Pumpkin sunflower seeds in caramel

Pumpkin sunflower seeds in caramel

If there is a wish for some sweet, but at the same time not really forbidden for a figure, it is worth preparing pumpkin sunflower seeds in caramel.

It is required to you

  • - granulated sugar - 1.25 glasses;
  • - pumpkin sunflower seeds - 1 glass;
  • - a desi - 90 g;
  • - natural honey - 200 g.


1. Wash pumpkin and cut. Accurately take from vegetable sunflower seeds together with an internal part. Further separate sunflower seeds from fibers, wash out them, dry a little. Separate kernels from a peel. If desired and opportunities it is possible to buy kernels of pumpkin sunflower seeds.

2. For further preparation of caramelized pumpkin sunflower seeds prepare a convenient frying pan. That is it has to be superficial, with a thick bottom. Heat it on average fire, pour sunflower seeds on a dry bottom and level.

3. Fry pumpkin sunflower seeds within 3-5 minutes, before receiving a golden shade from two parties. It is necessary to stir slowly sunflower seeds as required that didn't burn. Time of roasting can increase if the used product was insufficiently dried.

4. Pour the fried kernels into a bowl, completely cool.

5. In a pan, convenient by the size, kindle sugar with honey. During a warming up constantly mix products. Then add a desi, mix. Boil thoroughly sweet weight 3-4 minutes.

6. Further pour kernels to caramel mix, mixing, boil thoroughly on average fire of 3-5 minutes. Remove from fire a pan with a sweet weight. Spread food paper, spread out to it sunflower seeds in caramel. Leave for some time the pumpkin sunflower seeds in caramel, let will cool down. Cut a sweet dish on pieces and give to a table.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team