Rawism. Why it?

Rawism. Why it?

The rawism is not just a diet, it is the image of food meaning consumption only of fresh "live" products which weren't subject to any heat treatment. Despite various opinions of nutritionists and ambiguous assessment of official medicine, this power supply system actively gains steam. So in what rawism pluses and why people choose it?

The diet of syroyed consists mostly of the fresh fruit and vegetables, seeds and sprouts which weren't exposed to any temperature processing. In terms of a rawism at influence of high temperatures food loses practically all nutritive matters and is hard acquired by an organism.

The fresh plant food accumulates solar energy which allows to satisfy hunger and gives many forces. When cooking or frying energy is lost, and food becomes at least useless. To receive from such "dead" food though some nutritive matters are required for an organism huge efforts. And not smaller efforts are required for removal of the slags which are formed in the course of digestion of this unnatural food.

Yes, syroyeda consider that such type of food is most natural to the person, the person – the child of the nature, and the nature in an initial look had neither pans, nor frying pans. And fruit, vegetables and nuts are tasty and nutritious in itself and don't demand either preparation, or addition of spices.

Fresh crude food restores natural intestinal microflora and is acquired almost completely, brings all hazardous substances out of an organism. Thanks to it it is possible to be sated with small amount of food that in very short terms normalizes the weight of the person.

The main source of life is water. Fruit and vegetables are the best way to keep a huge number of the pure water without harmful impurities in a firm cover, besides they are very tasty. Apparently, the nature provided everything. The cooking and addition of spices stimulating flavoring receptors are a silly fight against natural instincts of the person which became traditions and habits of mankind.

According to adherents of a rawism, because of these taken roots habits for someone transition to this image of food and lives seems heavy, and for someone impossible and senseless. But those who managed to overcome these habits and began to eat "on precepts of the nature" notice extraordinary surge in energy, digestion simplification, independence of time of meal and eating habits, strengthening of immunity and disposal of chronic diseases.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team