correct to drink a protein.

Receive by means of a milk stvorazhivaniye certain enzymes. Today casein wins first place among the proteins used in sports food. Depending on the use mode, with its help it is possible both to lose weight, and to gain weight. With casein important amino acids, but with some delay, at the same time with total absence of fast carbohydrates come to an organism. Replace with casein couple of meals or having a snack. At one time use up to 20 grams of dry powder. It can be drunk before a training and a dream.

Read in more detail about advantage and harm of a casein protein.

In this look the proteinaceous protein makes only 60%, but contains many amino acids. Thanks to fast assimilation by muscles – ideal option for people who want to be in shape without long trainings in the hall. It is applied by women to reduction of volumes and improvement of a figure, at the same time the dosage has to be twice less, than at men. This form of a protein is recommended to be taken between the main meals. Single portions should not exceed 15 grams. Accept for the night that the organism did not destroy a muscle during the shortage of protein and carbohydrates.

Whether you know? In Switzerland in the 1950th years began to produce nonalcoholic Rivella tonic on the basis of whey. Today in a year more than 15 million liters of this drink are used.

  1. Standard calculation of a daily dosage makes about 1 gram of protein on 1 kilogram of weight of the person. For those who actively play sports this indicator is approximate to 2-2.5 grams on kilogram of weight.
  2. For disposal of excess weight it is necessary to make the menu so that at it surely there were 3 main meals, portions have to be small.
  3. After reception of a protein it is forbidden to eat 2 hours.
  4. As protein absorbs liquid from an organism, it is important to watch its quantity. At a regular life the recommended dose – 2.5 l a day, at hyperactivity – 3.2 l.
  5. Dry protein mixes can be dissolved in coffee, fresh juice, fruit drink or dairy products.

We suggest to get acquainted with the most popular representatives of sports food who use for drying of a body.

Important! Having stopped the choice on a product of a certain brand, check its action until the end of a course. Sometimes at first results are absent, however professionals are sure that the final opinion on a product can be received, having only graduated. Transition to other powder is carried out after a monthly break.

Structure of 100 g of products:

  • Kcal – 350;
  • protein – 90 g;
  • fat – 0.5 g;
  • carbohydrates – 0 g.

It is manufactured in China. Daily dosage: 1 gram on 1 kg of weight. It is important to understand that efficiency of any sports food – accumulative process. Course duration – not less than a month. In spite of the fact that it can be accepted indefinitely, many accept courses during drying or a set of weight.

We advise you to esteem about whether the protein has an expiration date and also whether it is possible to use an overdue protein.

It is possible to accept for disposal of excess weight. In the first case, replace with it meals, mixing powder with water or skim milk, and in the second – as addition to usual food, mixing with milk. The single dose to people weighing 60 kg – 30 grams, is more than 80 kg – 50 grams.

For powder dispensing simplification, the producer placed a measured spoon of 50 ml in a package.

Structure of 100 g of products:

  • Kcal – 362;
  • proteins – 85.6 g;
  • fats – 1.0 g;
  • carbohydrates – 2.9 g.

Producer: USA. Daily dose: 50 g. Having made the decision of set of dry muscle bulk, or being in a zhiroszhiganiye stage, this product is ideal as in it there is no sugar. In addition, serumal protein in structure provides the high level of amino acids at the minimum quantity of fats.

Whether you know? At a human body there are about 100 thousand different proteins which make various combinations of twenty amino acids.

Today this product is issued in different tastes that will help to make each reception not only useful, but also tasty. Serving size – 25 grams. About three portions are recommended to accept, mixing 1 measured spoon (is included in the package) in 250 ml of liquid or skim milk.

Structure of 100 g of products:

  • Kcal – 400;
  • proteins – 83.5 g;
  • fats – 3.3 g;
  • carbohydrates – 6.5 g.

Producer: USA. Daily dosage: on average 80 grams, the formula was thought up for athletes who have a gym – the second house. A single dose to people weighing 60 kg – 35 grams, and weighing 80 kg – 50 grams. Accept daily up to three times: before and after the training and also between meals.

Learn, than protein cocktails are useful and dangerous.

The use of ProStar Whey Protein will help fast development of volume muscles and also their restoration after loadings. Part it also as well as other powder, depending on the purpose.

Structure of 100 g of products:

  • Kcal – 386;
  • proteins – 89 g;
  • fats – 0 g;
  • carbohydrates – 0 g.

It is manufactured in the USA. Daily dosage: 90 grams. Besides basic elements, contains calcium and sodium, potassium chloride, natural and artificial fragrances. Is one of the most known products released Dymatize, besides, it is the best hydrolizator in the market of sports food.

Read also about when it is necessary to drink protein cocktail.

Removal of fats and carbohydrates made a product easily usvoyaemy and available base of protein. Accept up to three times, portions on 30 grams, dissolving powder in 300 ml of liquid.

Many professionals claim that they before never earlier met squirrels with such structure.

Structure of 100 g of products:

  • Kcal - 369;
  • proteins – 75 g;
  • fats – 1.1 g;
  • carbohydrates – 15 g.

It is manufactured in the USA. Daily dose: 45 grams. The product is represented by the high-quality assistant for all comers to increase effectiveness of trainings. Sports additive – a 100 percent casein protein thanks to which muscles receive the necessary quantity of nutritious minerals for nitrogenous balance. In addition, it is important to understand that sharp decrease in calories should not lead to destruction of valuable muscle bulk.

We recommend to you to learn how to choose a protein for a set of muscle bulk and weight loss.

Advantages is ensuring feeling of satiety, prevention of atrophy of muscles and enhancement of muscle bulk. A single dose – 45 grams. It is carefully mixed with liquid. Accept before withdrawal for sleeping, thus, preventing destruction of muscles at this time.

Having studied the stated information, now you know whether it is possible to apply a protein to weight loss and as it is correct to do it. It is important to consult with the doctor and never to exceed the dosage specified by the producer, and then positive results will not keep themselves waiting long.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team