Pseudo-dietary products

Pseudo-dietary products

Modern producers offer us a huge number of dietary and useful products. Whether they meet our expectations?


1. Muesli Ready muesli contain more than 400 kcal on 100 гр. The baked muesli are especially dangerous, muesli with additives (honey, chocolate) - in them it is a lot of sugar. If you want to use really healthy product, then do them: pack of oat flakes, dried fruits, sunflower seeds.

2. Power batonchikiprodatsya in pharmacies and shops with dietary products. However, dietary they aren't at all. One bar can contain about 300 kcal. The basic purpose of such bars is to fill stocks of energy and athletes need them at long distances.

3. Fat-free yogurt Is considered that it is necessary to use fat-free products when you keep to a diet. However fat-free products concede on gustatory qualities to usual products. Therefore producers add to them sugar, for example, or starch. What increases the general caloric content and content of fast carbohydrates.

4. SokiSvezhevyzhatyy juice contains a large amount of carbohydrates. So, preparation of a glass of orange juice requires about 6 oranges. That is one glass of juice contains as much calories how many in 6 oranges. It is more useful to eat fruit, than juice from it. As juice is acquired quicker.

5. Synthetic sweet to a napitkivroda the sweet would be provided by sweeteners in which there are no calories. However such drinks can do much harm to health. Besides they don't give feeling of saturation, and on the contrary, only strengthen desire to use them more and more.

6. СухофруктыС it is necessary to be dried fruits careful, is in small doses. For improvement of gustatory qualities add sucrose to dried fruits, and for beautiful appearance - sulfur. Such additives won't help to lose weight.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team